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Emergency Preparedness

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Campus Emergency Preparedness Guide for Students Requiring Assistance During an Emergency or Disaster

The key to surviving any disaster is preparedness and planning. Recommended actions before the emergency occurs include but are not limited to:
  • Identify yourself with AC Disability Services before an emergency occurs. We need the time to include you in our plans;
  • Read and understand the Tornado and Fire Safety Maps for every building you enter or travel through at Amarillo College;
  • Physically locate the Emergency Exits and Rescue Assistance areas in the Amarillo College buildings you enter;
  • Become familiar with how to gain access to the Tornado Safety Areas;
  • Persons with mobility concerns should seek shelter in a Tornado Safety Area at the time of a Tornado WATCH; DO NOT wait for a Tornado WARNING.
  • Follow the instructions of emergency personnel and public safety officials during an emergency;
        AC Alert, phone, e-mail, AC Connect and ACs main website are the primary means for notification at Amarillo College. These systems will provide immediate transmission of information regarding an emergency to all affected areas of the College.  Will your personal electronic device receive AC Alert messages? AskAC on each campus can assist you in receiving emergency information and message from the College on your personal communication device. (If you included your cell phone number on your student application you are automatically in this system.)
        The AC Police Department is the focal point for operational emergency communications at the college. Please make sure the College Police emergency number is entered in your cell phone: 371-5911. 
        Amarillo College has designated Areas of Rescue Assistance on each of the above ground floors in Science Building, Jones Hall, Warren Hall and Dutton Hall. The Areas of Assistance have an intercom panel which allows you to directly contact College Police in the event you need assistance. Areas of Assistance will be included in all new multi story buildings and remodeled building of AC.  All calls from Areas of Assistance are considered emergency calls and ACPD responds to them as such.
        AC faculty and staff should ensure or assist within their physical capabilities that all persons with disabilities or special needs are evacuated to designated shelter areas or assembly points.
        If you are unable to evacuate, enter a shelter or reach a Rescue Assistance area choose the best shelter area of last resort and inform College Police of your location. 
        in an evacuation, always inform anyone assisting you of any special considerations or items that need to come with you during the evacuation.
        Persons with limited mobility may be defined as anyone who uses assistive devices such as canes, crutches, or wheelchairs or who has slower mobility due to illness, injury or pregnancy. Also, persons with limited vision and hearing may need assistance to evacuate or locate specific shelters or Rescue Areas. .