Child Development Lab School Enrollment

Enrollment in the Child Development Lab School is open to all families of all socio-economic, racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds

Parents who are considering first-time enrollment of their child are encouraged to visit the center. The scheduling of these visits should be arranged through the Lab School office at (806) 356-3636. A child's waiting list application can be completed at any time before or after the Center visit. It is a simple process to be put on the waiting list and requires the Lab School to obtain general information such as a child's date of birth and contact information of the parent. It is important, once on the waiting list, to update the center about any telephone, email, and/or address changes.

The waiting list is updated on a regular basis. Each spring semester, currently enrolled families are asked if they intend to return the following school year. They are asked to sign a form indicating their intention to return and indicating any changes in enrollment options. First priority is given to returning children maintaining the same schedule, and then to children requesting a schedule change. After filling these requests, it is determined how many vacancies will be available for the fall in each class. The primary criterion for selecting children from the waiting list is time on the waiting list. There are a few exceptions, however.

To add yourself to our waiting list:   Waiting List Form

Priority is given only in the following situations:

  1. Priority is given to siblings of currently enrolled children so that families will not have children in multiple childcare centers. Currently enrolled families must fill out a waiting list form for the new sibling.
  2. Priority is given to children of Amarillo College staff and faculty members and Amarillo College students.
  3. Priority is given to families seeking full-time enrollment.

Aside from these exceptions, children are selected in order of time on the waiting list and community members of Amarillo are welcome to be placed on our waiting list. The Center maintains optimum child/teacher ratios as determined by our accrediting body, The National Association for the Education of Young Children:

AgesAdult/Child RatioMaximum Class Size
3-12 months1 adult/3 children3
12-24 months1 adult/4 children4
24-36 months1 adult/5 children5
36-48 months1 adult/6 children6
48-60 months1 adult/8 children8

It is very unusual that the Child Development Lab School has any openings during the school year. Most children, when enrolled in the center, do not leave until they go to Kindergarten. It is common for us to go an entire school year without enrolling even one new child in any classroom.

The waiting list is a very fluid’ document which changes from day to day based on new children being placed on the list as well as children aging from one age group to the next. Despite our hesitation, people often request to find out their “number” on the list. Please understand when making this request that this number can and does change often.

Once a child is selected off of the waiting list, parents begin an enrollment process. First parents are asked to fill out Enrollment Forms, then a date is discussed with the director for when your child can begin their transition week. Before official enrollment, we ask that parents commit to a transition week for their child so that their child can begin to become comfortable and familiar with our environment, friends, and teachers. This process includes gradually spending more time at the Lab School first with you and your child here together, and then just your child here without you.

Enrollment Forms

Parent Handbook

Admission Form

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*All parents are required to provide immunization records of their child upon enrollment and a wellness statement from their child's pediatrician.