Introduction to Computer Graphics Syllabus for 2021-2022
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Parcells Hall – 313E

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Monday and Wednesday

10:00 - 11:45 am  - By Appointment only

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Friday -  by appointment only 

The best way to contact me is via email. Please allow at least 24 hours for emails to be returned. More time may be needed if emails are received on nights or weekends. 

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ARTC-1325-001 Introduction to Computer Graphics


Course Description

A survey of design concepts, terminology, processes and procedures. Topics include computer graphics hardware, digital images, digital publishing, vectorbased graphics and interactive multimedia.

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(3 sem hrs; 2 lec, 4 lab)

Class Type

On Campus Course

Syllabus Information


No Textbook Required

A drawing tablet is required though (see below for details) 



Access to a reliable computer and reliable internet. You are encouraged to use the labs in Parcells Hall to complete your assignments. I understand that not everyone can afford the software. Plan on using available labs outside of class time to complete assignments. If you have a computer or laptop at home with the software, be sure that the version of your software is compatible with the versions we have in the labs. (more about this in class)  If there is a compatibility issue, you will be asked to complete assignments in the labs and not on your personal machines . (Rm 220, Rm 306, Rm 308, and Rm 312 have the the current software installed) 

A USB 3 flash drive or external hard drive. ( 32gb minimum recommended ) 

Access to online service like Google Drive or some other cloud storage service to backup your project files. (do not completely rely on flash drives or hard drives to back up your files - they get lost, stolen, and damaged) "I don't have my flashdrive today" is not an acceptable excuse for turning in homework late. 

Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet (at least a small) there are wireless and wired versions available. Price difference between these is around $20. 

Wireless - Around $99 Model:CTL4100WLK0  SKU:6196634

Wired - Around $79   Model:CTL4100  SKU:6196636

Sketchbook  9x12 or smaller (it must fit on a scanner)  Sketchbooks are used for thumbnailing. You will scan your images and turn in the digital file. 

A pen for taking notes (black or blue) 

A  pencil for sketching design ideas. 

A good eraser that won't tear your paper or leave marks. (recommend kneaded eraser)

A minimum of 12 color pencils. (for concept designs) 

A ruler (a metal 18" ruler is preferred - can't cut through it when using exacto blades) 

X-acto knife with #11 blades 

RECOMMENDED but not mandatory: Bring your own keyboard and mouse so you don't have to use  "community" equipment.

I recommend that you have your own hand sanitizer and disenfecting wipes. Gloves if you want them. (we will not provide gloves)

NOTE: Additional supplies may be needed as the semester progresses. You will be notified before any additional supplies will be needed. 

Cleaning supplies should be provided, but there may be times that we run out. This is why I recommend that you have some of your own available. Sadly, sanitizing items have been stolen in the past. 

Some projects will need to be printed off campus. I recommend saving and having a $100 dollar printing and supplies budget available at all times. (will not be reimbursed) 

NOTE: It is possible that we will need to have elements of our Final Project printed, please make arrangements to have funds available at least two-three weeks before Week 16. Totals will be assessed and calculated closer to this date. (note: total printing cost will depend on your design as well) 

Student Performance

End of Course Outcomes:  

Demonstrate and effectively show a basic understanding of the core tools and use of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. You will have the skills and knowledge to apply the basic principles of design when creating content for print, web, and television. 

Specific Performance/Learning Objectives (minimum competencies)

A) Exhibit working knowledge of the Mac OS X operating system.
B) Learn the process for designing vector based content in Illustrator. 
C) Learn how to select and edit raster images, digitally paint, and create content for social media using Photoshop. 
D) Learn how to prepare single and multi-page layouts using In-Design.  
E) Collectively learn how to organize and prepare your digitally produced content for print, web and television. 

Additional  Course Description:  

We will learn the importance of a deadline, cover time management, give and receive peer to peer critiques, work in groups to further understand the limits, setbacks, and advantages of working in a team setting. You will lean some of the basic terminology and better understand the process behind creatign good and bad designs. We will discuss the social impact Graphic Design has on our every day lives.

Students Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities

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If you are an active staff or faculty member according to Human Resources, use "Exchange". All other students, use "AC Connect (Google) Email".

Expected Student Behavior

  • Communication devices will be required to be kept inside your purse, bag or pocket.
  • Cell phones and other communication devices must be turned to silent.
  • No texting during lecture, critique or class room instruction.
  • No social networking of any kind during class time.
  • Students are required to come to class prepared with all supplies.
  • Student are expected to be respectful to each other and to all faculty.
  • Critiques are to be constructive and professional. Cruelty will not be tolerated.
  • Good attendance and strong communication about absences if they are absolutely necessary. 
  • Ask for help if and when you need it! 
  • If you choose to wear a mask, they must be worn over your mouth AND nose at all times while you are in class.
  • Wipe down your workspace before you leave. (we will all need to work together to insure a safe and clean learning space)
  • If and when you are distance learning, prompt attendance is still required in order to receive class content. 
  • Minimize distractions while attending tech supported classes.
  • Meet your deadlines!  Extensions are subject to approval. Proof of illness may be required. 


