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By donating to one of the Foundation's existing endowed or non-endowed scholarships, you will assist additional students toward attaining their college education.

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A full list of our existing named scholarships are available below:

Endowed Scholarships

Center for Academic Development 
Nancy Blank Memorial Scholarship

Allied Health 
Amarillo College Dental Scholarship
Baptist St. Anthonys Scholarship
Dr. Gary L. Brown  Surgical Technology Scholarship
Nell Cates  Nuclear Medicine Memorial Scholarship
Drs. Cone and Diaz-Esquivel Surgical Technology Scholarship
Anna Lois Crawford Surgical Tech Scholarship
Leon L. Hoyt, Jr. Allied Health  Scholarship
Lynn Laird Physical Therapist Assistant Scholarship
Dr. Ed and E. Louise Mayer Medical Scholarship
Dr. Edward McKay Memorial Scholarship
Jack Merry Medical Lab Technology Scholarship
Northwest Texas Healthcare System Scholarship
Sharon Kelley Oeschger Allied Health Scholarship
Dr. Wayne S. Paullus, Jr. Surgical Tech Scholarship
Marion and Kenneth Porter Allied Health Scholarship
Dr. Richard Pullen and Mark Rowh Scholarship
St. Anthonys Hospital Auxiliary Allied Health Scholarship
Dr. Bert Stevenson Memorial Dental Hygiene Scholarship
The Anthony Tozzi Memorial Endowed Radiology Scholarship

Behavioral Studies/Social Sciences/Liberal Arts
Lorene Harms and Leona Chadwick Physical Education Scholarship
Linda Shelly Sociology and Behavioral Science Scholarship
Mary Lou Street Early Childcare Scholarship

The Malouf Abraham Business Administration Scholarship
Amarillo Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Scholarship
Askew Family Business Scholarship
Bank of America Business Scholarship
Zed E. Doshier, Jr. Memorial Accounting Scholarship
Mildred S. Everett Honorary Accounting Scholarship
Mack and Arla Forrester Business Scholarship
Robert W. and Helen Hamilton Accounting Scholarship
Clara C. Linderholm Business Administration Memorial Scholarship
Morris and Norma Loewenstern Real Estate Scholarship
Betty Lou Mays Business Scholarship
Richard and Jennifer McElreath Business Scholarship
Merrill Lynch Business Scholarship
Amos N. Molyneaux Business Scholarship
Frances Morrow Memorial Office Occupations Scholarship
Bruce Moseley Paralegal Scholarship
Elaine and C. E. Neel Business Administration Scholarship
J. Stephen Penner, Sr. Memorial Business Administration Scholarship
LaRue Pittman Business Scholarship
William L. (Bill) Prather Business Scholarship
Norman K. and Susan L. Stewart Scholarship
Willie Weaver Marketing Management Scholarship

Continuing Education Scholarships
Jeff Doiron Continuing Healthcare Scholarship

Criminal Justice
Walter Eubanks Memorial Scholarship (Outstanding Student)
Selden Hale TDCJ Corrections Officers Scholarship
John Stanton Hubbs Law Enforcement Award (Valedictorian)

Industrial Technology 
Rick Armstrong & Jack Stanley Scholarship(instrumentation)
B. M. Bennie Bruckner, Sr. Scholarship (diesel mechanics)
Ben Bruckner Memorial Scholarship  
Leo Caiafa, Jr. Automotive Scholarship
Cooper Crouse-Hinds Industrial Technology Scholarship
Wilbert Harms &  Leona Chadwick Automotive Scholarship
Don and Sybil Harrington Vocational Arts Fund
Hart-Reville Electronics Scholarship
Industrial Technology Scholarship
Jack B. Kelley Industrial Technology Scholarship
Nat Neal Memorial Industrial Technology Scholarship
Panhandle Safety Industrial Technology Scholarship
Bill Quackenbush Industrial Tech Scholarship
Calvin C. Smith Scholarship (electronics tech, instrumentation, truck driving)
Frank J. Warren Technical Education Fund
Jared Lee Wright Fire Protection Scholarship

