Aviation Maintenance Advisory Committee

Angel Flight

Jim Uselton

Bell Helicopter Textron

Rodney Halcom

Kyle Washburn

Richard Brakey (retired)

Caldwell Banker

Jim Uselton

Coyote Flight Center

Joshua Collier

English Field Aviation

Travis Lamance

Leading Edge Aviation Services

Steve Moore

Texas Air & Space Museum

Bob Dempsey

Ron Fernuik

Danita McAnally



Amarillo College Aviation Maintenance Advisory Committee consists of area leaders in the industry. The committee meets a minimum of one time during each school year but may meet more often as deemed necessary. The Advisory Committee provides program assistance in each of the following areas:

  1. Curriculum content (specific courses);
  2. Curriculum pattern (order of courses);
  3. Standards of excellence in all courses;
  4. Student evaluation;
  5. Student placement and program affiliations;
  6. Employment needs surveys;
  7. Recruitment of new students;
  8. Admission procedures;
  9. Graduate placement and follow-up; and,
  10. Community College relations.