College Ambulance Finally Gets the Vinyl-Wrap Treatment

EMSPstoryIt was in 2014 that AC’s Emergency Medical Services Professions (EMSP) Program, on the strength of a federal Perkins Grant, obtained a fully functional ambulance. The first new ambulance ever acquired by the program cost of $75000, but there was no funding left over to give the vehicle a collegiate appearance.

That changed in August of 2015, when the program finally found funding enough to cover the ambulance in a distinctive new pro-AC vinyl wrap, something that has program director Doug Adcock all smiles.

Of course Adcock was also smiling a year ago, back when AC first obtained the high-tech training vehicle; his program previously relied on a 1987 model that was well-used even before it was graciously donated to the College by Northwest Texas Hospital in the early 1990s.

“We’d been using a hand-me-down with increasing limitations for 20-plus years, so this was a dream come true,” Adcock said at time. “We got a reliable street-emergency vehicle we can utilize in a laboratory setting for emergency vehicle operators courses that until now we could not offer.”

Most EMS services put their new employees through a vehicle operator’s course, Adcock said. But since the new acquisition, the EMSP Program has been able to offer that training at AC’s East Campus (site of the Truck Driving Academy) and add even more to the marketability of its graduates.

Additionally, the ambulance can be used to stage mock medical and trauma scenarios in which “patients” undergo triage and treatment at an on-campus site before being realistically transported back to the Program’s West Campus headquarters.


August 27,2015