Bud Joyner Fellows Program

Bud Joyner

About Bud Joyner

Bud Joyner served as President of Amarillo College from 1992 through 1999 and again in 2002 and 2003. Amarillo College grew and prospered under Buds extraordinary leadership, which in turn enhanced the quality of life in the Texas Panhandle. In honor of Bud and his service to Amarillo College and the community at large, the Board of Directors of the Amarillo College Foundation has established the Bud Joyner Fellows Program.

Become a Bud Joyner Fellow

For a gift of $500, you can become a Bud Joyner Fellow yourself, or you can sponsor a student, family member or mentor into the Bud Joyner Fellows Program. New Bud Joyner Fellows will be recognized each year at the Foundation Annual Meeting and presented with a framed certificate. Additionally, all Bud Joyner Fellows will have their names placed on a permanent plaque displayed in the College Union Building. 

The perfect way to honor someone special and impact a students success. 

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All gifts to the Bud Joyner Fellows Program at Amarillo College are tax deductible and directly benefit students.

Bud Joyner Fellows

America Adame

Stan Adelman

Carmen Boyd

Ron Boyd

Edward W. Bradley
Peggy Bruckner

Susan Garner Burks

Kay Campbell

Anette Carlisle

Trevor Caviness

Paul A. Clark

Dale Collins

W. F. Countiss

LuLu Hall Cowan

Diana Cox

Sandra Dale

Penelope Davies

Dan Dowdy

Kathy Dowdy

Allen Durrett

Lilia Escajeda

Betty Farrell

Helen Phillips Feierabend

Carol Forrester

Carroll Mack Forrester

Juana Ree Forrester

Robert Forrester

Myra Fowler

Tad Fowler

James B. Franklin

Yvonne Franklin

Dr. Thomas Gerald

Helen Gerald

Luis Gutierrez

Callie Hamner

Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart

Reagan Hathcock

Linda M. Hendrick

Daniel Henke

Lori Henke

David Hernandez

Dwight Huber

Bethany Walker Jenkins

Mary Jane Johnson

Bob Josserand

Nancy Josserand

Bud Joyner

Janice Joyner

Michael Kitten

Catheryn Lankford

Jodi L. Lindseth

Sam Lovelady

Abbie Madden

Wales Madden

Jim Marcum

Christopher Marlowe

Wendy Marsh

Dr. Paul Matney

John Maynard

Danita McAnally

Gerry McKay

Pamela J. McKibban

Russell Megert

Mike J. Miller

Greg Mitchell

Johnny Mize

Bruce Moseley

Mary Clare Munger

Anne Haralson Nail

Lawrence Oeschger

Sharon Kelley Oeschger

Myrna Raffkind

Bob Sanders

Billie Faye Schumacher

Denese Skinner

A C "Bub" Smith

Donald J. Storseth

Roy Urrutia

Mark Usnick

Nancy Cambridge Walker

Greg Welch

Mark White

Terry A. White

Dr. David Woodburn

H Q Wrampelmeier