United States History I Syllabus for 2021-2022
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HIST-1301-018 United States History I


Course Description

A survey of the social, political, economic, cultural and intellectual history of the United States from the pre-Columbian era to the Civil War/Reconstruction period. United States History I includes the study of pre-Columbian, colonial, revolutionary, early national, slavery and sectionalism, and the Civil War/Reconstruction eras. Themes that may be addressed in United States History I include: American settlement and diversity, American culture, religion, civil and human rights, technological change, economic change, immigration and migration, and creation of the federal government.

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(3 sem hrs; 3 lec)

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Online Course

Syllabus Information


Required: REVEL E-Book, The American Nation: A History of the United States Combined Volume or Volume I. The link to join the REVEL course can be found through the textbook tab on Blackboard. 


E-book and assignments can be accessed via a smart phone, tablet, or computer. 

Student Performance

 Assignment Breakdown

*30%: REVEL Assignments. There are 16 chapters in the REVEL e-book. Each chapter consists of activities- short quizzes over the reading material and a chapter quiz. There is also a journal or short answer section- but that does NOT count towards your grade. If you do not get the answer correct on the first attempt, it will allow you another attempt with a 1 point penalty as these assignments are intended to be open-book. At the end of the semester, the overall average for REVEL counts as 30% of your course grade. Although self-paced, you will have assignments due every Monday at 11:00 pm, with the exception of the first week. Don't sweat losing a few points- 300+ points are usually available each week, but keep up with the assignments or your grade will be negatively effected by the end of the semester! Note: these grades are not automatically transferred. Generally, I manually transfer them every couple of weeks.

*35%: Blackboard Exams. Four Blackboard exams comprise 35% of your course grade. Each exam covers four chapters and consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, which you have 1 hr to complete. You can use your textbook/notes but the exam will automatically submit after 1 hr, so use your time wisely! You are required to use a special browser (Respondus Lockdown Browser) in order to take the exam. You can use an on-campus computer or download the software onto your computer. You MUST use the link that I have provided in Blackboard in order to put the program on your computer! Amarillo College has a license with Respondus for online classes and the link will provide the free version that we have. Because of the special browser, each exam has a generic password, which can be found under the test description. Note: The test description doesn't show up on a lot of mobile devices, so if you don't see the password, look on a computer or email a classmate! There is an optional 100 question comprehensive final that can be used to replace your lowest exam grade. You will have a minimum of four days to complete each exam- usually Saturday-Tuesday, with the exception of the optional final where you only have three days. 

20%: Blackboard Discussions. There are a total of four Blackboard discussions throughout the course of the semester, which generally fall between the exams and are due every other Friday. The introductory discussion is graded on a complete/incomplete basis. Discussions #2-4 utilize primary sources in the REVEL e-book and are graded based on use of document(s) and coherent arguments. Responding to two classmates is a part of your grade for discussions 2-4.  

15%:Course Paper.  The state of Texas requires an ethics paper for this course. This is a research paper and you are required to use at least one academic source. This is a department-wide assignment. Be sure to read the FAQ that I created for this assignment and the department-wide rubric which can both be found on Blackboard! 

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Grading Criteria

A: 90-100

B: 80-89

C: 70-79

D: 60-69

F: <60


This is a self-paced class, but assignments must be completed by the due date! I open assignments early to give you as much flexibility as possible. If you miss an exam, you have the option of replacing the 0 by taking the optional Comprehensive Final Exam. For the ethics paper, I will subtract one letter grade for each day the assignment is late.   

REVEL assignments can be submitted after the due date, but you will only be given 50% credit. Please note that REVEL will penalize you for work that is submitted after 11:00 pm on the due date. For example, if you open the chapter quiz at 10:58, you will only get credit for the first couple of questions that are answered before 11:00. Do them as early as possible! 

However, Blackboard tests only need to be started by the due date. For example, exams have to be started BY 11:30 pm on the due date. However, the Discussion Board will disappear after 11:30, so make sure to submit all of your responses before then!  Since Discussion Board assignments are done as a class-wide assignment, you cannot submit them late! 


