November 2020 Update

by Mersadie Newsome
Published February 25, 2021

Presently, a number of major projects are in various stages of design and implementation. Summaries of Bond Project Updates are as follows:


Student Services Center Renovation and Addition
Washington Street Campus


  • Architects completed programming stage of the project, which will move all Student Services to Russell Hall. They next plan to prepare schematic floor plans for committee reviews.

Carter Fitness Center Renovation
Washington Street Campus


  • The project is temporarily on hold as the architects await two decisions: Office space requirements if the Community Enrichment department is to be permanently housed in the facility, which may require some facility expansion; and Whether or not an intercollegiate athletics program will become a reality.

HVAC Infrastructure Replacement
Washington Street Campus


  • The design team presented a water-cooled option and continues to weigh the efficiency and life expectancy of water-cooled chillers.

Technology Innovation Outpost
Downtown Campus


  • A roof inspection revealed a need for replacement. That and necessary provisions for computer equipment caused the project to exceed budget. Semkhor volunteered to eliminate its new sound stage from the project for the time being.

First Responders Academy
Sunset Center


  • Architects create three schematic drawings featuring actual user spaces for committee to assess.

ADA Projects / Paving Projects


  • Regarding connector roads at West Campus, AC received contractor’s final paper work and a Notice to Proceed was issued on 11/16/20. The City of Amarillo has invited the College to present the Washington Street proposals to the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission. The architect is reviewing ADA violations and will prepare corresponding construction documents.