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CAK Appropriations and Revenue Sources

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The Investment Policy of Amarillo College (the “College”) is consistent with the Texas Public Funds Investment Act, Chapter 2256 of the Texas Government Code, and addresses the methods, procedures and practices which must be exercised to ensure effective and judicious fiscal management of College funds.

This policy shall apply to all Amarillo College funds but shall not apply to College Endowment Funds or to the funds of the Amarillo College Benefit Plan.  This policy shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Regents. This review and any changes to this policy will be placed on the Board meeting agenda, and a formal action of the Board will be taken.

Endowment Funds - The Board of Regents may invest Endowment Funds of the College in investments allowed by this Investment Policy and/or investments allowed by the Texas Property Code Section 163.  These investments will be recommended by the Investment Committee of the Board and must be approved by the Board of Regents.  The Investment Officer of the College is authorized to invest Endowment Funds in accordance with an action of the Board of Regents.

All funds of the District shall be invested in accordance with State and Federal laws and regulations and shall be managed responsibly and in accordance with this policy, for investment and not for speculation.


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[CAK Appropriations and Revenue Sources]
I. Objectives
II. Investment Strategies
III. Types of Investments
IV. Collateral Requirements
V. Daily Cash Requirements
VI. Investment Procedures
VII. Designation of Investment Officers
VIII. Investment Advisor
IX. Reporting Requirements
X. Personnel and Board Training
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