AC Travel Card Guidelines

  • The travel card is to be used only for College related travel. (ie, expenses that would be reported on a Travel Expense statement) and all transactions will be tied to an approved Travel Authorization.
  • Each card has a $3,000.00 limit per month, which resets approx 10th of each month. 
  • Please only use your travel card for each travel event.  Do not mix different credit cards for any one trip (personal, procurement).  This makes it very hard for the Business office to reconcile and to disburse properly.
  • If a situation occurs that does not allow you to use your travel card, please contact the Disbursement Supervisor in the Business Office.  Blocks have been placed on certain transactions, such as alcohol purchases or gift shops, which are a prohibited charge and any non travel related activity per State of Texas guidelines (MCC Code error). 
  • When using card for meals, you cannot claim “Per Diem” for other meals.   
  • You are responsible for the safety of the card and proper usage of it. 
  • Credit Card Cash Advances are not allowed.
  • In no instances should personal charges be made using a College issued credit card.
  • The travel card agreement must be signed and returned to the Business Office. Once the cardholder has attended a training session, the card holder can activate their card and begin using.
  • The cardholder will be receiving a monthly cardholder activity statement, and should match this against individual transaction receipts. (Unless no charges were made that period)
  • The cardholder will submit to the Business Office, for each statement received, their cardholder activity statement indicating for each line item of the statement the proper General Ledger Account Number to be expensed as well as a summary of accounts charged.  The reporting form is available on the AC website on the Forms and Policies page under “Travel Card Activity Report”.
  • You will need to have funds available.  The funds will be deducted from your account when Accounts Payable actually pays (vouchers) the credit card statement.
  • Rental Cars:  If you would like to use a central billing account for rental cars please use  Enterprise or Avis (as a backup).  These are the state contract agencies.  AC recommends using Enterprise because they provide additional insurance coverage under our state contract that provides additional protection for Amarillo College. When you make reservations online, in person, or by phone, you will need our state identifiers as follows: 
    1. Please contact the AC Business Office for these account numbers. 
  • You must give the company these identifiers to get the state rate. The Travel Card can be used for payment, but direct billing is preferred.

Please remember any charge made with the Travel Card will go on the left column of the Travel Expense Statement under the heading “Payments by College”.  An expense statement must be completed to go with each Travel Authorization.  

The Amarillo College Travel Policy should be consulted for complete understanding of travel policies.