2025 Strategic Plan


The Amarillo College Mission Statement:

"Transforming our community and economy through learning, innovation, and achievement."

No Excuses 2025 is our commitment to every one of our students. From the time that they begin their educational journey, students will experience an equitable and affordable environment where they can develop skills to meet labor market demands or prepare for a smooth transfer to a 4-year institution.

The strategic plan 2025 outlines five goals which all focus on student completion. Our vision is to ensure a 80% Completion Rate by 2025.

Action: Comprehensive Transfer/Completion Pathways

Increase Completion by improving persistence, decreasing time-to-completion, and creating a comprehensive transfer/completion pathway.

A1. Retention Case Management for All Students

A2. Accelerate program time to degree (Self-Paced)

A3. Increase evening, summer, and alternative course offerings and schedules

A4. Credit for prior learning

A5. Seamless transition from AEL to college completion

B1. Simplify and align program requirements with student and workforce needs

B2. Align transfer programs into an efficient, clear, and flexible transfer degree 

B3. Evaluate and reduce the course inventory to align with transfer universities 

B4. Focus transfer students on a transfer pathway, including a holistic transfer process 

Align degrees and certificates with Labor Market Demand
Action: Create Economic Diversification in Texas Panhandle

Align Degrees and Certificates with Current and New Labor Market Demand by creating structured Amarillo College career pathways.

C1. Create new programs in AC communities that expand the regional labor market

C2. Use regional employment data to advise students

C3. Use regional employment data to improve program curriculum and outcomes

C4. Connect students to careers

 C5. Integrate future proofing skills into community outcomes

D1. Integrate Earn and Learn OR work-based based learning into every AC community

D2. Build soft skills through work-based learning

D3. Empower employer driven advisory boards to future proof each program

D4. Develop technology innovation campus to create new industries and improve and extend current labor market 

Action: Infuse and Scale High Impact Practices

Increase Student Learning by infusing and scaling high impact teaching practices designed to align programs and courses based on competencies; improve student engagement; and, strengthen performance of student learning outcomes.

E1. Meaningful and sustained cohort-based faculty professional development

E2. Centralize and scale tutoring through multiple modalities

E3. Strengthen co-requisite delivery through multiple modalities

E4. Expand online capabilities and extend online degrees

F1. Effectively deliver co-curricular programming through multiple modalities

F2. Leverage Coding as a foundational requirement for all students 

F3. Develop enriching experiences in honors, travel, and competition 

G1. Ensure engagement with data dash boards to improve employee and division performance

G2. Utilize data dash boards for informed decision-making on services, curriculum, programs and budgets

Love Your Neighbor
Action: Build Systems to Love Students to Success

Loving and caring systems are reflected in our hiring practices, enrollment, and completion.

H1. Ensure the lived experiences of our neighbors are reflected in our recruiting, training, and evaluating

H2. Implement love Your neighbor training for all employees to ensure everyone has the same opportunity for success

H3. Build culturally responsive teaching strategies and resources

I1. Develop a college-wide culture where Love Your Neighbor is the paradigm

I2. Build recruiting and hiring practices to ensure candidates have the same opportunity for employment

I3. Evaluate and improve policies, procedures, and best practices to ensure employees have the same opportunity for success

I4. Deliver programs whose student outcomes are consistent with our Love Your Neighbor commitment

I5. Build engagement opportunities to enrich our students lived experiences

J1. Connect all campuses to all student success opportunities

J2. Build family-friendly support services and structures

J3. Leverage co-requisite education to ensure students who are identified as not being college ready are able to achieve their educational goals on time

J4. Build adult learner focused degree pathways

Financial Effectiveness
Action: Build Systems for Financial Viability and Fund Raising

Build Systems for Financial Effectiveness by creating innovative procedures supporting financial responsibility and fund-raising approaches.

K1. Improve service delivery by streamlining bureaucracy (business processes and procedures)

K2. Annually evaluate cost to educate per student


L1. Alignment of fund-raising strategy to college goals and initiatives

L2. Alignment of grants to college goals, initiatives and fundraising strategy

L3. Implement a comprehensive fund-raising campaign

M1. Redesign compensation model that is market driven by position

M2. Workplace and digital transformation and utilization