Logistics Training Center

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Semi Truck

Amarillo College's Logistics Training Center has been serving students for over 30 years.  Classes start every three weeks.  Our facilities include more than eight miles of driving ranges and we provide a variety of equipment to prepare our students for employment. We strive to ensure that each student obtains the knowledge and skills required to maneuver a commercial vehicle through a variety of driving experiences, encounters, and situations they may face out on the road.

Open any newspaper to the help wanted section and you will see the ever-growing need for professional truck drivers. A great number of the major trucking companies are looking for drivers that are fresh out of a driving school. Many of our former students from ages 18 to over 70 are making wages between $35-$70,000 per year driving a truck. Nowhere else can you learn a new trade in such a short time (5 weeks) with a minimum investment ($2,990.00) and immediately begin such a rewarding career. Enjoy your office with a view while making lots of money!

Class sessions start every 3 weeks and you can register any time before the class begins if there's space available and you've met the prerequisites. Register early because classes fill up quickly!