Calculus for Business & Social Sciences Syllabus for 2020-2021
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MATH-1325-005 Calculus for Business & Social Sciences


Prerequisite: MATH 1316, 1324, or 1414 - minimum grade of C or Department Chair consent

Course Description

This course is the basic study of limits and continuity, differentiation, optimization and graphing, and integration of elementary functions, with emphasis on applications in business, economics, and social sciences.  This course is not a substitute for MATH 2313 or 2413, Calculus I.

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(3 sem hrs; 3 lec)

Class Type

Online Course

Syllabus Information


Finite Mathematics and Calculus with Applications, Tenth Edition
Authors:  Margaret L. Lial, Raymond N. Greenwell, and Nathan P Ritchey
(Pearson Education Publishers)

Note:  The physical textbook for this course is optional.  Homework and exams will be completed online using MyMathLab, where an electronic version of the complete textbook is accessible.  You may pay for access to MyMathLab online using a credit card, or you may purchase a MyMathLab access kit from the Amarillo College Bookstore.


Students will need a graphing calculator for this course.  The recommended calculator is a Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus.  Other forms of Texas Instruments or Casio graphing calculators will be permitted at the instructors discretion.  Note that TI-89s or TI-Nspires will NOT be permitted during the midterm and final exams.

Students need access to a computer with a reliable internet connection to complete online homework assignments and chapter exams and access to a printer to produce class notes.

Other supplies include a three ring binder and dividers.

Student Performance

Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  1. Evaluate and interpret limits.
  2. Recognize and determine continuity of functions.
  3. Find derivatives of algebraic and transcendental functions.
  4. Investigate various concepts including graphing and optimization.
  5. Apply concepts of definite and indefinite integrals to management, economics, and business.

Students Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Log in using the AC Connect Portal

In order to receive your AC Connect Email, you must log in through AC Connect at .

If you are an active staff or faculty member according to Human Resources, use "Exchange". All other students, use "AC Connect (Google) Email".

Expected Student Behavior


Students who fail to comply with the standards outlined in the syllabus and "Student Rights & Responsibilities" will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include but is not limited to: removal from the course, consultation with the department chair or other AC authority, or withdrawl from the course or college.

Scholastic dishonesty shall constitute a violation of the rules and regulations described in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook under Student Conduct and Responsibilities.  Consequences for cheating may include  receiving a zero for an assignment, permanent removal from the class, or failing the course.


Your presence in the course will be established through correspondence with me, public discussions with other students in the course, and your attendance at the midterm and final exam sessions.  Through any venue, disrespectful language will not be tolerated.  Using foul language in emails or discussions will result in receiving a zero for that assignment and possible removal from the course.  You are expected to express yourself with courtesy and consideration at all times.  This attitude of respect also applies to the proctors for the midterm and final exams.


1.   Online classes are not necessarily more difficult than in-class courses, but they require self discipline and motivation. You will be expected to learn the material through reading the textbook, completing the notes provided on Blackboard through AC Connect, and finishing the homework and exams on MyMathLab

2.    You need access to a computer with a reliable internet connection and a dependable printer to produce class notes.  By signing up for an online course, you are communicating that you have access to such tools.

3.    This class demands a great deal of time. Online courses often take more time than in-class delivery courses. Please expect to spend at least 10-20 hours each week on this course.  If your other life commitments do not allow you this amount of time to spend on the course, you may want to choose another course or delivery method.

4.    Deadlines are your responsibility. Due dates are posted on the MyMathLab website and on the  calendar at the end of this syllabus.  However, because this is an online course, I can tailor it to your individual needs without disrupting the flow of the course.  If you need a deadline extension for online assignments (up to 2 days), please don't hesitate to ask.  No extensions are available, however, for the written midterm and final exams, which must be taken in person by the absolute due date.

5.    Technical difficulties happen. If you experience problems, email me immediately.  I will do my best to assist you.  Please don't panic, I am here to work with you.  However, completing assignments and exams a few days ahead of time  will ensure that if you have any technical difficulties, we can take care of them before the due date to keep you on schedule.

6.  You are responsible for taking the written midterm and final exams in person.  Amarillo residents will take them in the Math Testing Lab on the Washington Street Campus.  Non-Amarillo residents will be required to locate a proctor at a local college, school, or library and make an appointment for the exams.  This is subject to change due to issues resulting from the COVID-19 virus outbreak.  Contact your instructor for more information.

7.    You are responsible for getting help when you need it.  On the MyMathLab website, there are power points, videos, and step by step tutorials you can access for each homework problem you complete.  Take advantage of it!  Amarillo residents may obtain free tutoring from the Math Outreach Center on the first floor of Durrett Hall on the Washington Street Campus.  Online tutoring is also available through Smartthinking and I am available to you for any questions you may have.  Additional tutoring resources will be available in a virtual format through the Student Success Center - Math Outreach Center.

