Principles of Marketing Syllabus for 2021-2022
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MRKG-1311-001 Principles of Marketing


Course Description

Introduction to basic marketing functions; identification of consumer and organizational needs; explanation of economic, psychological, sociological and global issues; and description and analysis of the importance of marketing research.

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(3 sem hrs; 3 lec)

Class Type

Online Course

Syllabus Information


Product: Essentials of Marketing

Edition: 17th
Author:William Perreault,Joseph Cannon,E. Jerome McCarthy

ISBN10: 1260260372
ISBN13: 9781260260373


  • * Textbook: Essentials of Marketing, 17th Edition; Perrault, Cannon, McCarthy
  • * Computer/tablet    (Be aware: not all class objectives can be accessed on tablets or smartphones)
  • * Ability to access the course in Blackboard through AC Connect to submit assignments. Students MUST have the ability to access the course in Blackboard through AC Connect to submit assignments, take exams, participate in discussion boards and team projects (

 *If you don't have computer and printer access as home, make sure you locate the computer lab of your choice on campus to complete your assignments on time.

Technical support and assistance to log on to the course:
AC Connect / Blackboard Support Information
* For telephone support, call AskAC at 371-5000.
* For hands-on technical support, visit the Student Help Center, 371-5992
* Also see the AC Connect Student Resources online help.

Student Performance

1. Identify and discuss the four marketing mix components, the selling process, and its application to all forms of sales. *SCANS Information C5, C7

2. Outline the role of marketing segmentaion in developing a marketing strategy. SCANS* Information C5, C7

3. Outline the economic forces that affect marketing decisions and consumer buying power. SCANS* Systems C15

4. Identify the elements of the communication process between buyers and sellers in business. SCANS* Information C5, C7

5. Identify the psychological differences between consumer buying patterns and business industrial buying decisions. SCANS*Information C5, C7

6. Define the sociological factors that marketers influenceing consumer and organizational decision-making processes. SCANS* System C15

7. Define the global factor that marketers must be aware of that influence consumer and business/industrial buying behavior. SCANS*Systems C15

8. Discuess the processes of interpreting market research data ro forecast industry trends. SCANS* Thinking Skills F7, F8, F9, F12

9. Define how marketing decision makers use marketing research data to better meet consumer needs in a dynamic environment. SCANS* Information C5, C6, C7, Interpersonal C11, C12

10. Discuss eithical issues and legal restrictions of american business and how the afect salespeople. SCANS* Systems C15


*Meets Secretary's Commision on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS*)

Information: Acquires and uses information

Interpersonal: Works with others, serves clients, exercises leadership

Systems: Understands complex interrelationships (evaluates, monitors, improves, social, organizational and technological systems).

Thinking Skills: thinks creatively, makes decisions, solves problems, visualizes, and knows how to learn and reason.

Students Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Log in using the AC Connect Portal

In order to receive your AC Connect Email, you must log in through AC Connect at .

If you are an active staff or faculty member according to Human Resources, use "Exchange". All other students, use "AC Connect (Google) Email".

Expected Student Behavior


  1. Get your book before or during the first week of class.....we hit the ground running!
    1. There is a reference book for your use located on the 4th floor of the WARE
  2. If this is your first online class, get into Blackboard and "get lost"
  3. Log into Blackboard on Mondays to see what is due for the week (check the college email several times a week to stay informed) Communication will be through class announcements and college email. 
  4. Plan ahead if you have limited internet access
  5. Communicate, communicate, communicate with your instructor (I don't bite!)
  6. ALWAYS USE SPELL CHECK  (What do you think about the person or an articles with incorrect spelling?)
  7. Know your resources, (student help, library hours, tutoring locations, etc.) if you don't know and need help....ask!!

