Annual Recital

The Annual Workshop and Recital is free of charge to all currently enrolled AC Suzuki families!

We plan for and expect each student, from our beginning pretwinklers to our most advanced high school seniors, to be at and participate in all events of this weekend. 
If conflicts arise, contact Mrs. Nies or Mrs. McDaniel ASAP so we can make accommodations.

Students currently studying with a Suzuki teacher or Suzuki program are welcome to participate in our workshop weekend!
All pieces on the final recital are performed from memory.

Non Program entry information:
Fee for non-program student involvement only is $75
Fee for non-program student involvement plus parent class availability for parents is $100
Pizza  lunch Saturday is provided.

Please contact Tiffany HERE to get registered and for more information! You must be registered by February 8th!


2019 Annual Workshop & Recital

The dates for our 2019 Workshop and Recital are:

Friday, March 1, 2019 –PM Advanced Student Masterclasses and advanced sessions.

Saturday, March 2, 2019 -8:15 AM (registration) – AM Workshop Breakout Sessions for Students and Parents, lunch, PM “recital play UP”: we’ll start at the bottom of the list and work our way up the program backwards. Students may leave as they finish their highest piece.

Saturday lunch will consist of pizza.  Lunch is provided for all currently registered AC Suzuki Students and families. 


Sunday, March 3, 2019 - 
3:00 PM Annual Group Recital 3:00 PM Concert, Concert Hall Theater plan to be in place by 2:45

Washington St Campus, corner of S.W. 22nd and S. Van Buren

What to Wear

Saturday workshop is daytime casual -- your Suzuki t-shirt would be a terrific choice of attire! 
Student dress for the Sunday group recital at 3:00 will be concert dress: white shirts and black skirts (below knee)/pants, black socks & shoes.

Saturday Parent Classes

AC Suzuki Parents, remember to plan on attending our Required AC Suzuki Parent Meeting 9:00-9:45 AM (right after registration) on Saturday. We will also have various parent topics presented throughout the day to enhance and invigorate you as "home teachers" and your growing child's best support system, so please plan to attend. Topics are planned for parents of young children as well as middle/high school students. 

What You Need to Do:

Parent Volunteer Request - To keep our set-up and clean up fees to a minimum we REALLY need your help. We are also always in need of parent volunteers to plan and supervise activity classes. If you have a great activity for kids of any age, please let us know!
Details can be found in this link:

Master Class Sign-Up - Check with your teacher about masterclasses! Forms and payment are due Feb 15th. ALL masterclasses for the 2019 Workshop will be Friday after 4. Form coming soon...


What to Review Especially Well!



Spring Workshop (March 2019) Review List

Please be sure to regularly review all pieces listed up to your most advanced piece.  All listed pieces should be polished and performance ready. 
These will be worked in small groups with our guest clinicians during Saturday's workshop, and presented at our Annual Group Concert.


Bk 8 & up
Supplementary Piece TBA
2 Cello Vivaldi (Accompaniment)

Bk 6-7
with guitars

Bk 4/5 
Bach Double

Bk 4

Seitz No.2, 3rd mvt

Bk 3 
Becker Gavotte

Bk 2

Two Grenadiers


Bk 1

Minuet 1 with flutes

Perpetual Motion

May Song

O, Come Little Children
Lightly Row

One Twinkle Variation in A

Twinkle Theme in C


Bk 4

Telemann Concerto in G, Largo
2 Cello Vivaldi (Accompaniment)
Bach Double (Accompaniment)

Bk 3

Humoresque (key of G)

Bk 2

Boccherini Minuet with cellos


Bk 1

Andantino with cellos

Long Long Ago

Song of the Wind with cellos

French Folk Song (key of D) with cellos

One Twinkle Variation in D

Theme in C


Bk 6
Concerto for 2 cellos in G minor, one movement (violin/viola accomp)

Bach Double (Accompaniment)

Bk 3
La Cinquintaine
Boccherini Minuet
with violas

Andantino with violas

Go, Tell Aunt Rhody

Song of the Wind with violas

French Folk Song (key of D) with violas

One Twinkle Variation in D

Theme in C


Bk 3
Woodall Serenade

Humoresque (in G) with violas

Bk 2


Bk 1

Minuet (piece 14) with violins

Long, Long Ago (in C w/Bb)

Honeybee (in F)