Grading Criteria

Your course grade (90-100 A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, 60-69 D, below 60 F) will be calculated using the following weights:

Category Weight
Online HW Average 10%
Notes Average 5%
Discussions 5%
Written HW Average 10%
Online Exams (4 total) 40%
Written Midterm Exam (taken in person) 15%
Written Final Exam (taken in person) 15%


This is an online course, so required "attendance" means logging into the course regularly and completing assignments. You will need to log into Blackboard everyday through the AC Connect link on the college website to obtain the assignments and print class notes.  You will also need to check your email, calendar, and grades regularly. 

The following assignments must be completed by Sunday, March 28, 2021, in order to be considered Present in the course. Failure to complete all assignments by this date may lead to an administrative drop from the course.

  • MyMathLab Orientation online homework assignment
  • Flipgrid Introduction
  • Algebra Review online homework assignment

Students should plan on spending significant time each week on this course. This time commitment is not an exaggeration. Actual amounts will vary depending on weekly assignments, topic complexity, and prior experience with the subject matter.

To complete the course, you will be required to take the midterm and final exams in person.   The midterm exam and the final exam will be completed by hand with pencil and paper.  For Amarillo residents, these tests must be taken in the Math Testing Lab on the Washington  Street Campus.  For those who live outside of Amarillo, you will be required to take these exams at an approved testing site, such as a testing center at a local school or a public library.

*The written Midterm Exam must be taken between Saturday, April 17, 2021 and Tuesday, April 20, 2021.
**The written Final Exam must be taken between Monday, May 10, 2021 and Wednesday, May 12, 2021.

Please note that no extensions will be granted for the midterm and final exams.

The last day to withdraw from this course is Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at noon.


Math 1325-005 Online Spring 2021
Date Assignments Due
Monday 22-Mar
Tuesday 23-Mar Register for MML, MML Orientation, Introduction Assignments
Wednesday 24-Mar
Thursday 25-Mar MML Algebra Review
Friday 26-Mar
Saturday 27-Mar 11.1 notes, written, and MML
Sunday 28-Mar Final deadline for all census assignments (Half Credit)
Monday 29-Mar
Tuesday 30-Mar 11.2 notes, written, and MML
Wednesday 31-Mar
Thursday 1-Apr 11.3-11.4 notes, written, and MML
Friday 2-Apr
Saturday 3-Apr Exam 1 , Portfolio #1, Chapter 11 Discussion (do not wait to post!!)
Sunday 4-Apr
Monday 5-Apr
Tuesday 6-Apr 12.1 notes, written, and MML
Wednesday 7-Apr
Thursday 8-Apr 12.2 notes, written, and MML
Friday 9-Apr
Saturday 10-Apr 12.3 notes, written, and MML
Sunday 11-Apr
Monday 12-Apr
Tuesday 13-Apr 12.4-12.5 notes, written, and MML
Wednesday 14-Apr
Thursday 15-Apr Exam 2, Portfolio #2, Chapter 12 Discussion (do not wait to post!!)
Friday 16-Apr Midterm Review
Saturday 17-Apr Midterm Exam Open
Sunday 18-Apr
Monday 19-Apr
Tuesday 20-Apr Midterm Exam Due
Wednesday 21-Apr
Thursday 22-Apr 13.1-13.2 notes, written, and MML
Friday 23-Apr
Saturday 24-Apr 13.3 notes, written, and MML
Sunday 25-Apr
Monday 26-Apr
Tuesday 27-Apr 13.4 notes, written, and MML
Wednesday 28-Apr
Thursday 29-Apr Exam 3, Portfolio #3, Chapter 13 Discussion (do not wait to post!!)
Friday 30-Apr
Saturday 1-May 15.1 notes, written, and MML
Sunday 2-May
Monday 3-May
Tuesday 4-May 15.2 notes, written, and MML
Wednesday 5-May
Thursday 6-May 15.4 notes, written, and MML, Last Day to Withdraw
Friday 7-May Final Review
Saturday 8-May Exam 4, Chapter 15 Discussion (do not wait to post!!)
Sunday 9-May
Monday 10-May Final Exam Open
Tuesday 11-May
Wednesday 12-May Final Exam Due

Additional Information


Homework will be assigned in two formats: written and online. Online homework involves drill and practice problems to be completed using the MyMathLab website.  Written homework will consist of completing questions posted on Blackboard and submitted to me through gradescope by the deadline.  You must complete the section's lesson notes before you will have access to the questions for the written homework.