For every one credit hour in which you enroll, you should spend approximately two to three hours outside of class studying. Therefore, to help determine the course load most appropriate for you, use the formula: 3 credit hours (1 course) = 3 hours in class per week = 6-9 hours study time per week.  This is an 8 week course, the hours should be multiplied by 2, thus 12-18 hours a week. 12-18 hours is should be plenty of time to get the coursework in this class done.  

****I understand you have busy lives with work, family, children, etc. but get into good studying habits the first week to be successful.  Schedule time, or schedule the same time every week for homework.  Give yourself extra time just in case emergencies come up.  This class is set up for you to be successful, but you have to do your part. ****


  1. The purpose of discussion boards is to share experiences and learn from each other. 
  2. Use complete sentences in discussion boards.  DO NOT use abbreviated language used in text messaging. 
  3. There are virtually no errors in punctuation or spelling, grammar or usage.
  4. All parts of the question are completed answered.
  5. Sentences are smooth and carefully constructed.
  6. The words chosen are clear, accurate, and precise.
  7. Vague or ambiguous terms are clearly defined.
  8. The answer avoids triteness and unsupported generalizations.
  9. Use of supporting information is superior: the evidence clearly supports the positions and the evidence is sufficient and specific.
  10. The ideas reflect critical thinking and insight.
  11. There is some originality in the writer's response.
  12. The content has depth and substance.
  13. The answer or response holds the reader's interest.


Exams/Quizzes are to be taken INDIVIDUALLY.  If at student is caught participating in group testing or copying from an outside resource(s), he/she will automatically receive a "0" and will be subject to further disciplinary actions as outlines in the AC Students Rights & Responsibilities. 

Emailing Instructors

It is the policy of the Management office to hold the standards of business of the workforce.  Therefore, if you need to send an email to your instructor(s):

   1. Give a salutation  (Good morning Ms. Lindseth....)

   2. State the who, what, where, when, why and how  (Please don't assume I know the assignment you are working on or the class you are in, etc.)

   3. Be respectful.  (Snarky emails will result in an unanswered email)

   4. Proof your email before you send it.  How does it sound?  Is it a fact based email? (is it a win-win email?)

   5.  Signature   (Best regards, Sincerely...)

Plagiarism, Cheating and Individual Work Ethic

Amarillo College policies and Code of Student Conduct is strictly adhered to when dealing with plagiarism, cheating, and duplication of work product. Any evidence of plagiarism, cheating, or duplication of work product will result in a zero on the work in question.

**Changes made through the Blackboard app are considered academic tampering and a 0 will be given as well as a possible course fail.** 

A complete statement regarding scholastic dishonesty can be found in the Student Code of Conduct in the Student

Rights and Responsibilities Handbook at

is included in all assignments, reports and projects.  You will have access to the report that the instructor will receive when handing in assignments.  If the report shows more than 50% is copied (ie, plagerism, non-MLA cited, misquoted) the student will receive a 0 but will have a chance to justify the report for a docked grade.  If no justification is made, the 0 will remain in effect. 

Grading Criteria


            90 - 100%         =          A          Excellent

            80 -   89%         =          B          Above Average, Very Good

            70 -   79%         =          C          Average, Good

            60 -   69%         =          D          Poor, but passing

            Below 60%        =          F          Failing

Instructor reserves the right to subjectively influence the final grade relative to class attendance, participation, and attitude.

*Feedback is always given for anything other than a 100%.  It is important to read the grading feedback in case there were problems with the assignment upload or the discussion board comments that will help future successful submissions. 

Weighted Total:

35% Marketing Project

15% Peer Evaluation

20% Assignments

20% Discussions

10% Exams



* The group project takes what is being learned in the chapters and put it to work in an overall plan. 

* This is a TEAM project.  Individual assignments or project submissions are NOT accepted.  This project is 35% of the individual grade and should be taken seriously. 

*ALL Team members need to participate the first week of the group projects assignment. 