Discussion Board Assignments: 

  • #1: Due Friday March 25th 
  • #2: Due Friday April 8th
  • #3: Due Friday April 22nd 
  • #4: Due Friday May 6th

Blackboard Exams

  • Test #1: Due Tuesday April 5th  
  • Test #2: Due Tuesday April 19th 
  • Test #3: Due Tuesday May 3rd 
  • Test #4: Due Thursday May 12th
  • OPTIONAL Comprehensive exam: Due Thursday May 12th  

Research Paper: Due Wednesday April 27th @ 11:59pm

REVEL Assignments: 

Week 2: Due Monday March 28th (11:00pm CST) 

  • CHAPTER: 1: Beginnings
  • Introduction: Beginnings
  • 1.1: The First Peoples (15 points)
  • 1.2: The Maize Revolution (15 points)
  • 1.3: The Collapse of Urban Centers (15 points)
  • 1.4: Eurasia and Africa versus North America (15 points)
  • Summary: Beginnings
  • Chapter 1 Quiz (75 points)
  • CHAPTER: 2: Alien Encounters: Europe in the Americas
  • Introduction: Alien Encounters: Europe in the Americas
  • 2.1: Spanish Colonization of the Americas (15 points)
  • 2.2: Spain’s European Rivals (15 points)
  • 2.3: Early English Colonization (15 points)
  • 2.4: Puritan New England (15 points)
  • 2.5: English “Proprietary” Colonies (15 points)
  • 2.6: Indian and Colonist Intersections (15 points)
  • Summary: Alien Encounters: Europe in the Americas
  • Chapter 2 Quiz: Alien Encounters: Europe in the Americas (75 points)

Week 3: Due Monday January 31st 

  • CHAPTER: 3: The Making of Society in the Colonial Era
  • Introduction: The Making of Society in the Colonial Era
  • 3.1: French and Spanish Settlements Falter; English Settlements Flourish (15 points)
  • 3.2: Life in the Southern Colonies (15 points)
  • 3.3: Puritan New England (15 points)
  • 3.4: The Middle Colonies (15 points)
  • 3.5: Becoming Americans (15 points)
  • Summary: The Making of Society in the Colonial Era
  • Chapter 3 Quiz: The Making of Society in the Colonial Era (75 points)
  • Chapter 4: America in the British Empire
  • Introduction: America in the British Empire
  • 4.1: The British Colonial System (15 points)
  • 4.2: Colonial Religion and Thought (15 points)
  • 4.3: The First Global War (15 points)
  • 4.4: Making the Colonists Pay (15 points)
  • 4.5: Violence Erupts (15 points)
  • Summary: America in the British Empire
  • Chapter 4 Quiz: America in the British Empire (75 points)
  • CHAPTER: 5: The American Revolution
  • Introduction: The American Revolution
  • 5.1: Preliminary Hostilities (15 points)
  • 5.2: The Question of Independence (15 points)
  • 5.3: Towards Victory (15 points)
  • 5.4: The United States under the Articles of Confederation (15 points)
  • 5.5: American Nationalism (15 points)
  • Summary: The American Revolution
  • Chapter 5 Quiz: The American Revolution (75 points)

Week 4: Due Monday February 7th

  • CHAPTER: 6: The Federalist Era: Nationalism Triumphant
  • Introduction: The Federalist Era: Nationalism Triumphant
  • 6.1: A Patchwork Nation (15 points)
  • 6.2: The Constitution (15 points)
  • 6.3: Washington and the First Congress (15 points)
  • 6.4: Washington and Foreign Relations (15 points)
  • 6.5: John Adams as President (15 points)
  • Summary: The Federalist Era: Nationalism Triumphant
  • Chapter 6 Quiz: The Federalist Era: Nationalism Triumphant (75 points)
  • CHAPTER: 7: Jeffersonian Democracy
  • Introduction: Jeffersonian Democracy
  • 7.1: Jefferson and the Rise of the Republicans (15 points)
  • 7.2: Jefferson’s First Term (15 points)
  • 7.3: Jefferson’s Second Term (15 points)
  • 7.4: The Looming Dangers of the Napoleonic Wars (15 points)
  • 7.5: The Legacy of Jeffersonian Democracy (15 points)
  • Summary: Jeffersonian Democracy
  • Chapter 7 Quiz: Jeffersonian Democracy (75 points)

