Amarillo College Conservatory Theatre

Amarillo College Conservatory Theatre

Summer 2018  

In a fun and nurturing environment, The Conservatory Theatre at Amarillo College focuses on developing the dramatic skills of the young actor to prepare them for auditions anywhere in the world.  

Classes are designed to develop the emotional and performance levels necessary for the presentation of a believable dramatic character.  Students learn the language of the theatre,  proper vocal technique, scene progression and audition preparation.  

Each semester students write a dramatic scene that is performed on stage in Ordway Hall in workshop style.  After the school year is over, students are encouraged to continue to practice their craft and audition for one of the local theatre productions.

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Please bring a bottle of water and a snack for your child. For additional information please call (806) 371-5909.

The Young Professional (Grades 5-7)    $110.00
This course will review and perfect basic skills like diction, stage movement, and focus. Advanced technique, like natural acting and script study, will also be introduced in this course.
ID# 171623 ACT-1040-4001    08:00AM-12:00PM    MTWRF    06/04 - 06/08
Jayme McBride    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Little Bards (Grades 4-7)    $110.00
The new vocalist requires a safe and controlled environment to learn early technique. An experienced singer will offer instruction in pronunciation, breathing exercises, and keeping pitch and rhythm.
ID# 171624 ACT-1040-4002    01:00PM-05:00PM    MTWRF    06/04 - 06/08
Matthew Payne    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Art of the Monologue (Grades 8-12)    $110.00
Every person auditioning for a job needs to memorize and perform a monologue that suits him or her. In this class, an instructor will work with students to find and perfect two different monologues that contrast in style.
ID# 171625 ACT-1040-4003    08:00AM-12:00PM    MTWRF    06/11 - 06/15
Matthew Payne    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Props & Costume Crafting (Grades K-3)    $110.00
Calling all little engineers and artists! This course is trains clever young minds to think creatively, and young hands to build simple props and costume pieces.
ID# 171629 ACT-1040-4004    08:00AM-12:00PM    MTWRF    06/11 - 06/15
Jayme McBride    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Shakespearean Studies (Grades 8-12)    $110.00
Taught by an expert in the field, this course takes a look at the history behind the written works of the one of our world's finest playwrights, William Shakespeare. Students will learn to interpret and perform some of the most famous stories we all still love today.
ID# 171637 ACT-1040-4005    08:00AM-12:00PM    MTWRF    06/18 - 06/22
Matthew Payne    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

The Perfect Prop (Grades 7-10)    $110.00
This class teaches young engineers the skills they need to enter the world of technical theater. For example, students will build believable and functional props and costume pieces.
ID# 171639 ACT-1040-4006    08:00AM-12:00PM    MTWRF    06/18 - 06/22
Jayme McBride    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Introduction to Improvisation (Grades 6-12)    $110.00
This class welcomes the young actor into the hilarious and exciting world of improvisation acting. In this course, students will be exposed to basic rules and philosophies that are essential to understand before taking Intermediate Improvisation.
ID# 171640 ACT-1040-4007    08:00AM-12:00PM    MTWRF    06/25 - 06/29
Matthew Payne    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Student Directing (Grades 8-12)    $110.00
This is a preparatory course that offers students a chance to direct a scene after they are taught basic skills and concepts that any modern director must understand.
ID# 171641 ACT-1040-4008    01:00PM-05:00PM    MTWRF    06/25 - 06/29
Matthew Payne    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Vocal Training (Grades 5-7)    $110.00
This course is meant for singers that have sang in front of people at least once or twice. Students will be given a lot of individual attention, and they will endure ear training and will be taught how to sing together in harmony.
ID# 171642 ACT-1040-4009    08:00AM-12:00PM    MTWRF    07/09 - 07/13
Matthew Payne    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Modern Dance (Grades 8-12)    $110.00
Thanks to social media platforms, young choreographers in the modern world are able to share their talents all across the world with a single click. This class gives focus to learning choreography from some of today's most prolific young choreographers.
ID# 171643 ACT-1040-4010    01:00PM-05:00PM    MTWRF    07/09 - 07/13
Kelsie Holmes    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Intermediate Improvisation (Grades 8-12)    $110.00
After perfecting basic skills, students will be taught to create hilarious but believable characters. Then, they will learn to see the world through the lens of that character while on stage. The focus of this class is still on short-form improvisation.
ID# 171644 ACT-1040-4011    08:00AM-12:00PM    MTWRF    07/16 - 07/20
Matthew Payne    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Meisner Intensive (Grades 8-12)    $110.00
This course is a part of our long-standing Intensive series, and this summer is no exception. This class forces advanced students to think critically and feel realistic emotions while on stage. Experienced actors who wish to push beyond their personal barriers should take this class.
ID# 171645 ACT-1040-4012    01:00PM-05:00PM    MTWRF    07/16 - 07/20
Jayme McBride    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Scene Studies (Grades 6-8)    $110.00
In this course, every student will be assigned a role in a well-known scene. Every student will study, memorize, and correctly interpret that role under the supervision of an experienced director. This course is for anyone looking to put their skills to the test, but might not have the time to commit to a full production.
ID# 171646 ACT-1040-4013    08:00AM-12:00PM    MTWRF    07/23 - 07/27
Matthew Payne    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Advanced Improvisation (Grades 8-12)    $110.00
After completing Intro and Intermediate Improvisation levels, a student will be introduced into the world of long-form improvisation. Actors will be subjected to rigorous coaching and honest criticism. These students should be able to execute extremely realistic and believable performances upon completion of this course.
ID# 171647 ACT-1040-4014    01:00PM-05:00PM    MTWRF    07/23 - 07/27
Matthew Payne    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Vocal Training II (Grades 8-12)    $110.00
This course offers a performance experience to those vocalists who feel comfortable singing in front of people. Basic technique will be reviewed, but advanced harmony and basic choreography will be achieved by end of this week.
ID# 171648 ACT-1040-4015    08:00AM-12:00PM    MTWRF    07/30 - 08/03
Matthew Payne    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

The Physical Actor (Grades 8-12)    $110.00
This class gives focus to fitness, nonverbal technique, and physical awareness. This course also helps a performer understand how to tell a story with no words at all. Please dress to move comfortably in this course.
ID# 171649 ACT-1040-4016    01:00PM-05:00PM    MTWRF    07/30 - 08/03
Jayme McBride    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.

Comedy Sports Training (Grades 8-12)    $110.00
This course is specifically designed to train the finest improvisers of the Conservatory for a possible spot on the Conservatory's upcoming improvisation troupe. These students will master short-form improvisation and will feel extremely uncomfortable on stage in front of an audience upon completion of this course.
ID# 171650 ACT-1040-4017    09:00AM-01:00PM    MTWRF    08/06 - 08/10
Matthew Payne    WSC Ordway Hall 107    20.00 Hrs.