January 2021 Update

by Mersadie Newsome
Published February 25, 2021

Presently, a number of major projects are in various stages of design and implementation. Summaries of Bond Project Updates are as follows:


Student Services Center Renovation and Addition
Washington Street Campus


  • Schematic floor plan was presented to committee, which deemed the departmental “flow” did not work as intended. A new plan will exclude Student Services Vice Presidents and the Registrar’s Office from the move to Russell Hall. This will provide more space for offices that work with students. This new plan is under review.

Carter Fitness Center Renovation
Washington Street Campus


  • With the AC Board of Regents having approved establishment of an Intercollegiate Athletics program, including women’s volleyball, Sims Architects (formerly Lavin Associates) is tasked with moving forward on designs to accommodate competitive volleyball now, and potentially basketball in the future. Additionally, it is determined that Community Enrichment will not be permanently located in the facility. Sims is currently re-developing a schematic plan that provides for athletics, while reducing the size of any expansion.

HVAC Infrastructure Replacement
Washington Street Campus


  • The committee decided to locate a new water-cooled chiller plant in Parking Lot 8, which is directly north of the Science Lab Building. The project will include four new water-cooled chillers and increasing by about one-third the amount of water loop piping on the campus. Construction documents are being prepared.

Technology Innovation Outpost
Downtown Campus


  • Parkhill, Smith & Cooper completed the design development and proceeded to the construction-document phase. Western Builders was selected as construction manager at risk.  

First Responders Academy
Sunset Center


  • The team is currently waiting for the purchase agreement to be finalized – the College is acquiring the old JC Penny building on Plains Boulevard at Sunset Center – so asbestos abatement and some demolition can begin. Minor demolition is needed to obtain accurate measurements within the structure to provide an accurate schematic design of the facility.

ADA Projects / Paving Projects


  • Construction of Connector Roads at West Campus is 60 percent complete. The City’s Parks and Recreation Commission approved additional parking south of Lot 10. The project now awaits approval by the Amarillo City Council.