Foundation Honors Janie and Eddie Bradley at 56th Annual Meeting

by Mersadie Newsome
Published November 11, 2019

The 56th annual Amarillo College Foundation meeting was held September 25th on the second floor of the College Union Building on the Washington Street Campus.  Janie and Eddie Bradley were the special honorees this year.

Trevor Caviness, the Amarillo College Foundation board chairman, opened the meeting. He introduced Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart who welcomed everyone. He also thanked the AC Board of Regents for their leadership and hard work. Lowery-Hart commented on the 90th celebration of Amarillo College, the $90 mm bond election that was approved this past May. He announced that AC improved their completion rate from 19% in 2004 to 53% in 2019 through course redesign and 8-week courses in over 90% of the courses offered at AC. AC was recognized as one of the top Community Colleges in the country and received the Leah Meyer Austin Award from the Achieving the Dream Network. The Leah Meyer Austin Award winners exemplifies how radically an institution can transform itself when it truly understands the needs of tis students. AC was also featured in an article in Atlantic Monthly this past year.  Jason Velky gave the 2018-2019 nominating report and thanked the nominating committee, for all of their hard work. He introduced the incoming board members; Daniel Cramer, Eric Darnell, Sheila Sims and Courtney Vanderham. He also recognized the current board members who agreed to serve a second three-year term; James Austin, Dan Ferguson, Wendy Swope, Jason Velky and Mark White. He then recognized the  2019-2020 Executive Committee members;   Chairman, Dusty Barrick, Vice Chairman, Emily Hall,  Secretary, Kyle Lewis, Treasurer, Steve Smith and AC President, Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, Administrative Chairman, Laresa Chesley, Fundraising Chairman, Lorrain Wilhelm, Finance and Investment Chairman, John T. McElyea and Senior Regent Representative, David Woodburn.  The board members rotating off were also recognized for their outstanding service to the board; Trevor Caviness, Stuart West and Steve Smith.


A video was then played which focused on the No Excuses Program and profiled one of the students most impacted by the ARC. Dr. Lowery-Hart commented on the impact that the Bradley’s had on The Advocacy and Resource Center and the No Excuses Program. Due to the Bradley’s support, all campuses are now equipped with Food Pantries, the ARC staff are able to holistically serve over 4000 visits to the center. The 2019 Amarillo College Chairman’s Award recipients are Janie and Eddie Bradley. Chairman Caviness introduced Janie and Eddie Bradley along with their son Daniel and daughter-in-law Sharon. He spoke of Eddie’s involvement in his own life and philanthropic pathway and highlighted the thoughtfulness that goes into their philanthropic giving.  Eddie Bradley spoke about how he discovered the work being done on the AC Campus through the No Excuses Program to assist the students in need. He commented that over 70% of student attending AC suffer from at least one insecurity in their basic needs (either food, housing, transportation). Bradley commented that he and his wife Janie have made a commitment to the No Excuses Program. He spoke of AC as an integral asset to Amarillo which is often undervalued. Chairman Caviness presented the Bradley’s with a small token of the AC Foundation Board’s appreciation


Chairman Caviness then announce the new Bud Joyner Fellows for the past year on behalf of James Austin, Chairman of the Bud Joyner Fellows program.  The 2018-2019 Bud Joyner Fellows are; Mary Clare Munger, Denese Skinner, Yvonne J. Franklin, Carroll Mack Forrester and Sandra Dale. He urged all present to participate in the program and use it as an avenue to recognize a friend, family member or loved one.


Kathy Dowdy and Tracy Dougherty, AC Foundation Co-Executive Directors directed attention to the new Lifetime Philanthropists for 18-19 or have moved up a level in the past year, Founders: AutoInc, Janie and Eddie Bradley, Dunham Family Charitable Trust, Estate of Stephan J. Ference, Paul & Pan Eimon Revocable Trust, Colleagues: Suzanne & Mark Anderson, Dana H. Bagot, Cryogenics Research & Development, Dr. Hollis H. Hands, United Way of Amarillo and Canyon, Partners: Karen & John Abbott, Michele & Anthony Agostini, Dr. Matthew Brzostowski, Dr. Kent Roberts & Ilene Roberts Baillet Foundation, Education Credit Union, Eliza Ann Hagy Estate, J.B. Lane, Tina & Chase Findley, Sandra & Bill Gilliland, Tara & Russell Lowery-Hart, Tiffany & Reg Martin, Raenell McDonough, Abraham Nussbaum, John & Mary O’Brien Foundation, The Kimble Foundation Trust, Tyson Foods, Associates: Darby & Brendan Albracht, Sharon & Daniel Bradley, Cherie A. Clifton, Tamara Clunis, Connor McMillon Mitchell & Shennum, Alice & Robbin Dawson, Ilona & Philip Filsouf, Sally & Matt Forrester, Robin Gilliland, Emily & Brett Hall, George Hendrick, Marlene & Jack Hudgins, Nancy & Kyle Lewis, Marty & John Marmaduke, Diana S. Martindale, Shannon L. Massey, Debra & Joe Bob McCartt, Jill & Johnny Mize, George W. Morris Jr., Scott C. Nickson, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Katie & Ben Oppliger, Physicians Surgical Hospitals, Janis & Bryan H. Poff, Kelly& Blaine Roberts, Melissa Taylor, Marilyn J. Van Patten, Maggie & Jason Velky, XF Enterprises.


Chairman Caviness also announced the names of the Lifetime Philanthropists who passed away this past year: Frances Bauman, Hollis H. Hands, Carl D. Hare, Wales H. Madden, Mary Ruth McCulley, Arlene Pool and Marian Snyder.


Chairman Caviness thanked the Blue Blazers for their service at the meeting and thanked the donors for their attendance. Caviness then introduced the incoming 2019 AC Foundation Chairman Dusty Barrick, Chairman Barrick thanked the board everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting.