Thrive is a full ride to AC

The Thrive Scholarship Program pays your tuition, fees and books* for 60 credit hours at Amarillo College or 3 years of study at AC; whichever comes first.

*Eligibility for the scholarship is not based on family income. Whether your familys annual income is $1 or $1 million, all students that meet the criteria below are eligible to receive the scholarship.

Thrive Criteria

Students graduating in the class of 2019 or later must meet one of these criteria to be eligible:

  • Students must reside in Amarillo ISD and be enrolled full time (on or before the last day of school their 9th-grade year) and graduate from an AISD high school
  • Or students may reside within the northernmost 26 county area of the Panhandle and transfer (on or before the last day of school of their 9th-grade year) into, attend and graduate from an AISD high school
  • Or students can move from outside the 26 county area, transfer into, attend full time, and graduate from an AISD high school (at any time)
  • Or students can transfer into, attend full time, and graduate from an AISD high school (at any time) due to a parent accepting a job related to an active AEDC Location Incentive

If you meet one of the above criteria, you must also meet these requirements:

  • Maintain continuous enrollment through graduation from an AISD high school once eligible enrollment in AISD is established
  • Have an 80 or higher high school GPA or meet TSI college readiness standards
  • Have never been expelled or placed in DAEP
  • Meet minimum Texas attendance requirements
  • Complete the three steps listed below
  1. Apply to Amarillo College
  2. Complete the FAFSA*
  3. Complete the AC Foundation Scholarship Application 

You will receive a confirmation letter from AC upon high school graduation from AISD once all these items are complete.

*Application required, regardless of eligibility.

Got questions about Thrive? Please contact Bob Austin, Thrive Facilitator at (806) 371-5024, or AskAC at (806) 371-5000,


What Students are Saying About Thrive

Thrive is for Scholars


Jaylynn Foreman

  • Education at AC: Secondary
  • Education at WTAMU
High School: 
  • Tascosa High School
Thoughts on Thrive: 

The money I saved by taking advantage of the Thrive program really helped me later on with some of my expenses at WT. Thrive really did pay for everything, which was a big weight off my parents shoulders. Becoming part of the program wasn't difficult at all, the process was actually really simple.


Thrive is for Transfers


Bryeton Cagle

  • General Studies
High School:
  • Amarillo High School
Thoughts on Thrive: 

At first, I was uncertain if I would be able to afford college, but the Thrive Scholarship not only made it possible for me to attend AC, but there was no catch at all; the books were taken care of, tuition was paid. I havent had to pay a penny; they have definitely taken care of me.

Thrive is for First-Gen Students


Patrick Aranda

  • Engineering
High School:
  • Palo Duro High School
Thoughts on Thrive: 

Its a really unique opportunity that takes the financial stress out of college; it let me forget about financial burdens and let me grow in my college setting.

Im a first-generation college student. Some of my family members havent even completed high school, so I think for me and my family its important that I get this post-secondary education and break that cycle.

Thrive Works for Parents 


Josiah Raab

  • Jerry & Jennifer Raab
  • Radiation Therapy
High School:
  • Amarillo High School
Parents Jerry and Jennifer Raab: Thoughts on Thrive:

The Thrive Scholarship offers not only the opportunity for three years of education here, but the courses align exactly with public universities in Texas. Thrive is tuition free with all books paid for, and because of this scholarship weve been able to use the funds that we had set aside for Josiahs education to go to helping with his other future endeavors

So, if your student wants to pursue a degree beyond what they can achieve at Amarillo College, Thrive is a great way for your student to graduate without an excessive amount of student debt. Thats the best gift you can give your kid. 

We especially love that when he goes to pick out books at the bookstore, he doesnt have to choose a used or less-expensive book. He gets the best new books and he can choose to keep them; he doesnt have to worry about selling them back.

Thrive is for Life Savers


Jorge Soriano 

  • Paramedicine
High School
  • Caprock High School
Thoughts on Thrive: 

I didnt qualify for a Pell Grant, so I wouldnt be here without Thrive. It was a really simple process. The people who work in financial aid sit down with you and help you fill out the forms and, just like they say, everything is paid forits totally free.