General Psychology Syllabus for 2021-2022
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I strongly encourage you to contact me immediately with questions or problems, as communication with your professor is a vital component of effective learning in an online environment.   

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Expected Courtesies - Course Communications

Students should make themselves knowledgeable regarding appropriate ‘netiquette’ practices. There are several internet resources explaining the facets of netiquette. One good source is located at:

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In the event you have a complaint or issue regarding this course you should contact me first. If the situation cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact Dr. Beth Rodriguez for psychology courses.

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If you find you are unable to access material in an accessible format please contact the Disability Services Office at (806) 345-5639 . This office will work in conjunction with other campus resources to address and accommodate your issue in a timely manner.

Statement for Mental Health and Advocacy & Resource Center:

As a student you may experience a range of issues that can cause barriers to learning, such as strained relationships, increased anxiety, alcohol/drug problems, feeling down, difficulty concentrating and/or lack of motivation. These mental health concerns or stressful events may lead to diminished academic performance or reduce a student's ability to participate in daily activities. Amarillo College offers services to assist you with addressing these and other concerns you may be experiencing. If you or someone you know are suffering from any of the aforementioned conditions, you can learn more about the broad range of confidential mental health services available on campus by calling the AC Counseling Center at 806-371-5900. The AC Counseling Center website is . Also, if you are in need of social services (affordable housing, utilities, transportation, food, clothing, childcare, medical/dental/vision, legal), please call the AC Advocacy & Resource Center at 806-371-5439. The AC Advocacy & Resource Center website is

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NOTE: Students who are attending Texas institutions of higher education, for the first time fall 2007 and later, may not withdraw from more than six courses during their academic career. This withdrawal limitation does not include dual credit or developmental classes (Senate Bill 1231 Rule 4.10.) For more information on Drop and Withdrawal Policies, please visit the Registrar's Office Web site.

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PSYC-2301-DC001 General Psychology


Course Description

General Psychology is a survey of the major psychological topics, theories and approaches to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

Student ResourcesStudent Resources Website

Department Expectations

Occupational License Disclaimer

Notice to Students enrolled in an educational program for preparation of issuance of certain occupational licenses:

Students enrolled in an educational program in preparation for obtaining certain occupational licenses are potentially ineligible for such license if the student has been convicted of an offense. For further information, please contact:

Melodie Graves
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(3 sem hrs; 3 lec)

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Dual Credit Course

Syllabus Information


It is imperative that you have the textbook by the FIRST day of class, January 18.  Textbook is REQUIRED.

You can purchase either the printed textbook or the e-text.  It is your choice.  (You can also purchase it from an online discount textbook website, Amazon, etc.  You will just have to put purchase it with expedited shipping.

Here is the printed textbook ISBN #:
ISBN-13: 978-1319104191

or can go through the AC Bookstore below:

Go to AC Bookstore
Click on Online Bookstore
Click on Textbooks
Click on Buy/Rent
Click on Select your Courses - Select your Terms Washington Street Spring 2022
Select Department - Psychology
Select a Course: PSYC 2301
Select Instructor:  ALL
Select ADD & Generate Book List

Bundle Exploring Psychology With Launchpad Access Card, Myers
ISBN 1319280897  Copyright 18 Edition 11. Binding Shrink Wrapped



Textbook, syllabus, pencil, pens, spiral notebook, and access to a computer on a regular basis. It is very important to have reliable internet service on your computer as well.  If you do not have your own computer, you will need to make arrangements at your high school to have access to a computer or use the AC computers located in the basement in "The Underground" of the Ware Student Commons Building on the Washington Street Campus.

Student Performance

These are the MINIMUM competencies. After studying the material presented in this course, the student will be able to do the following as evaluated by the faculty in the department/program:

1. Identify various research methods and their characteristics used in the scientific study of psychology.

2. Describe the historical influences and early schools of thought that shaped the field of psychology.

3. Describe some of the prominent perspectives and approaches used in the study of psychology.

4. Use terminology unique to the study of psychology.

5. Describe accepted approaches and standards in psychological assessment and evaluation.

6. Identify factors in physiological and psychological processes involved in human behavior.

Students Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Log in using the AC Connect Portal

In order to receive your AC Connect Email, you must log in through AC Connect at .

If you are an active staff or faculty member according to Human Resources, use "Exchange". All other students, use "AC Connect (Google) Email".

Expected Student Behavior

Expected Student Behavior

My first expectation for this course is that you do well, and enjoy your learning.  This is a college-level course, and is taught as such.  This is a high content based course, and there are assignments and tasks that need to be done each week.  If you are planning a "vacation", and are going to be out for any amount of time, you need to plan to take your computer and supplies with you. Assignments must be completed BEFORE the absence.  

