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The Amarillo College FoundationThe Amarillo College Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit and tax-exempt foundation, seeks to promote excellence at Amarillo College. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

The Foundation exists to solicit and administer gifts and grants for the benefit of Amarillo College, its students, faculty and staff, its programs and facilities.

The Foundation accepts gifts from individuals, groups, and businesses. Support may be designated by the donor for specific purposes or for general unrestricted support of College Foundation activities.

The Foundation accepts gifts in the form of cash, stocks, and property upon approval by the Board of Directors. Many donations are made as memorials for friends or relatives. The Foundation invests these contributions in Texas' greatest natural resource – its students.

Donors may derive substantial tax advantages through estate planning, trust funds, bequests, and property conveyances to public foundations such as The Amarillo College Foundation.

For additional Information, contact:

The Amarillo College Foundation
P.O. Box 447
Amarillo, Texas 79178

Kathy Dowdy

Kathy Dowdy

Co-Executive Director

Tracy Dougherty

Tracy Dougherty

Co-Executive Director