October 2020 Update

by Mersadie Newsome Published February 25, 2021

Presently, a number of major projects are in various stages of design and implementation. Summaries of Bond Project Updates are as follows:


Student Services Center Renovation and Addition
Washington Street Campus


  • Architect Dekker, Perich & Sabatini presented three conceptual ideas and subsequently met with directors of each department affected by the move in order to determine the needs and wants of each.

Carter Fitness Center Renovation
Washington Street Campus


  • Architect Lavin Associates prepared three conceptual ideas for Carter Fitness improvements. They have started some designs; however, they are limited by a pending decision by the College about whether or not to reinstate intercollegiate athletics, which may largely affect the project as a whole.

HVAC Infrastructure Replacement
Washington Street Campus


  • October 2020 - Architect Lavin Associates (which has since become Sims Architects) and sub-consultant Brown Consulting Engineers prepared a model of the Washington Street Campus chilled water loop to determine optimal flow and pipe sizing for the chilled water system. The team determined to look at multiple options – below and above ground – before making a final decision.

Technology Innovation Outpost
Downtown Campus


  • Architect Parkhill, Smith & Cooper and sub-consultants Pegasus and Semkhor completed a schematic and moved into the design phase. Several room configurations have been discussed.

First Responders Academy
Sunset Center


  • Several committee members visited first responder facilities in DFW area. Architect Dekker, Perich & Sabatini held several virtual meetings to ascertain scope of the project and began using committee’s ideas to develop floorplan configurations.

ADA Projects/Paving Projects


  • Architect Shiver Megert Associates completed design of new connector roads at the West Campus. Design was submitted to the contractor. Notice to Proceed is pending. Also, the College has discussed several paving projects on the Washington Street Campus with the City of Amarillo and is awaiting City decisions on those.