Liberal Arts
Advertising Club of Amarillo Scholarship
Amarillo Music Teachers Memorial Scholarship
Art Force Art and Graphic Design Scholarship
Art Force Choral Music Scholarship
Art Force Humanities Scholarship
Art Force Music Scholarship
Art Force Opera Scholarship
Art Force Suzuki Scholarship
Art Force Theater Arts Scholarship
Audrey Ball-Kaufman Humanities Scholarship
J. D. Byrd Opera Scholarship
Marjorie Davis Collard Fine Arts Scholarship
Louise Dicken Conway String Scholarship
Billy Carr Creamer Memorial Theater Scholarship
David E. Davenport Music & Opera Scholarship
Keitha Davis Art Scholarship
Fine Arts Scholarship
Denny T. Fraze Art and Graphic Design Scholarship
Steve Garre Memorial Television Scholarship
Helen and Nancy Gerald Memorial String Scholarship
Margaret E. Gwyn Art Scholarship
The Joyce Herring Honorary Mass Communication Scholarship
Joyce James Hinsley Education Scholarship
Robert E. Hoffman Memorial Music Scholarship
Language & Communication Division Scholarship
Dr. Lucille King Lynn Memorial English Scholarship
McDonough Scholarship
Olive Melin Scholarship (English, Art, Music)
Pamela S. Mobley Memorial Suzuki Scholarship
Arthur E. Nizzi Memorial Music Scholarship
C. N. and Judy Noble Music Scholarship
Jane Pangburn Memorial Art Scholarship
Dr. Dale Roller Fine Arts Scholarship
Marian and Monte Rosenwald Mass Communication Scholarship
Jonnie Rowan Memorial Music Scholarship
Lois Bonner Shaw Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship
Allan Shelden IV Art Scholarship
Carol Sobieski Mass Communication Scholarship
Suzuki String Program Fund
Helen and Thomas H. Thompson Journalism Scholarship
John Trout Memorial Music Scholarship
The Ys Mens Art Scholarship

Malouf Abraham Nursing Scholarship
AORN of the Texas Panhandle Nursing Scholarship
Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship
Christopher Scott Bailey Memorial Scholarship
Barbara Ashley Bates Scholarship
Naomi and John Brack Nursing Scholarship
Coleman-Austin Panhandle Dietetic Association Scholarship
Shirley Bean Cook Scholarship
Patrick Cox Memorial Vocational Nursing Fund
Captain Matthew Kirk Davenport Scholarship
Harold V. and Mary Kay Eck Memorial Nursing  Scholarship
Ann Farris-Estelle Marsh Nursing Scholarship
Forty & Eight Nursing Scholarship
Dr. R. D. Gist Scholarship
Clara Butler Hampton Nursing Scholarship
Dr. Sebel V. Hands Nursing Scholarship
Harrington Nursing Scholarship
Sue Ann Hicks Nursing Scholarship
Finishing Well: The Legacy of Pauline Taylor Holstun Scholarship
Leon L. Hoyt, Jr. Nursing Scholarship
Dr. Ed and E. Louise Mayer Medical Scholarship
Don & Peggy Mitchell Fund
The Nicklaus Nursing Scholarship
Sharon Kelley Oeschger Scholarship
Kathryn L. Penner Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Gladys Post Nursing Scholarship
Dr. Richard Pullen and Mark Rowh Scholarship
Dr. Jason Robberson Memorial Nursing Scholarship
St. Anthonys Auxiliary Scholarship
Patsy Thomas Nursing Scholarship
Jim-Jen Waren Nursing Scholarship
Fancher Upshaw, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Sciences and Engineering
Amarillo Petroleum Section Scholarship (engineering)
Dr. Matthew Brzostowski Scholarship
S. L. and Dorothy Cates Memorial Scholarship (math, science, engineering)
Dorothy Chambers Biology Memorial Scholarship
Art Cox Memorial Engineering Scholarship
Dr. Amogene F. and Walter W. DeVaney  Engineering Scholarship
Steve Dutton Memorial Biology Scholarship
Pat J. Fincher Memorial Engineering Scholarship
A.M. Johnson Memorial Science Scholarship
Ruth and Armon Mays Scholarship (mathematics, engineering)
Robert E. McKinley, Sr. Biology Scholarship
Sean Riley Engineering Scholarship
Sciences and Engineering Division Scholarship
H. Herman and Helen A. Smith Memorial Science Scholarship
Bertie Warren Chemistry Scholarship