I have very high-performance expectations for you as college students.  I expect you all to attend class online, read and study your textbook, participate in class discussion boards, be prepared for class discussion and exams, and respect everyone else who is in the class. I cannot tell you how important reading your textbook is in this course.  You will have a Reading Quiz over every chapter, so you will be accountable for your reading.  I suggest going through your textbook doing pre-reading (scanning the chapter), then read the chapter, go through and highlight important concepts and terms, and make notes/flash cards/reading logs from the chapter. I have heard rumors from students and course facilitators that students are not getting the book...I will guarantee you that those students did not do as well as they would have liked in this course. You will need it this semester.  There will be certain questions that come only from the textbook, articles that I assign for you so read, and the YouTube videos posted in your course.

Each student is expected to engage in academic honesty and refrain from cheating and/or plagiarism. This means that although this class is online you should be doing your own work. I whole heartedly expect you to use your notes and books on all assignments and exams, you just may not use your friend or classmates. The point of college and college courses is to prepare you for your “real life” and “real career”. If you cheat your way through college then all you have learned is how to cheat and that is not very useful. Plagiarism and cheating is not tolerated.  If there is any hint of plagiarism or cheating you will receive a zero for that assignment, and risk being suspended from the course.  Collusion of cheating between one or more students in the course will result in all of the involved students receiving a failing grade for the assignment, and possibly the course.

All students are expected to be tolerant and respectful of other students’ responses within class. There will be zero tolerance for any type of harassment!! I want this to be an environment everyone can learn and feels safe!! 

I need to address late assignments…I do not accept late work.  Now saying that, I am somewhat lenient if you are sick, accident, etc.  You need to email me, and let me know what is going on and if I can help.   If you do not communicate with me I cannot help you.  It just cannot become habitual.

Grading Criteria

You will be able to check your grade on AC Online. Grading will be on the standard grade scale:


100-90%         =  A

89-80%           =  B

79-70%           =  C

69-50%           =  D

Below 50%     =  F


The percentage points will be as follows: (all categories are color-coded throughout the syllabus & online). Assignments in the calendar below are color-coded per category.

  • 20% of overall grade – Exams (4) 
  • 15% of overall grade – Social Learning Project
  • 50% of overall grade – Discussion Questions & Papers
  • 15% of overall grade – Reading Quizzes

Exams (20%):

  • You will have 4, 50-question multiple-choice timed exams on-line.  You can use your text and notes on your exams, but they are timed exams. You may not use your classmate or another person as a resource when taking your exam.  
  • There will not be a comprehensive final exam.  Exam #4 is over the last unit of four chapters.

  • On-line Discussion Questions & Papers (50%):
    • You will be required to respond to different discussion topics on-line
    • The discussion will need to include relevant information discussed in class lecture notes, web links, YouTube videos, online diagrams, and in your textbook.
    • All discussions will be worth differing percentages; the total for all discussions and papers will be 50% of your overall grade.  There will be points for your initial response and points for your responses to your classmates.
    • The initial response for every Discussion Question/paper must be 3-5 paragraphs.  Always write your Discussion Questions like you are writing a paper in an English class.  One paragraph with many spelling/grammatical errors will not get credit. Each Discussion Question/Paper is graded with a rubric that breaks down percentages for each domain.  
    • You will be required to respond to 2 classmates’ responses using academic critique. Your comments need to be relevant responses that show that you have read and understood what your classmates have posted and their points of view. Nice job is not enough. Responses to classmates should be 1-3 paragraphs.  Find instructions for responding to classmates using academic critique.
    • Click on Discussion Questions in the Blackboard menu, and the FAQs and instructions are at the top of the sections.

  • Reading Quizzes (15%):
    • It is essential, and required, that you read the chapters of the textbook each week.
    • You will be tested on that material in the exams, but you will also be tested on your reading each week.  There is a Reading Quiz at the bottom of each Chapter folder.  These quizzes are 10 questions, and worth 10 points each…equaling 100 for each.  You can use your text and notes, but the Reading Quizzes are timed, and you will have only 12-minutes to answer the questions.  If you are not finished at the end of the 12-minute period, the quiz will close and auto-submit what you had completed.
    • These reading quizzes can help, or hurt, your grade. Keep on top of the reading and you will be successful.

  •  Social Responsibility Assignment (15%):
    • Due April 29, 2022
    • You must do at least 4 hours of community service in a community service agency.  If it is not in a local community service agency (i.e. The High Plains Food Bank, Downtown's Women's Center, Amarillo Habitat for Humanity,  Amarillo SPCA, etc.) you must have my approval.  A church youth group activity is not approved.  You must volunteer at a local community service agency that serves the entire community.