Week 5: Due Monday February 14th  

  • CHAPTER: 8: National Growing Pains
  • Introduction: National Growing Pains
  • 8.1: Madison and the March to War (15 points)
  • 8.2: The War of 1812 (15 points)
  • 8.3: Monroe and American Aspirations (15 points)
  • 8.4: Sectional Divisions Intensify (15 points)
  • 8.5: John Quincy Adams as President (15 points)
  • Summary: National Growing Pains
  • Chapter 8 Quiz: National Growing Pains (75 points)
  • CHAPTER: 9: Toward a National Economy
  • Introduction: Toward a National Economy
  • 9.1: The North Industrializes (15 points)
  • 9.2: Cotton Revolutionizes the South (15 points)
  • 9.3: The Revival of Slavery (15 points)
  • 9.4: The Transportation Revolution (15 points)
  • 9.5: Economic Development Under the Marshall Court (15 points)
  • Summary: Toward a National Economy
  • Chapter 9 Quiz: Toward a National Economy (75 points)

Week 6: Due Monday February 21st 

  • CHAPTER: 10: Jacksonian Democracy
  • Introduction: Jacksonian Democracy
  • 10.1: Jackson’s New Political System (15 points)
  • 10.2: Jackson “Kills the Bank!” and Chills the Economy (15 points)
  • 10.3: Jackson Expels the Indians (15 points)
  • 10.4: States’ Rights versus the Federal Union (15 points)
  • 10.5: The Twilight of Jacksonianism (15 points)
  • Summary: Jacksonian Democracy
  • Chapter 10 Quiz: Jacksonian Democracy (75 points)
  • CHAPTER: 11: The Making of Middle-Class America
  • Introduction: The Making of Middle-Class America
  • 11.1: An Emerging Middle Class (15 points)
  • 11.2: The Age of Reform (15 points)
  • 11.3: The Romantic View of Life (15 points)
  • 11.4: Education for Democracy (15 points)
  • Summary: The Making of Middle-Class America
  • Chapter 11 Quiz: The Making of Middle-Class America (75 points)

Week 7: Due Monday February 28th

  • CHAPTER: 12: Westward Expansion
  • Introduction: Westward Expansion
  • 12.1: Expansion by Manifest Destiny (15 points)
  • 12.2: Expansion by Negotiation and War (15 points)
  • 12.3: New Territories: Slave or Free? (15 points)
  • 12.4: Clay’s Welcome Compromise of 1850 (15 points)
  • Summary: Westward Expansion
  • Chapter 12 Quiz: Westward Expansion (75 points)
  • CHAPTER: 13: The Sections Go Their Own Ways
  • Introduction: The Sections Go Their Own Ways
  • 13.1: The South (15 points)
  • 13.2: The Northern Industrial Juggernaut (15 points)
  • 13.3: Building a Global Transportation Web (15 points)
  • 13.4: The Economic Surge on the Eve of the Civil War (15 points)
  • Summary: The Sections Go Their Own Ways
  • Chapter 13 Quiz: The Sections Go Their Own Ways (75 points)

Week 8, due Monday March 7th 

  • CHAPTER: 14: The Coming of the Civil War
  • Introduction: The Coming of the Civil War
  • 14.1: Antislavery Sentiment Deepens (15 points)
  • 14.2: Slavery Crisis Temporarily Evaded (15 points)
  • 14.3: Political Parties Fracture over Slavery (15 points)
  • 14.4: Hopes for Compromise Wane (15 points)
  • 14.5: The Antislavery Lincoln Emerges (15 points)
  • 14.6: On the Brink of Disunion (15 points)
  • Summary: The Coming of the Civil War
  • Chapter 14 Quiz: The Coming of the Civil War (75 points)
  • CHAPTER: 15: The War to Save the Union
  • Introduction: The War to Save the Union
  • 15.1: War Commences (1861) (15 points)
  • 15.2: Stalemate and Slaughter (1862) (15 points)
  • 15.3: Lincoln Frees (Some) Slaves to Win the War (15 points)
  • 15.4: Turning Point (1863) (15 points)
  • 15.5: Strangling the South (1864) (15 points)
  • 15.6: Final Reckoning (1865) (15 points)
  • Summary: The War to Save the Union
  • Chapter 15 Quiz: The War to Save the Union (75 points)
  • CHAPTER: 16: Reconstruction and the South
  • Introduction: Reconstruction and the South
  • 16.1: Presidential Reconstruction (15 points)
  • 16.2: Radical Republicanism (15 points)
  • 16.3: The Southern Economy during Reconstruction (15 points)
  • 16.4: The End of Reconstruction (15 points)
  • Summary: Reconstruction and the South
  • Chapter 16 Quiz (75 points)

Additional Information

Please thoroughly go through the Blackboard sections and send me an email with any questions that you might have!

Tutoring policy: Amarillo College requires you to attend a tutoring session if you have an assignment below a 70. 


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