* If a team member doesn't participate on any group assignment, that individual's name should be left off of the groups submission.  That team member that doesn't participate will be given a 0 for that group assignment.  (This discourages freeloading and encourages full participation) 

* In the rare case that several members of the team are NOT participating, an active member can request to be moved to a different team.  Contact the instructor. 

Online team best practices:

  • * Communicate, communicate, communicate!!!!
  • * Share contact information
  • * Give team assignment to each team member with clear objectives and deadlines early in the week (Monday-Tuesday)
  • * Set team deadline for late Friday, early Saturday (Sunday latest)
  • * Combine information, give it one voice, edit, etc. Sunday/Monday
  • * Choose a team member to submit the assignment
  • * With a group assignment, wait closer to the deadline to turn work (help others participate)
  • * Public communication should be discussed on the group blog or discussion board for best communication within the team
  • * If unable to meet individual deadline, notify your team members as soon as possible. 
  • * Your job as manager is to help everyone on the team to be successful.
  • * If team members are late to the table, help them get in the game.
  • * Be respectful of your team members schedules, allow time for everyone’s participation.  (Most students take an online class because of life schedule’s and everyone needs to be patient with each other)
  • * Physical group meetings are NOT required or expected.  You can meet as a group on Zoom or other online meeting programs.  (We have online students from all over the Panhandle and as far away as Florida, Las Vegas, etc.)


PEER EVALUATION:  Each team member will evaluate themselves and their teammates. This is 15% of the overall grade.  Thus, the marketing project (35%) and the peer evaluation (15%) counts as half of the overall grade for the marketing course. 


  • * Weekly assignments MUST be typed and submitted into Blackboard. 
  • * Assignments are due by 11:30 p.m. CST on Mondays. (and close at 11:30 p.m!)
    • -It is recommended to submit homework by 11:00 p.m. CST for successful submission.
    • -A confirmation code with be given when assignments are submitted and it is recommended you keep the confirmation code.
  • * Late assignments are not accepted.
    • -Extenuating circumstances will be considered, if communicated BEFORE the due date.  (Computer glitches at 11:30 p.m CST aren't extenuating circumstances)
    • -Travel for work, conferences, vacations are not considered extenuating circumstances
    •  -REFRAIN from putting anything in the submission text if you are uploading an assignment.  If a submission text is submitted before uploading the assignment, the instructor reserves the right to give a 0.  
    • -If an assignment needs to be resubmitted, it will be reopened up in Blackboard for submission.
    • -The instructor will ask for an assignment confirmation
    • -Assignments are required to be submitted in Word .doc.  Any other submission isn't guaranteed a successful submission.
    • -It is the students' responsibility to check the assignment preview to make sure the assignment uploaded. 
  • *Resubmitted assignments must be uploaded within a week of the request.  (Thus, it is important to read your grading feedback)
  • * Assigned papers or reports are required to be in  MLA format.  MLA format guidelines are located in the How To folder. 
  • *There are TWO attempts to submit each assignment.  If two attempts have been used and a third attempt is needed, contact the instructor to clear past attempts. 
  • * Extra credit is not available.  (There are plenty of opportunities to increase grades with heavily weighted discussion boards and assignments)  Thorough assignments, additional replies and on time deadlines may receive additional points. 



  • * Examinations/quizzes will consist of essay, true-false, multiple choice, matching or short answer questions.
  • * Final Examination will be comprehensive. 
  • * Should you have an emergency, contact me in ADVANCE before 11:30 p.m. CST.  There are no make-up exams/quizzes
  • * Take the exam with a reputable device and good internet connection location
  • * If a computer glitch happens while taking an exam:
  •        1.  Try to get back into the exam
  •        2.  Contact the instructor asap. 
  •        3.  The instructor will determine if the exam will be reset to be retaken. 
  •        4. Once an exam starts, it can not be stopped or paused


  • * Name is ALWAYS included in the title (ex. Introduction - Jodi Lindseth)
  • * Initial posts are due on Wednesdays at 11:30 p.m. CST
  • * Two replies are due on Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. CST
  • * Initial post word count is 200-300 words (excludes discussion questions)
  • * Replies are 150 work count (excludes salutations, I agree comments or fluff material)  Consider a casual conversation for even 2 minutes.  Over 130 words are spoken per minute, thus 260 words per two minutes, and that's a very short conversation.  
  • * Initial posts and replies will be docked for late submissions, low word count, grammar, not answered discussion questions.


