Fundamentals of Cloud Computing Syllabus
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Instructor Christopher George E-Mail


(806) 371-5374

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R. E. Byrd Business Building 342

Office Hours

Fall I

Monday 5 –7pm, Byrd 342

Tuesday 3:30 – 5:30 pm, Byrd 342

Thursday 3:30 – 5:30 pm, Byrd 342

Fall II

Monday 5 – 7pm, Byrd 342

Tuesday 3:30 – 5:30 pm, Byrd 342

Thursday 3:30 – 5:30 pm, Byrd 342



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Catalog Year/Term2020-2021 Fall II Semester
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CourseITNW-1309-001 Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
Course DescriptionIntroduction to Cloud computing from a business and technical perspective, including Cloud concepts, services, architecture, system integration, connectivity, data center migration, administration, security, compliance, and technical support. Coverage includes preparation for industry certifications. Topics may adapt to changes in industry practices.
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Hours(3 sem; 2 lec, 4 lab)
Class TypeOnline Course

Syllabus Information


CompTIA Cloud+ Guide to Cloud Computing

Author: Jill West

Publisher: Cengage

Access Code for Cengage Unlimited Required: Please check with the AC Bookstore to purchase your code.


  • Access to PC Computers are available in the CIS Department at Amarillo College.

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer using Windows 10 OS or Above

  • Reliable Access to the Internet

  • College-Ruled Notebook, Pen or Pencil

Student Performance


End-of-Course Outcomes:  Identify the essential characteristics of Cloud services, including: on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service; describe the organizational capabilities relevant for realizing Cloud benefits, including adequate planning, required IT skills, gradual/staged migration pathways, identifying critical success factors, etc.; describe the steps that lead to the successful adoption of Cloud and the implications for organizations; describe data center infrastructure management (DCIM) processes and solutions, including the software and hardware tools used to organize and manage resources; create, manage, and scale a virtual server in a Cloud environment; describe Cloud maintenance operations including: security patches, updating Cloud elements, and backup operations; identify business drivers for Cloud computing and assessing their economic impact.

Students Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Grading Criteria

Grading Criteria/Grading Scale:  

>89.5% A
>79.5% B
>69.5% C
>59.5% D
<59.5% F





The following criteria will be used to determine your grade:



Learning Environment

Percentage Weight

Additional Information


Weekly Zoom Attendance




Cengage Module Quizzes

Cengage Online



Cengage Live Virtual Machine Labs

Cengage Online



Cengage Post-Assessment Quiz - Final   Cengage Online  30%  

All work is provided for each student at the beginning of the semester. It is your responsibility to ensure all work is completed by the scheduled dates.

** This is an accelerated 8 week course and requires substantial work outside of class.


  • Check your email daily.  The email address used by your instructor is the email issued to each AC student.
  • Complete assignments by the scheduled date/time.  There is a "no late work" policy, except in extreme circumstances.
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  • Students should plan on spending a minimum of 10-12 hours per week on this course, outside of class. Actual amounts will vary depending on weekly assignments and topic complexity. Please schedule your time, so that you are able to devote the appropriate energy and effort to achieve success in this course.
  • Your instructor, Chris George, can be contacted by email through the course in Blackboard. If Blackboard is not available, please email  In-person meetings or additional help are available if needed or desired. Please contact by email to set up a convenient day/time.


Intrusion Detection Schedule

Chris George – Instructor

Cell: 806.679.3519


The weeks chapter work including Review Quizzes, Live Virtual Machine Labs, and other assigned materials are due by Midnight on the day prior to the first class meeting of the week. Late work will be assessed a 5 point penalty for every late day. A “Zero” will be recorded in the grade book for any assignment more than a week late!

The calendar below represents a planned outline for the course. Actual dates are subject to change. Please check your email daily for course updates from your instructor.