Multiple Disciplinary Restricted Scholarships 
Malouf & Iris Abraham Scholarship(for students living in Gray, Lipscomb, Hemphill, Ochiltree, Roberts or Wheeler Co.)
AC Excellence Scholarship
AC Foundation Student Benefit Fund
Austin Allen Scholarship (Randall High Graduates)
AHS 50th Alumni Association Scholarship (AHS graduate)
Amarillo National Bank Scholarship (AHS, CHS, PDHS, THS)
Mark and Suzanne Anderson Scholarship
J. Bryan Austin, Jr. Scholarship (SPS families)
Don & Becky Bagot Scholarship (female, single-family)
M.K. Brown Scholarship (Grey County Students)
The Tom Cole and Joyce O'Rear Scholarship (business, education, psychology)
LaDonna J. & R.H. Dreyer Scholarship
Margaret & Robert B. Elliott Memorial Scholarship (THS Graduates)
The Hundred Club of Amarillo, Inc. Scholarship
Jane and Bill Juett Scholarship
Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Scholarship
Kwahadi Dancers Scholarship
Brian Levens AC Republicans Scholarship
Life for Generations Scholarship (Care Net Crisis Center Clients)
Patricia Ann Brewer Lovelady Homemakers Scholarship
The Wendy Marsh Community Service Scholarship
Frances C. McLoughlin  Womens Scholarship
Olive Melin Scholarship(English, art, music)
B. L. and Doris Morgan Visual Arts Scholarship
Red and Gary Myers Scholarship
Native American Community Scholarship
Lavon Nelms Scholarship
David Nevarez Scholarship(Hispanic students)
Opportunity School Alumni Scholarship (Opportunity School Alumni)
Painting and Decorating Contractors Scholarship
Joseph A. Peters Memorial Scholarship
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship(PTK members)
Don Powell Memorial Fund for Honors Students
Myrna & David Raffkind Scholarship(Marthas Home Residents)
Robyn and Alan Rhodes Honors Fund
Jonnie Rowan Memorial Library Support Fund
Earl Hodgson, Jo Bastin Smith & Karen Smith Reid Memorial Scholarship
Gervis Taylor Memorial Scholarship (Business, Math, Social Science)
Don W. Talley Education Scholarship
Joe F. Taylor Scholarship (Social Science, Business)
Mary Stack Ware Scholarship
Forrest S. Warren Fund
Everett and Lucille Watkins Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth Haines and John Thomas Wise Scholarship-Palo Duro High School Students
Elizabeth Haines and John Thomas Wise Scholarship-River Road High School Students

General Criteria 
AC Foundation Student Benefit Endowment Fund
Amarillo College Ex-Students Scholarship
Elizabeth Archer Scholarship
Mike Bellah Scholarship
Collin and Maggie Blankenship Scholarship
Victoria Bowman Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hal Brown Scholarship
Margaret Cannon Boyce Brown Scholarship
Lee and Gene Byrd Scholarship
Elton F. Cole Honorary Scholarship
Louise Daniel Scholarship
Distinguished AC Employees Scholarship
R. H. and Ladonna J. Dreyer Scholarship
Esler Family Scholarship
James & Yvonne Franklin Scholarship
Mary Lue and Charles E. Fyfe, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
General Scholarship
Ida Mae Gorsline General Support Fund
John and Ruth Early Hazlewood Scholarship
Betty Howell Fund
E. L. Hunter Scholarship
J. Gregg Jordan Memorial Scholarship
Jack & Margaret Little Scholarship
Owna Bell Long Fund
Cliff Mace-Paul Wilson Memorial Scholarship
The Abbie and Wales Madden, Jr. Fund
John C. & Virginia Maynard Scholarship
Flora Lee Meyer Scholarship
Barbara Miller Memorial Scholarship
Dianna Monden Memorial Scholarship
George and Biddy Morris Memorial Scholarship
Gladys M. and Edward S. Morris Scholarship
Dee Osborne Scholarship
Panhandle Pioneers Scholarship
Rotary Club of Amarillo Scholarship
Rotary East Scholarship
Lee W. and Betty Ryan Scholarship
Thelma Seibel Scholarship
Eugene C. & Pauline Sidwell Scholarship
Ben M. Stinnett Memorial Scholarship
Don W. Talley, Sr. Scholarship
L. OBrien Thompson Scholarship
Frances Finch and L. M. Tyler Scholarship
Dr. Walter C. Watkins Scholarship
A. D. and Mozelle Weatherly Scholarship
Wiese Family Scholarship