Each section has a lesson note website with examples, videos, and Check Your Understanding questions.  You must complete these questions and submit the grade to the gradebook in order to get credit for the assignment and to have access to the written homework questions.  


Discussions will be posted and completed in Flipgrid.  You will use your school email ( to access our class. Commonly, you will select at least one of the problems from an attached file and provide a comprehensive and complete solution. Record your solution to the discussion board using the built in recorder. Review and respond to at least two of your classmates solutions. These responses should not be submitted on the same day as your solution post. If your responses are posted on the same day as your solution post, 10 points will automatically be deducted for each response from your overall grade for that assignment. Your response should be a comment on the solution method, a question about the solution, or something else that is specific to the mathematics of the problem. Your response should not be "great job", "looks good" , etc. Responses of this nature will not count toward the two response requirement.

Online Exams

Four major exams will be given via MyMathLab. Before you are allowed to take the chapter(s) exam, you must achieve at least 80% on all homework assignments for that chapter OR  achieve at least a 70% on the exam review. Each exam has a time limit of 2 hours.  I do not offer make-up exams.  If you know ahead of time that you will be missing an exam, you may take the exam early.  If you miss more than one exam a second missed exam will be recorded as a zero.

Weekly Routine

1.)  READ the module's Tasks document.  Here you will find information about what you need to complete for the module. 
2.)  COMPLETE THE NOTES from the sections in Blackboard.  Work the problems.  Obtain the information by reading the text and watching the example videos.  This should be completed before you start the homework on MyMathLab and must be completed before you can access the questions for the written work.
3.)  WORK THE MyMathLab HOMEWORK through Blackboard or at Before you are allowed to take the chapter exam, you must achieve at least 80% on all homework assignments for that chapter and complete the exam review. 
4.)  WORK THE WRITTEN HOMEWORK.  Under each module in Blackboard you will find written homework questions and portfolio questions.  These are to be worked on notebook or graphing paper.  When you are finished, submit them to gradescope by the due date.  Be sure to follow the directions posted in Module 0.

6.)  COMPLETE REVIEWS as assigned.
7.)  TAKE ASSIGNED EXAMS on MyMathLab by the deadlines posted on MyMathLab.  (Take written midterm and final exams in person)

 Getting Started with MyMathLab 

 To access MyMathLab where your online homework is located, first log into our course in Blackboard.   You will need the following information:

Student Access Code: The student access code can be purchased from the AC Bookstore. If you chose not to purchase the code from the AC Bookstore, you can buy the access code online with a credit card  during the registration process.

Email Address: Use the address you check most often.

To register and enroll

  1. Log into your Blackboard course.  Click the MyMathLab link at the left of the page.

    Tip: If you have previously linked your Blackboard and Pearson accounts, you are taken directly to the Pearson payment page. Go to step 4.

  2. Review the license agreement and privacy policy and click I Accept.
  3. To link your Blackboard and Pearson accounts, enter your Pearson account username and password.

    If you do not have a Pearson account, click Create and follow the instructions.

  4. Select an access option:
    • Enter the access code that came with your textbook or was purchased separately from the bookstore.
    • Or, Buy access using a credit card or PayPal account.
    • Or, get temporary access by clicking the link near the bottom of the page.  You will be able to update your account by making a payment at a later time.
  5. From the You’re Done page, click Go to My Courses.

    You'll also get a confirmation email.

To get started after registering:

1.)  Log into Blackboard by clicking the AC Connect button at the college website 
2.)  Click the MyMathLab link at the left of the page in our course in Blackboard.
3.)  Click the SECOND link, "MyMathLab with Pearson e-text Course Home." This is where you can review previously submitted assignments by clicking on Review Completed Assignments and Review.
4.)  To work on assignments, click the “Homework” button, and choose the section you wish to complete.
5.) To access the textbook, click the “Chapter Contents” button, and choose the chapter and section you wish to view.
6.) To view a power point presentation of a particular section, click the “Multimedia Library” button, and choose the chapter and section you wish to view or print.
7.) Under the “Homework” button, START YOUR FIRST HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT, “Orientation”

Additional FREE Resources for Help

1.)  MyMathLab has videos, examples, and helps for solving the problem at the click of a button as you work your homework.
2.)  Free one-on-one tutoring at the Student Outreach Center. You will need your AC ID to sign in.

Monday - Saturday:  9AM-8PM

Zoom Virtual Room linked under Tutoring on Blackboard
Washington Street Campus
Durrett Hall (adjacent to Engineering Building)
Room 104

3.)  Free online Smarthinking tutoring on AC Online. This is available 24 hours a day. You will need to log on to AC Connect and navigate to the Smartthinking link to create an account.

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