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Trade folks 300dpiProfessional certification indicates a person is certified to complete a job or task or to have expertise in a particular body of knowledge, usually by the passing of an examination.
There are two general types of professional certification: some are valid for a lifetime, once the exam is passed. Others have to be re-certified again after a certain period of time. 
Certification does not refer to the state of legally being able to practice or work in a profession. That is licensure. Usually, licensure is administered by a governmental entity for public protection purposes and a professional association administers certification. Licensure and certification are similar in that they both require the demonstration of a certain level of knowledge or ability.
The Department of Certification and Licensure offers courses that lead to certification, licensure, or license renewal. 
Financial Aid is available for Workforce CE classes 24 hours and longer.   Find the application here.  
CE classes available for financial aid include Irrigator License, SHRM: Certificate in Human Resources, Arborist Pre-license, Social Media Marketing, and Project Management.  Call (806) 467-3041 for more information.