The student understands that plagiarism will not be tolerated in this class.  Plagiarism is defined by the Amarillo College Student Handbook as: “...the appropriating, buying, receiving as a gift, or obtaining by any means another’s work and the unacknowledged submission or incorporation of it in one’s own written work.” This also includes copying Internet or written sources in any course assignment discussions or projects without citing the source, as well as copying another student’s work for this course.  If a student is found plagiarizing any material in the course, it will result in a grade of "0" for that assignment discussion or project and can result in disciplinary action and expulsion of the student from the course. 


Students must be aware and responsible for the Copyright Notice for the course: The materials on this course website are only for the use of students enrolled in this course for the purposes associated with this course and may not be retained or further disseminated.


The student is responsible for dropping courses, withdrawing from college by the last day to drop a course, changing to non-credit status, etc., if the need arises. See the Amarillo College master calendar on the AC website and our course calendar for the date of the last day to drop a course.  The instructor will not drop any student after the last day to drop a course. (this may change) To drop a course, you must receive written approval from your instructor. Call ASK AC (806-371-5000) for more information on how to drop a course if you have any further questions. 

Grading Criteria

Class Grade Breakdown

Projects - 40%

The majority of time spent in class will be devoted to major projects covering different areas of design and layout, typographic study, interactivity and preparing content to be printed or published online. There will be approximately 8 major projects throughout the semester accompanied by a number of smaller projects, lessons and knowledge tests. The amount of these will be determined by overall class participation and understanding of the material.


Dailies - 20%

We will do approximately 5 "daily" projects which will usually be completed within the span of one class day. Your activity grade is a measure of whether you are completing each daily task and staying on track with the class. For that reason, points may be deducted from Activity for reasons such as tardiness and not abiding by class guidelines. 


Participation - 20% 

We will do approximately 5 "Participation" projects which will usually be completed within the span of one or two class days. Your participation grade is a measure of whether you are completing the assigned tasks and staying on track with the class. Participation projects may require you to work with your peers and you will be graded based on your contribution and effort. Points may be deducted from "Participation" for reasons such as tardiness and not abiding to the project guidelines. 


Final - 20% 

In addition to the 8 major projects, you will be expected to plan and properly execute a final project using the skills and knowledge you acquired throughout the Semester. You will not be allowed to ask peers or tutors for help with your Final Project. All work must be yours. Time management will be crucial. 


• All projects are due when class starts on the day they are specified to be submitted by the instructor.(unless otherwise noted by the instructor in writing) 

• LATE PROJECTS and EXERCISES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Instructor will evaluate circumstances with each student individually to determine the consequences of LATE work.

• Instructor reserves the right to decline the acceptance of any and all late work.

• LATE PROJECTS will receive a 0 (zero) and will not be eligible for a "REDO" option.

• All LATE exercises and projects must still be present and completed in the Dropbox.

•  Instructor reserves the right to decline the acceptance of any class work or projects that are significantly incomplete.

•  Students are responsible for staying informed of their grades and status in the class. I will not track you down to remind you that your assigments are late. 


Each project will receive a grade from 0 - 100. The criteria for grading is listed below. Individual project criteria will be discussed during class, before the project is graded:    

  • Concept / Project Goal ( 0 | 5 | 10 | 15 | 20 )
  • Met the overall conceptual and practical goals of the project.
  • Project Specification ( 0 | 5 | 10 | 15 | 20 )
  • Project was submitted in the proper format, according to size and media specifications, and followed project guidelines.
  • Professionalism ( 0 | 5 | 10 | 15 | 20 )
  • Project was submitted in a timely fashion, exhibits proper craftsmanship and physical presentation, and is presented in a suitable manner to instructor and class.
  • Layout/Design ( 0 | 5 | 10 | 15 | 20 )
  • Demonstrates an understanding of fundamental design concepts and uses these effectively to achieve assigned task. This includes exhibiting an understanding of composition, typography, hierarchy, and other design concepts.
  • Artwork ( 0 | 5 | 10 | 15 | 20 )
  • Project exhibits appropriate and effective use of chosen or specified medium.

Point Value Definitions:

0: Fails to meet requirements | 10: Meets minimal requirements | 20: Clearly understands and accomplishes goal. Well above average.

Grading Schema:

A: 90 or above

B: 80-89

C: 70-79

D: 60-69

F: 59 or below




If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed, including new assignments and due dates, and to make arrangements to obtain the materials dispersed (if applicable) and/or catch up on instruction. I do not teach the lesson again. For those who distance learn, your prompt attendance is still mandatory in order to receive details on daily lessons and projects. Zoom recordings will only be provided to those who attend class. If you miss a class and need the ZOOM video link, a valid reason for missing class will be required before the class content and links are provided. 

