Presidential Scholars

Presidential Scholars is a small group of AC students selected on the basis of their academic and extracurricular achievements.  Applications are reviewed and interviews are conducted in the spring prior to anticipated Fall enrollment.  Join us and you’ll attend classes with students, who like you, are seeking a learning adventure! The low student-teacher ratio of Presidential Scholars courses allows professors to place more emphasis on class discussion, service learning, and application. You’ll rub elbows with top college administrators and faculty, including the president of Amarillo College, and be mentored by outstanding community leaders.  You’ll receive scholarships and broad travel opportunities beginning in your freshman year! Start your college journey as a member of AC’s Presidential Scholars Program and experience something incredible!

Presidential Scholars courses are core courses for most AC programs:
SPCH 1315 PSH  -- Public Speaking
ARTS 1304 Art History  PSH -- Art History
GOVT 2306 PSH -- Texas Government
ENGL 2332 PSH --  World Literature
EDUC 1200 PSH -- Honors Leadership Seminar/FYS Learning Framework