COVID-19 Updates

Amarillo College continues to follow the guidance of state and local lawmakers and respect the advice of our community healthcare providers. It is with those considerations in mind that we offer the following COVID-19 guidelines. 

Centers for Disease Control

Amarillo Area COVID-19 Status Level


As local COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to trend sharply downward, Amarillo College will pause COVID reporting requirements for faculty, staff, and studentseffective March 11, 2022.

COVID Tracking

AC students and employees are NO LONGER required to:

  • Report positive COVID-19 test results to Student Health / Employee Health
  • Report 'close contact' to Student Health / Employee Health 

We ask that you continue to follow medical advice and use common-sense good judgement in protecting the health of yourself and others if you feel sick. 

The AC COVID Taskforce will pause active operations, including the tracking and reporting of COVID cases within the AC population. 

We can reactivate these procedures in the future, should the need arise.


Contact Student Health at or Employee Health at 


Since prevention is the best defense against COVID, the City, the College, and the Governors office also strongly recommend that all those eligible get vaccinated. 

Continue to Practice Safe Hygiene 

According to the CDC, health-promoting behaviors such as hand washing and respiratory etiquette reduce the spread of infectious illnesses including COVID-19.

COVID 19 Prevent Illness 2021

Media Inquiries & Communications

All communications related to this situation should be coordinated through the Amarillo College Communications & Marketing Department.

Please contact:
Joe Wyatt or Sadie Newsome