LITE Luncheon - Student Stories



LITE Outstanding Sudents


          Blake Farr photo for LITE 2017

  Blake Farr


Belle Hayhurst


Beth Mowry photo LITE 2017

Beth Mowry

Colton Drown photo for LITE 2017

Colton Drown


Matthew Rivers Photo

Matthew Rivers


Tammy Tillery photo LITE 2017












Tammy Tillery

Thomas Moraniec photo LITE 2017

Thomas Moraniec






2015 - 2016

            Photo of Brandi Landr

April 2016

Bailey Landry

Picture of Emily Nipper

March 2016

Emily Nipper

Picture of Bryan King

February 2016

Bryan King

          Picture of Adrian Chavez

January 2016

Adrian Chavez

Picture of Dominque Beard

December 2015

Dominque Beard 

Picture of Tristan Forbes

November 2015

Tristan Forbis

Picture of Jacob McGee

October 2015

Jacob McGee


 2014 - 2015


Picture of Sandy Sloat

Picture of Ashton Gomez

Picture of Jonathan Barrientez

Picture of Lindy Mabry


June 2015

Sandy Sloat

May 2015

Ashton Gomez

April 2015

Jonathan Barrientez

March 2015

Lindy Mabry



Picture of Krystal Pina

Picture of Coleman Spinhirne

Picture of Lorra London

Picture of Adam Hernandez


February 2015

Krystal Pina

January 2015

Coleman Spinhirne

December 2014

Lorra London

November 2014

Adam Hernandez




2013 - 2014


Picture of Rachel Scott

Picture of Ron Williams

Picture of Eugenio Lopez

Picture of Carla Pena


April 2014

Rachel Scott



March 2014

Ron Williams



February 2014

Eugenio Lopez



January 2014  

Carla Pena




Picture of Jacob Bingham

Picture of Betty Davis

Picture of Melody Ranspot


December 2013

Jacob Bingham


November 2013

Betty Davis


October 2013

Melody Ranspot