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Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Applications

Amarillo College Scholarship Application Information

The Amarillo College Foundation administers over 650 scholarship funds and awards over 1500 scholarships per year. The Foundation has ONE universal Scholarship application. Please fill out the application COMPLETELY, including financial information and an uploaded essay.  Incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered.

The application is available annually from November 1 -October 15th.  We strongly recommend that you apply no later than the preferred deadline of March 1st to insure consideration for a scholarship. If you do not yet have a specific major, choose “General Studies” as your major.

If you are a new academic student to Amarillo College, you MUST furnish your MOST RECENT transcript and a headshot. Both of these documents can be uploaded into your application. If you are unable to complete the application in one sitting, you can save it. Make a note of the student ID# and password in order to go back and complete the document. Once you are satisfied with your application, press YES and SUBMIT.  

Your application will be reviewed, at which time you will receive a message on your AC student email accepting your completed application or notifying you that your application is incomplete.

 If you are chosen to receive a scholarship, you will be notified via your student e-mail.

Special Information: All Amarillo College Scholarships are for fall and spring ONLY

Preferred Application Deadline: 3/1/2017.

You must have been formally accepted into the program to claim Allied Health or Nursing as your major. These programs require that you renew your application each spring semester. Go into your application between 9/01/2017 and 10/15/2017 and update the information.

Art Majors:

Preferred Application Deadline: 6/1/2017
You must be majoring in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Photography or Visual Arts to be considered an art major. Some programs require a portfolio.

Call the Art department at 371-5982 for more information.

Theatre Majors:

Preferred Application Deadline: 6/1/2017. Call the Theater department at 371-5987 for more information.

Music Majors:

Preferred Application Deadline: 6/1/ 2017. You must arrange an audition with the AC Music Department or have permission of the Chair of the Music Department to be accepted into the program.

Call the Music department at (806)371-5340 for more information.

Adult Students:

Preferred Application Deadline: 3/1/2017. This program is for either economically disadvantaged students 24 or older or for students with dependent children.

Call the Adult Students Department at 371-5439 for more information.  

LITE (Living Independently Through Education):

Preferred Application Preferred Deadline: 3/1/2017. This program is for students with documented disabilities.

Call the AC Disability Services Program at 345-5639 for an assessment appointment.

Transferring Students:

Final Application Deadline: 3/ 1/ 2017. The AC Foundation has a small number of scholarships for AC Graduates to transfer to a 4-year college or university. Please fill out our universal application and specify that you are transferring on the first line of your application essay

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Sybil B. Harrington Scholarships:

Final Application Deadline: 2/1/17 These scholarships are ONLY for 2017 high school graduating seniors in the top 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle.

Click on the link above to access the Sybil B. Harrington Scholarship applications and instruction sheet.