Nuclear Medicine Department 2023-2024
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Instructor Course Title Course Name, Number and Section Semester Class Type
Tamra RocskoNuclear Medicine Patient CareNMTT-1311-001FallOn Campus Course Syllabus
Tamra RocskoAdvanced Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Fusion TechnologyNMTT-2233-001FallOnline Course Syllabus
Tamra RocskoNuclear Medicine Methodology IINMTT-2274-001FallOn Campus Course Syllabus
Tamra RocskoPracticumNMTT-2366-001FallClinical Syllabus
Tamra RocskoPracticumNMTT-1266-001FallClinical Syllabus
Rebecca MontzPhysics for Allied HealthSCIT-1320-001FallOnline Course Syllabus