Recruiting Scholarships 
ACF Badger Fund
Board of Regents Scholastic Excellence Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Coleman Fund
Tom and Priscilla Connally Scholarship
Counselors Appreciation Fund
Cleo Jenkins Estate Fund
Charles D. Lutz, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Dr. A. B. Martin Memorial Scholarship
National Honor Society Award Fund
Elizabeth Nunn Estate Scholarship
Regents Achievement Award Fund (Top 11-15% High School Graduates)
Regents Circle Fund
Regents Excellence Award Fund (Top 10% High School Graduates)
Dean and Clara Simon Scholarship

Exceptional and Four- Year University Funds (for AC Graduates)
Marilyn Ault Accounting Scholarship

Sybil B. Harrington Scholarship
Mary & John OBrien Scholarship

Hereford Area Student Scholarship Funds (Restricted to students attending school on Hereford Campus)
Hereford Area Student Scholarship

Moore County Student Funds (Restricted to students attending school on Moore County Campus)
Brumley Foundation Moore County Scholarship
Diamond Shamrock Moore County Student Fund
C. J. and Syble Fowlston Moore County Scholarship
Moore County Student Fund
Jack & Wynn Oldham Student Fund
Valero Moore County Scholarship

Adult Student Program Scholarship Funds
Akst Family Scholarship
Amarillo Federation of Womens Clubs Scholarship
Amarillo Business & Professional Womens Scholarship
American Association of University Women Scholarship
Lynda Barksdale Emergency Fund
Dr. Enid M. Bates Scholarship
Trava Berry Scholarship
Virginia and Henry Blackburn Scholarship
Brumley Memorial Scholarship
Marjory Warren Carr Scholarship
Dr. A. Reid Clayton Memorial Scholarship
John R. Collard, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Mary Ellen Dambold Scholarship
Louise Daniel Adult Student Scholarship
Betty J Davenport Scholarship
Della Dunn Scholarship
Steve Dutton Memorial Scholarship
James B. & Yvonne Franklin Scholarship
Nancy Garms Memorial Scholarship
Gorsline Scholarship
Harrington Womens Scholarship
Dixie Lee Brumley Holland Scholarship
Audrey and Gerald Holman Scholarship
E. C. and Florine Hossler Scholarship
Bud and Janice Joyner Student Fund
Bob and Margaret Kesterson Book Fund
Eunice King Scholarship
Stephanie Yunker Kordas Scholarship
Bev and M. D. LaGrone Scholarship
Roxanne Lincycomb Memorial Scholarship
Addie Warren and G. Carter Matthews Scholarship
Charlotte Merchant/ Chapter AI PEO Scholarship
Deann C. Merchant Psychology Scholarship
Bonnie and John Merriman Scholarship
Barbara Miller Memorial Scholarship
Donna and Don Moore Scholarship
P. Max Motley Scholarship
Bill Ordway Memorial Scholarship
The Parks Scholarship
PEO, Chapter CV, Scholarship
Jim Pond Scholarship
Potter-Randall County Medical Alliance Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Richey Scholarship
Dr. Natalie and Mr. Oliver Lee Russell Memorial Fund (Women in Crisis)
Antonio and Yolanda Salazar Scholarship
Minnie Savage Adult Student Fund
Second Flight Alumni Scholarship
Mamie Solomon Scholarship
Betty Sterquell Scholarship
C. Thomas Warren Scholarship
Clarence A. Warren Scholarship
Frank J. Warren Scholarship
Gaines T. Warren Scholarship
Sarah D. and Thomas J. Warren Scholarship
Vivian Brumley Warren Scholarship
Lena Faye Watson Scholarship
Ada Farnsworth Webb Scholarship
Women's Programs Scholarship

Non-Endowed Scholarships

Center for Academic Development
Academic Development Fund
Community Link Discretionary & Scholarship Fund
GED Scholarship
Hasting Learning Center Fund
HEP Scholarship and Support Fund

