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The key is to start EARLY!

Amarillo College has a number of partnerships and pathways that can help our students transition to a university. It is important to plan carefully for a transfer because, depending on the program of study and on the school accepting the transfer, your options or requirements can change. Knowledge is your best tool to make sure you are staying on a solid academic path. 

Students should be aware that there are limits on the number of lower-division freshman and sophomore courses that Texas public colleges and universities will accept in transfer. In many cases, the maximum number of college-level courses accepted in transfer towards a bachelor's degree is 66, although some universities may accept slightly more in special cases. 

To ensure that you are enrolling in courses that will apply towards a Bachelor's degree, please meet with an advisor to discuss unique transfer situations.  In most cases, it is very important to see an advisor at the university to which you are planning to transfer to verify what courses you need to take at AC for a successful transfer.


Types of Transfer Connections

The Transfer Success Center is here to help support and guide Amarillo College students to the four-year universities that best suit their transfer goals from completion of an associates degree through the transfer process and to completion of a bachelors degree.

Transferring to a university can be a confusing process, but we are here to help with your planning and preparation in order to ensure a successful transition!

Below are the types of transfer connection services provided:

Application Session

Application Sessions

Transfer success staff will be available to answer questions about your university admissions application and the transfer process during these in-person, open sessions (walk-ins, no appointments needed).

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Counselors on Campus

Counselors on Campus

University transfer counselors will be on the Amarillo College campus to answer questions about the transfer process, financial aid, programs and university resources.                                                                         

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Transfer Fair

Transfer Fairs

Transfer Connection fairs are designed to bring the university to you. University Admissions, Colleges and Departments will be on campus to answer all your transfer questions and needs for a smooth transfer.

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