Honors & Scholars

Students who excel have two options:

  1. Honors courses in high-demand subjects for academically-prepared students;
  2. A learning community called Presidential Scholars that gives high achieving and motivated students the opportunity to participate in student-centered learning experiences that promote intellectual growth, cultural appreciation, professional focus, leadership development, and civic participation.

Honors Option

  Students self-enroll with GPA of 3.0 or 90% out of high school. No application is necessary.
  Courses offered in high demand subjects required for most majors.
  Smaller, more interactive classes offer students opportunities for greater engagement and participation in special projects.

Presidential Scholars Option

  15 students admitted each school year.
  Students must apply for admission and complete an admissions essay and interview. The online application will be available on this website in January.
  Scholars generally represent top 10% of high school classes.
  Scholars complete four courses designated as honors classes and two semesters of the Presidential Scholars Seminar (EDUC 1100-PSH and HONR 1011.)
  Scholars receive special scholarships and incentives for participation.
  Scholars are eligible to participate in overseas travel with a generous travel award. The students also receive a fully-funded weekend cultural excursion to Dallas/Fort Worth.
  Scholars conduct a yearlong individual research project and a wide variety of leadership training activities.
  The Scholars also participate in community service, receive mentoring from civic and business leaders and represent the college at special events.
For more information on Honors classes or the Presidential Scholars Program please contact Lesley Ingham at laingham@actx.edu or honors@actx.edu