Dual Credit Scholarship Application

Dual Credit Scholarships are a great way for High School students to take college-level courses offered through Amarillo College.  The AC Foundation is offering Dual Credit Scholarships for the very first time.

The AC Foundation currently is offering Dual Credit Scholarships for this Spring 2021 semester for the very first time.  Due to the limited number of Dual Credit scholarships available, please know that we will help as many students as possible but no student is guaranteed a scholarship.


2020-2021 scholarship application is now open!


AC Foundation Awards Over One Million Dollars in Scholarships Annually

Amarillo College Foundation Dual Credit Scholarship Application Information


Instructions for filling out the Dual Credit Scholarship Application:

  1. Fill out the application completely, including all financial information. Incomplete applications are not considered for awards.
  2. If you are unable to complete the application in one sitting, you can save it. Save your Student ID# and password in order to go back and complete the application. Once complete, press YES and SUBMIT.
  3. Your application will be reviewed, at which time, you will receive a message on your AC Student Email accepting your completed application or notifying you that your application is incomplete.
  4. If you are chosen to receive a scholarship for the Spring 2021 you will be notified through your AC Student Email.

All Amarillo College Foundation Scholarships are for Fall and Spring Only



Allied Health or Nursing

You must formally be accepted into the programs to claim Allied Health or Nursing as your major. 

Art, Music, and Theatre Majors

Preferred application deadline: 6/1/2019

Many of the Creative Art departments have auditions to be included in their programs. The preferred application deadline for these majors is extended to accommodate these students. 

Adult Students

Preferred application deadline: 3/1

This program is for students 24 or older with financial need and/or dependent children.
Call the Adult Students Department at 806-371-5439 for more information.

LITE (Living Independently Through Education)

Preferred application deadline: 3/1

This program is for students with documented disabilities.
Call the AC Disability Services Program at 806-345-5639 for an assessment appointment.

Transfer Students to a Four-Year University

Preferred application deadline: 10/15

There are several scholarships available for students transferring to a four-year institution. Please fill out the General Scholarship Application and specify in the first line of your essay that you are transferring.

Sybil B. Harrington Scholarships

Final application deadline: February 1st

These scholarships are only for 2020 high school graduating seniors in the top 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is there a minimum GPA or hourly requirement? 
    Yes, a minimum GPA of 2.0 and enrollment in at least six hours is required to apply for a scholarship. However, all scholarships have criteria that were set up by the benefactor detailing what is required by a student in order to be awarded the scholarship. The student is applying for all dual credit scholarships by completing the Amarillo College Dual Credit Scholarship Application. 

  2. Should I apply for specific awards?
    By using the appropriate application, you will be reviewed for any and all available awards for that specific purpose.  By filling out the Dual Credit Scholarship application you will be reviewed for any and all available Dual Credit scholarships.  By completing the Amarillo College Foundation General Scholarship application you will be reviewed for any and all available scholarships as an academic student.  By completing the Sybil B Harrington Scholarship application you will be reviewed for the Sybil B Harrington Scholarships at Amarillo College and at Texas 4 year schools.

  3. Do you adhere firmly to the application deadline?
    The deadline for the Dual Credit Scholarships will be the date payment arrangements are required.

  4. I received a scholarship, but the money has not been applied to my account. What should I do? 
    Dual Credit Scholarship awards are generally applied to charges for tuition, fees and required supplies directly through the business office. Any remaining balance is the responsibility of the student. Any credit balance will be forfeited and returned to the Foundation. Students will need to check with the business office to see if any payments are still due following their scholarship award.