One Twinkle Variation in C

Twinkle Theme in C


Bk 2

Happy Farmer

Bk 1

Allegretto 2

Long Long Ago

London Bridge

Lightly Row with harps

Honeybee (in C) with harps

One Twinkle Variation

Twinkle Theme in C



Estudio with violins

Bk 3


Bk 2

A Toye



Bk 1


Tanz 1 (Fuhrman)

Tanz 2 (Bach)
Meadow Minuet
One Twinkle Variation in G

Twinkle Theme in C


Bk 1
Mary Had a Little Lamb

Honeybee with pianos

Lightly Row with pianos

Lavender’s Blue

One Twinkle Variation

Twinkle Theme in C


Program Order

Selections with a * include secondary instrument students

Supplementary Piece TBA-Violin book 8 & up
Guitar with Violin 6 & up
Bach Double (
viola/cello accomp)-Violin
Concerto for 2 Cellos, one movement (violin/viola/cello accomp)-Cello
Telemann Largo-Viola
Happy Farmer Piano*
Allegretto- Piano *
Ghiribizzo- Guitar
Mary Had a Little Lamb- Harp
Woodall Serenade Flute
Humoresque- Viola and Flute
Seitz No. 2, 3rd mvt- Violin
Becker Gavotte- Violin
La Cinquintaine- Cello
Boccherini Minuet- Viola and Cello
Chorus- Viola
Polonaise- Flute
A Toye- Guitar
Long Long Ago- Piano
London Bridge- Piano
Two Grenadiers- Violin
Chorus- Violin
Minuet 1- Violin and Flute
Perpetual Motion- Violin
Viola and Cello
Lightly Row- Piano and Harp
Honeybee- Piano and Harp
Waltz- Guitar
Long, Long Ago- Viola
Go, Tell Aunt Rhody- Cello
May Song- Violin
O, Come Little Children- Violin
Allegretto- Guitar
Tanz #1 (Fuhrman)- Guitar
Long, Long Ago- Flute
Honeybee (in F)- Flute
Lavender’s Blue- Harp
Tanz 2 (Bach)- Guitar
Meadow Minuet- Guitar
Song of the Wind- Viola and Cello
French Folk Song- Viola and Cello
Lightly Row- Violin

without break/applause:

HARP Twinkle Variation B

PIANO Twinkle Variation B

GUITAR One Twinkle Variation in G

FLUTE One Twinkle Variation in C

CELLO One Twinkle Variation in D

VIOLA One Twinkle Variation in D

VIOLIN One Twinkle Variation in A

Twinkle Theme in C


Clinician Information

This year, we'll have guest guitar, piano and violin clinicians! We'll offer masterclasses in all instruments this year except harp.

Sven Rainey- Guitar ClinicianSvenRaineyPic Small

Guitarist Sven Rainey enjoys working with students ages three through fourteen at the Suzuki Music Schools of Westport and Orange. His students have won performance opportunities each year at the school’s annual Concerto Competition, and they regularly perform at Studio, Chamber Music, and Honors Recitals. He maintains a thriving studio, and students participate in community outreach performances, such as a benefit recital for the Humane Society of Connecticut. Recent professional highlights include serving as an Artistic Advisor and coordinator for the first annual Connecticut Guitar Festival in February 2018, and co-directing the guitar ensemble’s showcase performance at the school’s Carnegie Hall Recital in May of 2016.


Sven is a currently a doctoral candidate at the Hartt School of Music, studying with guitarist, scholar, and author Richard Provost. This May, he presented his final degree recital, a lecture recital that compared the compositional styles of the sonatas of Manuel Ponce. He is the recipient of a performance scholarship, and the La Bella Strings scholarship. In addition to pursuing a minor concentration in the field of Music History, he received extensive traditional pedagogy training and Suzuki training. Previously, he completed a Graduate Performance Diploma at the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University studying with pedagogue Julian Gray, and received a Master’s degree at the University of Nevada Las Vegas studying with concert artist Ricardo Cobo. He has performed in Masterclasses for Antigoni Goni, Scott Tennant, Andrew York, Ana Vidovic, and Bill Kanengiser.


Violin Guest Clinician--announcement coming soon!

Piano Guest Clinician--announcement coming soon!


Cello Masterclass Clinician--announcement coming soon!

Viola Masterclass Clinician--announcement coming soon!

Flute Masterclass Clinician-announcement coming soon!


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"Perhaps it is music that will save the world."

- the great cellist, Pablo Casals, upon hearing a group of Suzuki students perform.