***If after two weeks of coursework, a student’s grade is under a 70, an academic retention alert will be sent to the advisor and financial aid department.

The instructor will also require a student with a below 70 grade to get tutoring at one of the AC tutoring centers or the online tutoring website:

Please send the tutoring report to the instructor to complete the requirement.

AC Tutoring Centers:

Washington Campus:

  • Ware Tutoring Center
  • Writers Corner
  • Math Outreach Center
  • Science Tutoring and Success Center

East Campus Success Center

West Campus Tutoring

Moore County Campus Tutoring

Hereford Campus Tutoring



For times and locations:


  • * It is the responsibility of the student to initiate drop or withdrawal procedures through Instructor of the course.
  • * Students who stop attending class but do not officially drop or withdraw from this course will receive a grade of F if their average falls below a 60.  
  • * PLEASE communicate with the instructor to discuss options before considering dropping the class! 
  • * Communication must be made in person or via phone call.  (Emails, text messages or voicemails are not considered proper communication for a drop notification)
  • * Once the class is dropped, all grade records are deleted in Blackboard and can not be accessed again. 
  • July 20th 2022 is the last date to withdraw.

  •             Paperwork needs to be turned in BY the DROP Date

Accessing Grades Online:

To view your current course grades:

  • * Go to, click on AC Connect anf log in using your ACNetID and password
  • * Click on BMGT-1301
  • * Click on My Grades on the menu to the left.

Final grade will be determined by the weighted total of discussion boards, assignments, exams/quizzes.  The Instructor reserves the right to subjectively influence the final grade relative to class attendance, participation and attitude.

To view your Final course grades:

  • * Go to, click on AC Connect and log in using your ACNetID and password
  • * Scroll down to Self Service on bottom right of the page, and click on Current Student.
  • * Under current student, click on Academic Profile and click on Grades.

Plagerism the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. is included in all assignments, reports and projects and checks all documents for plagiarism.  You will have access to the report that the instructor will receive when handing in assignments.  If the report shows more than 35% is copied (ie, plagerism, non-MLA cited, misquoted) the student will receive a 0 but will have a chance to justify the report for a docked grade.  If no justification is made, the 0 will remain in effect.  If a Safeassign report is over 50% and can not be opened, an automatic 0 will be given.

Be aware that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (as amended) does not permit instructors to disclose information regarding grades over the phone, via email, or to a third party. Therefore, if you need to discuss your grades, you must do so in person.



"90% of success is just showing up."  ~ Woody Allen 

In order to be successful in this class, students are expected to log in and participate at least three times a week.  Students are expected to participate in the weekly discussion boards.  Instructors can see when the last date of log in occurs. 

  • * Due to the freedom that online courses offer, it may be tempting to wait until the last minute to work on the course. From past student experience, almost NONE of the learners who take this approach are able to finish the course.
  • * GET INTO THE HABIT OF GETTING ONLINE EVERY MONDAY to see the discussion boards, assignments and tests so you can plan accordingly and meet deadlines. 
  • * It is suggested to work work ahead or create a plan that allows access to the course at least three times a week.
  • * Learners who have biweekly attendance (or more) complete the course in a timely manner and get the best scores on their discussion boards, assignments, exams/quizzes and overall grades. Obviously the choice is up to you.
  • * It is NOT recommended to take a vacation during an 8 week course.  8 week courses move very fast and any interruptions will impede a successful completion.
  • * Content isn't opened early or accepted late when traveling for work, conferences, and vacation.  Take your electronic device with and check ahead for internet access to have a successful submission for your work. 

