It’s time for the AC Suzuki Program 2020 Practice-A-Thon!
March 25-31, 2020

Our practice-a-thon is a way for us to emphasize good practice habits while supporting the AC Suzuki Program’s operating and scholarship fund. Students will be recognized for their time practiced as well as the amount of money raised in four school grade groups: PreK-1st, 2nd-5th, 6th-8th and 9th-12th.  Although our goal for this year is for each student to gain 10 sponsors or $125 in donations, each student who turns in a minimum of $100 will receive a 2020 AC Suzuki t-shirt!

Each student who raises at least $125 in donations will be entered in a drawing for $125 cash!

Start collecting pledges/donations NOW.  Practice time should be recorded from March 25-31.  The deadline to turn in money and completed forms is Wednesday, April 8 (turn in at your group class).

2020 Practice-a-thon GOAL

  • 100 students (86% of 116 students)
  • 350 minutes per student = 35,000 minutes total
  • $125 per student = $12,500 total

2019 Practice-a-thon Result

  • 80 students participated (68% of 118 students)
  • 29,881 minutes total practiced (average of 373.5 per participant)
  • $10,008.10 total raised (average of $125.10 per participant)

2018 Practice-a-thon Result

  • 74 students participated (66% of 112 students)
  • 29,801 minutes total practiced (average of 403 per participant)
  • $11,773.13 total raised (average of $159.09 per participant)

2017 Practice-a-thon Result

  • 77 students participated (58% of 132 students)
  • 32,623 minutes total practiced (average of 423 per participant)
  • $12,061.64 total raised (average of $156.64 per participant)

2016 Practice-a-thon Result

  • 83 students participated (72.8% of 125 students)
  • 30,519 minutes total practiced (average of 368 per participant)
  • $11,037.44 total raised (average of $132.98 per participant)

2015 Practice-a-thon Result

  • 87 students participated (70% of 125 students)
  • 32,186 minutes total practiced (average of 368 per participant)
  • $12,486.21 total raised (average of $143.52 per participant)


Download: Pledge form 2020


 Download: Extra Receipt form

Download: 2020 shirt order form final

T-shirt forms are to be used ONLY if you haven't earned your free t-shirt. Forms are due by April 8th. Order will be placed April 9th, so no late orders!

We know that each family will participate in the practice-a-thon to the best of its ability and will celebrate our efforts at the Play-in on April 29th.




Prizes unclaimed by May 1st will be forfeited.

Thank you very much for your participation!

Why participate in the AC Suzuki Practice-A-Thon?

The Practice-A-Thon is a huge way for the AC Suzuki Program to make up shortfalls in the budget for the current fiscal year!  Student tuition currently covers approximately 80% of annual Amarillo College Suzuki

Program expenses, and we don’t want to see a fee increase for our families.

What is the Practice-A-Thon money used for?


Tuition and Summer Institute Scholarships!      

  • Teacher Salaries!                           To keep your child’s tuition and fees at a reasonable rate!         
    Plus, what a great way to get your child(ren) motivated to practice again!

Based on current enrollment averages, tuition would need to increase $160 per student per year to fully fund our budget. 
The practice-a-thon is a way to have others who support music education “pitch in a little” to save our parents a lot. 

Don’t forget, a donation to the practice-a-thon is tax-deductible as well!

 Thank you for all of your support, and we look forward to the benefits of a very fruitful

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Perhaps it is music that will save the world.

the great cellist, Pablo Casals,
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