Colleague UI 5 Transition

by Shane Hepler

Published August 1, 2018

Ellucian has put out a new version of Colleague that we call UI 5 that we have to transition to. It works in any browser, mobile phones and tablets.

Why do we have to move to this version?

The reasoning is based off of support and security. In 2013 Microsoft quit development and updates of Silverlight. Silverlight is the platform that Colleague UI 4.X runs on. In 2015 Google discontinued support and functionality in Chrome. In 2015 FireFox did the same thing. It is also not supported in Microsoft’s new browser Edge. To stay current and safe we have to make the transition.


When is this going to happen?

November 30, 2018 will be the last day that Colleague UI 4.X will be available to use.


What do we need you to do now?

Start using the new UI 5 and get used to how it works and learn the new layout before we have to turn off the old version. This will give you time to get used to it and will help us turn in any major issues that it could have before our cutoff date.

Ellucian Prefers Chrome – Technically it should work in most browsers just know that Chrome is their preferred and note that Internet Explorer is at the bottom of their list.

This is now a 100% website application unlike the previous version that ran on your local PC. So we have seen it freeze up on people if they are getting ahead of the pages loading in the browser. So you may have to slow down a little when in the previous version you could hit your shortcut keys and not have to worry about that. So be patient and make sure you read your prompts and make sure your page has loaded before moving to your next step. This should reduce freezes and frustrations while you are getting used to using the new web version. Unfortunately we do not have a choice but to get used it as we live in a web world now.


How do I access the new UI 5?

Here is the current link for UI 5:


Are there new shortcut keys and where is everything on the screen?

Here is a link to the new shortcut keys: Colleague_UI5_Keyboard_Shortcuts.pdf

Here is a link to the new screen layout: Colleague_UI5_User_Interface_Window.pdf


What if I need help or have problems with UI 5?

If you have any issues doing your job in UI 5 we are here to help! All you have to do is open a ticket with us and hopefully we can address your issue. You can also look to see if the issue you are having has already been reported by looking at our FAQs.

Here are instructions for the FAQs and how to open tickets for support. AC IT Support


Visit the Amarillo College ITS site to stay up to date.