Non-Endowed Scholarships

Non-Endowed Scholarships

Center for Academic Development
Academic Development Fund
GED Scholarship
Hasting Learning Center Fund
HEP Scholarship and Support Fund

Allied Health 
Mab Calloway Memorial Respiratory Therapy Scholarship
Kathy Crawford Memorial Scholarship in Medical Management
Virginia R. Gass Memorial Occupational Therapy Scholarship
Gary Gerard Respiratory Scholarship
John Paul Harris Nuclear Medicine Scholarship
Allen Machuca Occupational Therapy Scholarship
Potter- Randall County Medical Alliance Scholarship
The Daniel and Myrna Raffkind Nursing & Physical Therapy Support Fund
Bill and Susan Young Respiratory Scholarship

Behavioral Studies
Melonye Curtis Early Childhood Development Scholarship
Wanda D. Fergason Girls Physical Education Fund

Criminal Justice
Harrington Law Enforcement Scholarship
The Lisa Cherry Memorial Book Fund

Hereford Campus Funds
Joshua Casey Scholarship
Mary Thomas Memorial Scholarship

Industrial Technology
Edison Mission Group Wind Energy Scholarship
Education Credit Union Wind Energy Scholarship
Larry McLean Industrial Technology Scholarship
Industrial Technology Student Assistance Fund
Mechanical Electrical Technology Scholarship
Kendrick Ray Powell Welding Scholarship
Sharyland Utilities Electric Transmission Lineman Scholarship
Amy Yager Interior Design Memorial Scholarship

Language, Communication and Fine Arts 
Bruce Beck Education Scholarship
Communicare Media Scholarship
Diana Cox English Scholarship
Suzanne Grooms Suzuki Fund
Friends of AC Photography Support Fund
Patricia W. Hartnett Award Fund
Stuart Johnson Memorial Mass Communication Scholarship
Mardy Lemmons Memorial Art Scholarship
Perkins-Olivier Music Scholarship
The Katharine R. Roseberry Fine Arts Scholarship
Dorothy E. Simms Memorial English Scholarship
Theatre Arts Scholarship

Moore County
Moore County Campus Student Emergency Fund
Lloyd Mannon & Billie Fay Schumacher Scholarship

Amarillo Hospital District Nursing Scholarship
Nan Conrad Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Mary Kay Eck Non-Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Sheryl S. Mueller Nursing Leadership Excellence Award Fund
Nursing Division Emergency Relief Fund
The Daniel and Myrna Raffkind Nursing & Physical Therapy Support Fund
Amber Roberts Nursing Scholarship
Nancy Tingley Nursing Award Fund

Sciences and Engineering
Geology Departmental Scholarship
Marvin G. McCuan Math Memorial Fund
Physical Science Outstanding Student Award
Louis J Synck Sciences & Engineering Scholarship
Tex Prep Outstanding Science Student Award

Adult Students
AC Foster Children's Project Fund
Adult Student Assistance Fund
ANB Adult Student Fund
The Ruth & Gene Klein Scholarship
Narducci Family Fund
Northwest Texas Healthcare Auxiliary Fund
Soroptimist International/Amarillo Fund

Other Funds with Restrictive Criteria 
AC Pantry Fund
AC Personal Enrichment Kid’s College Support Fund
Amarillo by Morning Lions Club Scholarship
Emily Archer Emergency Student Fund
Badger Hearts - Tricia Stevens Scholarship
Benjamin Hamilton Memorial Scholarship (LITE Program Students)
Eddie Bradley Non-Endowed Scholarship
M K Brown Non-Endowed Fund
Tom Butler (Caprock Students)
Joshua Casey Scholarship
Community Link Learning Center Fund
Delta Kappa Gamma/Kappa Eta Scholarship (Education)
Delta Kappa Gamma/Zeta Zeta Scholarship (Education)
Downtown Kiwanis Club Scholarship
Friends of San Jacinto School (America's Promise) Scholarship
Mahatma Gandhi Non-Endowed Scholarship
Joe Gandy Veterans Scholarship
LITE Scholarship (students with disabilities)
Diana Monden Scholarship
Floyd Neill, Jr. Scholarship
National Association of Purchasing Managers
Phoenix Phutures Scholarship
Jim Pond Non-Endowed Scholarship
Presidential Honors Program Fund
Judge Mary Lou Robinson Scholarship
Lindsey “Lou” Russ Scholarship Fund
Tascosa Lions Club Scholarship

General Criteria 
AC Foundation Student Benefit Fund
AC No Excuses
Eddie Bradley Non-Endowed Scholarship
Jack & Molly Cameron Scholarship
L. Dennis Dougherty Memorial Scholarship
R. H. and Ladonna Dreyer Scholarship
Emadene Gerhardt Scholarship
Hinton-Gross UnrestrictedFund
Edmond Johnston Scholarship
Wendy & Stanley Marsh 3 Scholarship
Paulus F. Schroeter Memorial Scholarship
Marion & Fred Snyder Scholarship
Special Emergency Grant Fund
Sprouse, Shrader, Smith, “John Huffaker” Scholarship
Isabelle Stark Weatherly & Roy William Weatherly
Mary Virginia and Roland Williams Scholarship


Endowed Scholarships