Students will be allowed 2 unexcused absences without penalty. After the second unexcused absence, 1 letter grade will be deducted from the total class grade for each additional absence. 6 absences will result in automatic failure of the course. A breakdown of penalties for absence is presented below:

  • Up to 2 Absences: No penalty
  • 3 Absences: Loss of 1 letter grade
  • 4 Absences: Loss of 2 letter grades
  • 5 Absences: Loss of 3 letter grades
  • 6 Absences: Failure of course

Any exceptions to the above policy will be made at the discretion of the instructor. For an absence to be excused, instructor may require appropriate documentation of the reason for absence.

Late arrival of more than 30 minutes, or early departure of more than 30 minutes will be counted as an absence. On days designated as Work Days or for individual consultation, leaving without first checking in with instructor will result in an absence.

3 tardies = no penalty
4 or more tardies = 1 point removed from final Activity grade per tardy after 3.


In such cases grades for Attendance, Activity, Quizzes, and Exercises for that day will be lost. You may sign in no earlier than 15 minutes prior to class and no later than 30 minutes after class has begun. Any earlier or later may result in an absence. 

• Students will be responsible for swiping their own badge by the door for attendance.(Attendance is registered through Blackboard by swiping your badge at the door. If you do not have your badge, you may use the Ellucian app on your mobile device to scan)
• Instructor is not responsible for student's failure to sign in with badge or Ellucian app.
• Failure by student to sign in using their badge or Ellucian app will result in an absence.

• Any student caught swiping another students badge will be reported for dishonest conduct and all parties involved may be subject to academic disciplinary action pending investigation. 
• Students may request a review of their own attendance record with the instructor outside of class time.


Note: Dates are tentative and may change according to the progress of the class as a whole. Changes in the schedule will be announced during class and posted in your daily handouts found in the On-Campus server. Specific assignments and due dates will be provided in the daily handout found in the On-Campus Server. 

1. BASICS 01 (Weeks 1-4 will be more focused on Illustrator)

Week 1 &  2

For the first few weeks we will  focus primarily on Illustrator, however we may explore Photoshop, and InDesign a little. We will learn the user interface, navigation, file management, plus cover the simple basics of the OS X Operating system. We will also cover how to retrieve and turn in projects files. 

Mon. Jan. 17 - Holiday  |  Wed. Jan. 19 - Syllabus / Beginning the Basics

Mon. Jan. 24 - Wed. Jan. 26 - Continuing the Basics


Week 3 & 4

During weeks 3 & 4 we will focus on learning the core basics of Illustrator with a series of exercises and daily assignments. We will focus primarily on the Pen Tool. We will move on to creating paths and shapes.

Mon. Jan. 31 - Wed. Feb. 02

Mon. Feb. 07 - Wed. Feb. 09


Week 5 & 6

During weeks 5 and 6 we will create custom Vector Illustrations and learn how to color them with a variety of tools found Illustrator. These Illustrations will be used to create Stickers, Buttons, and Business Cards.

Mon. Feb. 14 - Wed. Feb. 16

Mon. Feb. 21 - Wed. Feb. 23


Week 7 & 8

During weeks 7 & 8 we will begin exploring Photoshop. We will continue to use Illustrator as well. With Photoshop, we will learn how to remove blemishes from photographs, learn how to restore old weathered photographs, how to create compositions and how to make custom mock-ups for client presentations.

Mon. Feb. 28 - Wed. March. 02

Mon. March. 07 - Wed. March. 09


Week 9 & 10

Week 09 is our SPRING Break but we return week 10. We will continue to use Photoshop to prepare content for print and social media.

Mon. March. 14 - Wed. March. 16 (WEEK 09 - SPRING BREAK)

Mon. March. 21 - Wed. March. 23 - (Second half of the Semester begins)

6. InDesign

Week 11 & 12

During weeks 11 & 12 we will revisit InDesign. We will be placing images and text, adding custom and corporate colors to our designs and learning how to export them as PDF’s with bleeds and crop marks.

Mon. March. 28 - Wed. March. 30

Mon. Apr. 04 - Wed. Apr. 06


Week 13 & 14

Bringing it all together!! It’s here! Time for your final assignments. Using everything you’ve learned so far, you will begin planning your FINAL. Brainstorming, research, sketches, gathering elements... It’s all about being prepared!

Mon. Apr. 11 - Wed. Apr. 13

Mon. Apr. 18 - Wed. Apr. 20 - (last day to withdraw April 21)


Week 15 & 16

Crunch time! This is the last 2  weeks to complete your Final Project design and have it printed.

Mon. Apr. 25 - Wed. Apr. 27

Mon. MAY. 02 - Wed. May. 04 - FINAL DUE


Week 17

Mon. MAY. 02 - Final Presentation

Wed. May. 04 - No Class

Additional Information

Project-specific information will be provided to you during class. Daily and/or weekly handouts with specific details for each project and it’s deadline will be given to you via the on-campus server (or through the Zoom Chat window - only during social distancing). This is to encourage attendance! Should you miss a class, be sure to check the On Campus Server in the Carrillo /INTRO 001 folder for the handout and or project materials before asking the instructor or other students what you missed. It is your responsibility to check the server each class for any new or updated content. This on-campus server is not the same as Blackboard. 


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