Allied Health
Amarillo Hospital District Allied Health Scholarship
Mab Calloway Memorial Respiratory Therapy Scholarship
Kathy Crawford Memorial Scholarship in Medical Management
Virginia R. Gass Memorial Occupational Therapy Scholarship
Gary Gerard Respiratory Care Scholarship
John Paul Harris Nuclear Medicine Scholarship
Allen Machuca Occupational Therapy Scholarship
Potter- Randall County Medical Alliance Scholarship
The Daniel and Myrna Raffkind Nursing & Physical Therapy Support Fund
The Anthony Tozzi Memorial Radiation Therapy Scholarship
Bill and Susan Young Respiratory Scholarship

Behavioral Studies/Social Science/Liberal Arts
Melonye Curtis Early Childhood Development Scholarship
Wanda D. Fergason Girls Physical Education Fund

Bruce Moseley Paralegal Scholarship
The Myrt Wilder Scholarship

Criminal Justice
Harrington Law Enforcement Scholarship
The Lisa Cherry Memorial Book Fund
The 106th Academy Special Fund

Hereford Campus Funds (Restricted to students attending school on Hereford Campus)
Joshua Casey Scholarship
Caviness Beef Packers Scholarship
Mary Thomas Memorial Scholarship

Industrial Technology
Howard C. Allen Memorial Scholarship (plumbing, heating, air conditioning)
Bell Helicopter Support Fund
Dana Family Food Service Excellence Fund
Edison Mission Group Wind Energy Scholarship
Stephan Ference Welding Scholarship
Stephan Ference Welding Scholarship II
Industrial Tech Tool Fund
Kritser Diesel Program Fund
Larry McLean Industrial Technology Scholarship
Phillips 66 Technical Education Fund
Kendrick Ray Powell Welding Scholarship
Sharyland Utilities Electric Transmission Lineman Scholarship
Wayne Struchen Welding Scholarship
Amy Yager Interior Design Memorial Scholarship

Liberal Arts
Arts and Humanities Scholarship Fund
Bruce Beck Education Scholarship
Shirley and Fred Cariker Memorial Education Scholarship
Communicare Media Scholarship
Diana Cox English Scholarship
Drew T Friemel Music Scholarship
Suzanne Grooms Suzuki Fund
Friends of AC Photography Support Fund
Patricia W. Hartnett English Fund
Stuart Johnson Memorial Mass Communication Scholarship
Mardy Lemmons Memorial Art Scholarship
Chase Moore Memorial Suzuki Scholarship
Perkins-Olivier Music Scholarship
Dorothy E. Simms Memorial English Scholarship
Helena Mali Stover Memorial Suzuki Scholarship
Theatre Arts Scholarship

Moore County Funds (Restricted to students attending AC on the Moore County Campus)
Dumas Noon Lions Club Fund
Moore County Campus Student Emergency Fund
Lloyd Mannon & Billie Fay Schumacher Scholarship
Moore County Campus and Moore County Health Foundation Nursing Scholarship

Grace E Allen Scholarship
Amarillo Hospital District Nursing Scholarship
Charlene Anglin Memorial Fund
Nan Conrad Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Harrington Regional Medical Campus Fund
Jeffrey Dean Lackey Scholarship
Sheryl S. Mueller Nursing Leadership Excellence Award Fund
Potter-Randall County Medical Alliance Scholarship
The Daniel and Myrna Raffkind Nursing & Physical Therapy Support Fund
H. Herman Smith and Helen A. Smith Memorial Fund
Delores Thompson Nursing Scholarship

Sciences and Engineering
Richard and Junie Chambers Engineering Scholarship
The GSM Scholarship (petroleum engineering/pre-law)
Marvin G. McCuan Math Memorial Fund
Physical Science Outstanding Student Award
Louis J Synck Sciences & Engineering Scholarship
Tex Prep Science and Engineering Outstanding Student Award

Adult Students
AC Foster Children's Project Fund
Adult Student Assistance Fund
ANB Adult Student Fund
The Ruth & Gene Klein Scholarship
Northwest Texas Healthcare Auxiliary Fund