You will need to check online every day, at least once, for updates and assignments. You need to check your AC email at least once a day.  If you miss an assignment and exam due dates then that will negatively affect your grade.


The instructor reserves the right to change the syllabus and/or calendar if needed.


Date                                              Lesson/Lecture/Assignment


Week of January 18          Chapter 1-Introduction & Thinking Critically with Psychological Science - Read Chapter

                                             Read the article: Back to School in a Pandemic: Tips to Foster Mental Health 

                                             Reading Quiz: Chapter 1 – Due Friday, January 21  by Midnight

                                             Discussion Question #1 – Initial Response Due Wednesday, January 19 by midnight

                                               Respond to Two Classmates Due Friday, January 21 by midnight


Week of January 24          Chapter 2 - The Biology of the Mind - Read the Chapter

                                          Read the article:  Linking Mind, Brain, and Behaviour                         

                                          Reading Quiz: Chapter 2 – Due Friday, January 28 by Midnight

                                           Discussion Question #2 – Initial Response Due Wednesday, January 26

                                             Respond to Two Classmates Due Friday, January 28


Week of January 31      Chapter 3 - Consciousness and the Two-Track Mind, Neuroscience & Behavior - Read the chapter

                                         Study Guide - Unit 1 (Chapters 1, 2, 3)                           

                                             Read the article:  The New Science of Sleep 

                                              Read the article:   The Trouble with Hypnosis

                                          Reading Quiz: Chapter 3 – Due Friday, February 4 by Midnight

                                          Exam #1: Chapter 1-3– Opens February 2

                                                **Due Sunday, February 6 by Midnight**

                                                   Please do not wait until 11:00 Sunday night to test.  It will be too late    
                                                          for me help if you have technical problems.


Week of February 7         Chapter 4 - Developing Through the Life Span - read the chapter

                                          Read the article:  Jean Piaget's Theory and Stages of Cognitive Development

                                          Reading Quiz: Chapter 4 – Due Friday, February 11 by Midnight

                                          Discussion Question #3 – Initial Response Due Wednesday, February 9

                                             Respond to Two Classmates Due Friday, February 11


Week of February 14        Chapter 5 - Gender & Sexuality 

                                            Read the article:  The Truth About Sex Differences       

                                            Reading Quiz: Chapter 5 – Due Friday, February 18 by Midnight

                                            Discussion Question #4 – Initial Response Due Wednesday, September 22

                                              Respond to Two Classmates Due Friday, February 18


Week of February 21         Chapter 6 - Sensation and Perception - read the chapter

                                            Read the article: Sense & Sensitivity 

                                            Reading Quiz: Chapter 6 – Due Friday, February 25 by Midnight


Week of February 28       Chapter 7 - Learning - read the chapter

                                      Study Guide – Unit 2 (Chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7)

                                      Read the article: The Psychology of Learning Environments

                                      Reading Quiz: Chapter 7 – Due Friday, March 4 by Midnight                                    

                                      Exam #2: Chapter 4-7– Opens Wednesday, March 2

                                                 **Due Sunday, March 6 by Midnight**

                                            Please do not wait until 11:00 Sunday night to test.  It will be too late for me

                                                          to help if you have technical problems. 


Week of March 7         Chapter 8 - Memory - read the chapter 

                                         Read the article:  What is the Difference Between Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease?

                                         Reading Quiz: Chapter 8 – Due Friday, March 11 by Midnight


Week of March 14         Spring Break at Amarillo College -  No Assignments this Week!


Week of March 21        Chapter 9 - Thinking, Language and Intelligence - read the chapter

                                           Read the article: Intelligence- Definition, Theories, and Testing

                                           Reading Quiz: Chapter 9—Due Friday, March 25 by Midnight

                                           Discussion Question #5 – Initial Response Due Wednesday, March 23

                                             Respond to Two Classmates Due Friday, March 25


Week of March 28         Chapter 10 - Motivation - read the chapter

                                       Read the article:  Theories of Motivation

                                       Reading Quiz: Chapter 10 – Due Friday, April 1 by Midnight

                                       Discussion Question #6 – Initial Response Due Wednesday, March 30

                                         Respond to Two Classmates Due Friday, April 1


Week of April 4         Chapter 11:  Emotions, Stress & Health - Read the chapter

                                      Read the article:  Protect Your Brain from Stress

                                      Study Guide – Unit 3 (Chapters 8, 9, 10 & 11)

                                      Reading Quiz: Chapter 11 – Due Friday, April 8 by Midnight

                                      Discussion Question #7 – Initial Response Due Wednesday, April 6

                                        Respond to Two Classmates Due Friday, April 8                                

                                       Exam #3: Chapter 8-11– Opens Wednesday, April 6

                                                  **Due Sunday, April 10 by Midnight**

                                                   Please do not wait until 11:00 Sunday night to test.  It will be too
                                                             late for me help if you have technical problems.


