If you want to impact the lives of children and assure a brighter future for our world, then becoming an educator is for you!  Maybe you see yourself working to shape young curious minds, or maybe you want to help young people as a special–needs instructor or a guidance counselor. Perhaps your passion draws you to science, physical education, or literature. If any of this sounds like you, then your path to a fulfilling career begins with a degree in education and Amarillo College is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to become an educator.  The education curriculum at AC provides basic courses for the first two years of a four-year curriculum leading to a bachelor’s degree in Education.

What can you do with an Education degree?

There are many ways to utilize degrees in Education, from direct instruction of students to helping schools develop curriculum and policies that support the educational process. An Education degree is an excellent starting point for those interested in being a guidance or career counselor, school psychologist or librarian, a school administrator or education consultant, or a child life specialist. The possibilities are endless and all start at Amarillo College!

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