LITE Scholarship (students with disabilities)
Benjamin Hamilton Memorial Scholarship
LITE Scholarship
Augusta A Walker Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Other Funds with Restrictive Criteria
Amarillo by Morning Lions Club Scholarship
Emily Archer Emergency Student Fund
Badger Hearts - Tricia Stevens Scholarship
M K Brown Non-Endowed Fund (Grey County Students)
Tom Butler (Caprock Students)
Classified Employees Book and Scholarship Fund (for AC Classified Employees)
Delta Kappa Gamma/Kappa Eta Scholarship (Education)
Delta Kappa Gamma/Zeta Zeta Scholarship (Education)
Downtown Kiwanis Club Scholarship
Mahatma Gandhi Non-Endowed Scholarship
Joe Gandy Veterans Scholarship
Allen McGuire Memorial Scholarship (THS graduates)
Hal Miner Memorial Scholarship (legal students)
Floyd Neill, Jr. Scholarship
Jim Pond Non-Endowed Scholarship
Presidential Honors Program Fund
Judge Mary Lou Robinson Scholarship
Lindsey Lou Russ Scholarship Fund (THS graduates)
Dr. Natalie and Mr. Oliver Lee Russell Memorial Fund
Robin & Hugh Russell Art and Photography Scholarship
Student Government Association Scholarship
Tascosa Lions Club Scholarship
Texas Panhandle Beta Sigma Phi Life and Learning-Xi Iota Pi (female students)
Ware Care Memorial

General Criteria 
AC Foundation Student Benefit Fund
Eddie Bradley Non-Endowed Scholarship
Jack & Molly Cameron Scholarship
L. Dennis Dougherty Memorial Scholarship
R. H. and Ladonna Dreyer Scholarship
Emadene Gerhardt Scholarship
Hinton-Gross Unrestricted Fund
Edmond Johnston Scholarship
Gregg Jordan Memorial Scholarship
Paul Matney Fund
Marion & Fred Snyder Scholarship
Special Emergency Grant Fund
Texas Panhandle Beta Sigma Phi Life and Learning Xi Iota Pi
Isabelle Stark Weatherly & Roy William Weatherly
The West Family Fund
Mary Virginia and Roland Williams Scholarship

Excellence/4-Year University Funds
Savage Roberson Excellence Scholarship

Program Support Funds

Advocacy and Resource Center
AC No Excuses
AC No Excuses - Housing
Auto Inc. - ARC Support
AC Pantry Fund
AC Personal Enrichment Kids College Support Fund

Liberal Arts
Choral Music Support Fund
Louise Daniel Lecture Fund
Graphic Design Support Fund
Piano Support Fund
June Jazz Support Fund
Johnnie Rowan Library Support Fund
Suzuki Support Fund

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Support Fund

Industrial Technology 
Bell Helicopter Support Fund
Leo Caiafa Jr. Tool Center Fund
Industrial Tool Technology Fund
Kritser Diesel Program Fund

Moore County Funds (Restricted to students attending AC on the Moore County Campus)
AC Pantry - Moore County
Moore County Campus Student Emergency Fund
Moore County Student Support Services Fund

Allied Health Division Excellence Fund
Dental Hygeine Advisory Fund
Dental Program Fund
Heal the City Dental Hygiene Fund
Sheryl S Mueller Nursing Leadership Excellence Fund
Nursing Division Emergency Relief Fund
Student Support Services for Health Sciences Fund
Nancy Tingley Nursing Award Fund

Personal Enrichment
Advancement Support Fund
AC Conservatory Theater Fund
Art Force
Jeff Bullock Memorial Fund (Theater)
Community Link Discretionary Fund
Creative Mind Lecture Fund
Employee of the Year Award
Faculty & Staff Professional Development Fund
John F Mead Faculty Award
The Student Transfer Assistance Fund
Yellow City Musical Fund

Sciences and Engineering
Arts and Creative Skills Fund
Biology Excellence Fund
Biology Support Fund
Biology Travel Fund
Child Care Program Fund
CIS Excellence Fund
Physical Science Outstanding Student Award
Tex Prep Science and Engineering Outstanding Student Award

Interested in donating to an existing scholarship fund? We can help. Please contact us if you would like additional information, 806-371-5107.