Week 1
Zoom Meeting: Syllabus Introduction, Discuss Cengage Modules 1-2 
Online:  Complete Live Virtual Machine Lab Prerequisite and CompTIA Cloud+ Pre-Assessment Quiz;
Complete Module 1 - 2 Reading and Module1 and 2: Live Virtual Machine Labs 
 Complete Module 1 and 2 Review Quiz

Week 2
Zoom Meeting: Discuss Cengage Modules 3 
Online:  Complete Module 3 Reading and Module 3: Live Virtual Machine Labs
 Complete Module 3 Review Quiz

Week 3
Zoom Meeting: Discuss Cengage Module 4-5 
Online:  Complete Module 4-5 Reading and Module 4 and 5: Live Virtual Machine Labs
 Complete Module 4 and 5 Review Quiz

Week 4
Zoom Meeting: Discuss Cengage Module 6 
Online:  Complete Module 6 Reading and Module 6: Live Virtual Machine Labs
 Complete Module 6 Review Quiz

Week 5
Zoom Meeting: Discuss Cengage Module 7 
Online:  Complete Module 7 Reading and Module 7: Live Virtual Machine Labs
 Complete Module 7 Review Quiz

Week 6
Zoom Meeting: Discuss Cengage Modules 8 
Online:  Complete Module 8 Reading and Module 8: Live Virtual Machine Labs
 Complete Module 8 Review Quiz

Week 7
Zoom Meeting: Discuss Cengage Module 9
Online:  Complete Module 9 Reading and Module 9: Live Virtual Machine Labs
 Complete Module 9 Review Quiz

Week 8
Zoom Meeting: Discuss Cengage Module 10
Online:  Complete Module 10 Reading and Module 10: Live Virtual Machine Labs
 Complete Module 10 Review Quiz
Final Due: Complete Cengage CYSA+ Post Assessment Quiz and
Congratulations! You made it!

Additional Information

Additional Information


October 26:  Fall 2 Classes Begin
November 2:  Census Day (Administrative Drop for Non-Attendance)
November 9:  Spring Registration Begins
November 26-29:  Thanksgiving Holiday (College Closed)
December 8:  Last Day to Withdraw
December 17:  Last Day of Fall 2 Courses
December 19-January 3:  Christmas Break (Limited Services)


  • Open Computer Labs: The Business Systems and Emerging Technology Department hosts an open computer lab on the 2nd Floor of the Byrd Business Building. Labs are open 7 days a week. Assistance with this course and/or technical assistance are available in the computer labs. Visit the Computer Information Systems (CIS) website for additional details:
  • Computer Services Center: Located within the AC Bookstore, trained staff will diagnose computer-related issues and repair problems on a fee-for-service basis. Laptop rentals are also available. Visit the Computer Services Center website for additional details:
  • Student & Faculty Help Center: Located on the first floor of Ware Student Commons, the Help Center provides technical support to students and faculty. The Help Center offers assistance in logging into AC Connect, Blackboard, resetting passwords, and general computing and software questions. Visit the Student & Faculty Help Center website at
  • Tutoring: A variety of options are available when you need a little extra help in a course (online, walk-in, one-on-one. Visit the Tutoring website at
  • Writers' Corner: Writers' Corner offers one-on-one tutoring to review assignment requirements, provide constructive feedback, and guide students through all phases of the writing process. Writer’s Corner will not edit you work, but will help you get on the right path. Visit the Writer’s Corner website atathttps
  • DisAbility Services: DisAbility Services helps students by providing necessary accommodations for course success and to facilitate access to all services and programs at Amarillo College. Visit the DisAbility Services website at DisAbility Services helps students by providing necessary accommodations for course success and to facilitate access to all services and programs at Amarillo College. Visit the DisAbility Services website at
  • Learn about using AC Connect (Blackboard) and using features of our course by reviewing the following tutorials:
  • Advocacy & Resource Center: The Advocacy & Resource Center is located on the first floor of Ware Student Commons. A variety of resources are available in the areas of social services, a food pantry, a clothing closet, and adult student programs. Visit the Advocacy & Resource Center website at
  • Counseling Center: At the Counseling Center, student and counselor work together to develop more personal awareness and the skills needed to overcome barriers to success. All services are free and confidential. Visit the Counseling Center website at:
  • Legal Clinic: The Legal Clinic is a free, walk-in clinic assisting enrolled AC students on various legal issues including family law, immigration, probate, landlord-tenant issues, and general legal matters. Visit the Legal Clinic website at


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