CENSUS DAY/ADMINISTRATIVE DROP:  Students must get on within the first week of class and participate in discussion boards, assignments, etc.  If student's do not log in and complete 75% of the first weeks material (Week 1 Discussion board, Week 1 Review and Week 1 Assignment) by June 13th 2022, the student will be administratively dropped from the course. 


  • * It is the responsibility of the student to initiate drop or withdrawal procedures through the Instructor of the course. 
  • * Students who stop attending class but do not officially drop or withdraw from this course will receive a letter grade at the end of the semester. 
  • * PLEASE communicate with the instructor to discuss options before considering dropping the class.
  • * Communication must be made in person or via phone call.  (Emails, text messages, voicemails or advisor emails are not considered proper communication for a drop notification)
  • * Drop date: July 20th 2022 at 5:00 p.m. CST
    • Paperwork needs to be turned in BY the DROP Date

Steps to drop:  (just saying you want to drop, doesn't get you dropped from the class)

  1. Contact the instructor in person or via phone call
  2. Contact financial aid to see how it will effect financial status before dropping
  3. Consider how it will affect your status (students are only allowed 5 drops over the degree seeking period)
  4. Instructor will send a drop form via email
  5. Student signs drop form with reason of drop
  6. Instructor signs drop form
  7. Student takes drop form to academic advisor
  8. The student is not dropped from the class until the form gets to the academic advisor for their signature and academic advisor sends it on to registrar


  • * Exams/Quizzes will be open for 4 days. (Friday 5:30 a.m. CST- Monday evening at 11:30 p.m. CST)
  • * Students are expected to take the exam/quiz by the due date. 
  • * NO make-up exams/quizzes are allowed except for extenuating circumstances and communicated before the due date
  • * Take the exam with a reputable device and good internet connection location
  • * If a computer glitch happens while taking an exam:
  •        1.  Try to get back into the exam
  •        2.  Contact the instructor asap. 
  •        3.  The instructor will determine if the exam will be reset to be retaken. 
  •        4.  Once an exam is started, it can not be stopped or paused.


Principles of Marketing

Tentative Course Schedule
Instructor reserves the right to modify schedule during the semester

The specific due dates for assignments, discussion board posting requirements, and the time frame that the exams will be open will be communicated to you in the course in Blackboard.  Weekly "to do" checklists will be provided in the lesson content online.  It is your responsibility to log on multiple times per week to make sure you are meeting required deadlines.




Week 1

Chapter 1- Marketing's Value to Consumers, Firms, and Society.

   Chapter 1 Quiz

Week 2

 Chapter 2 -
 Marketing Strategy Planning

Chapter 3 -Evaluating Marketing Opportunities


  Chapter 2 & 3 Quiz


Week 3

Chapter 4 - Focusing Marketing Strategy

Chapter 6 -
Business and Organizational Customers.


Week 4

  Chapter 7 – Improving Decisions with Marketing Information

Chapter 8 – Elements of Product Planning for Goods and Services

Chapter 4, 5, 6 Quiz

Week #5

 Chapter 9 – Product Management and New-Product Development

  Chapter 10 – Place and Development of Channel Systems



Chapter 7 & 8 Quiz

Week 6

  Chapter 11 – Distribution Customer Service and Logistics

Chapter 12 - Retailers, Wholesalers, and Their Strategy Planning.


Week 7

  Chapter 16 – Advertising, Publicity, and Sales Promotion

Chapter 17 – Pricing Objectives and Policies


Week 8


Final Exam


Additional Information

Important Dates to Remember

June 6

First day of class

June 13

Census Day

July 4

July 20

4th of July

Last day to withdraw

July 25-29   Finals Week
  October  18-22  Fall  Break

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06/05/22 8:00 PM

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06/05/22 8:56 PM