Week of April 11         Chapter 12- Social Psychology - Read the chapter

                                     Chapter 13 - Personality - Read the chapter

                                        Read the article:  How to Handle the Most Toxic People in Your Life

                                        Reading Quiz: Chapter 12 – Due Friday, April 15 by Midnight 

                                        Reading Quiz: Chapter 13 – Due Friday, April 15 by Midnight

                                            Discussion Question #8 – Initial Response Due Wednesday, April 13

                                          Respond to Two Classmates Due Friday, April 15


Week of April 18          Work on Social Responsibility Project

                                    Social Responsibility Project Template Paper Due Friday, April 29                                                                     

                                    Go to Chapter 15 & see Chapter 14 & 15 Movie Paper/Essay & choose 1 film to watch for your paper. 
                                            It MUST be a movie from the list provided.

                                      Last Day to Drop for Spring 2022 - April 21, 2022


Week of April 25        Chapter 14 - Psychological Disorders - read the chapter                                                             

                                     Reading Quiz: Chapter 14—Due Friday, April 29 Midnight
Social Responsibility Project Template Paper Due Friday, April 29


Week of May 2          Chapter 15 - Therapy - read the chapter

                                  Reading Quiz: Chapter 15—Due Friday, April 29 Midnight                                    

                                  Work on Chapter 14 & 15 Movie Paper – Paper Due by:  Tuesday, May 10


Week of May 9         Finals Week 

                                    Chapter 14 & 15 Movie Paper – Paper Due by:  Tuesday, May 10

                                    Study Guide: Unit 4 (Chapters 12, 13, 14, and 15)

                                    Exam #4: Chapter 12-15– Opens Monday, May 9

                                      **Due Wednesday, May 11 by Midnight**

                                   Grades are due to the Registrar's Office by Noon on May 13.  No exceptions.

Additional Information

The best way to reach me is my e-mail: or texting me at 806-570-0210

If you email me within the AC Connect class then when I reply it will go to your gmail account that is connected with this course. If you do not check your gmail then make sure to email me from the email you use most with your section number so I know what class you are enrolled in.  I can also always setup a Google Meet or Zoom with you at anytime if you need anything.

We can always try to set-up an appointment that will work for both of us. If you do not hear back from me by email then as a last resort you can call. (806) 570-0210.


Makeup Policy:  Please review the exam and assignment dates for this course.  If your schedule cannot accommodate these dates and times, you will need to drop this course and find a course that does fit your schedule.  You will need to have arranged your affairs to accommodate keeping up with reading the textbook and completing all assignments.  More than likely I will not allow you to make up any of the four unit exams. If there are extreme circumstances, please contact me, so we can figure something out. We both want you to be successful.  All exams or assignments turned in after the deadline will have points deducted.  The highest grade given will be 70% of the available points for the exam or assignment.


Dropping the Class: The last day to withdraw with a grade of “W” on your transcript is April 21.  Please visit with me about your concerns regarding completing the class and you desire to withdraw.  As part of the process to withdraw, it will be your responsibility to obtain the necessary form and send it to me to sign. You must officially drop a class through the Registrar’s office.  If you simply stop attending and completing assignments a grade of F will appear on your transcript.


Technical Problems:  If you experience a technical problem with some online aspect of the course, you may contact the Student & Faculty Help Center at 806.371.5992 or by email at  The Student & Faculty Help Center staff can be located at the Washington Street Campus, WARE, Room 111 or after 5pm on the 4th floor of WARE.


Mental Health Services and the Advocacy & Resource Center:  As a student you may experience a range of issues that can cause barriers to learning, such as strained relationships, increased anxiety, alcohol/drug problems, feeling down, difficulty concentrating and/or lack of motivation. These mental health concerns or stressful events may lead to diminished academic performance or reduce a student’s ability to participate in daily activities. Amarillo College offers services to assist you with addressing these and other concerns you may be experiencing. If you or someone you know are suffering from any of the aforementioned conditions, you can learn more about the broad range of confidential mental health services available on campus by calling the AC Counseling Center at 806.371.5191.  The AC Counseling Center website is  Also, if you are in need of social services (affordable housing, utilities, transportation, food, clothing, childcare, medical/dental/vision, legal), please call the AC Advocacy & Resource Center at 806.371.5439. The AC Advocacy & Resource Center website is

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