Quarterly Report - May 31, 2007

Amarillo College Summary of Investments

    31-May-07   31-May-07
    Book Value   Market Value
Equity Securities:        
U.S. Common Stock        
Equity Mutual Funds   3,450,947   3,677,554
Other Equity Securities (list)        
Total Equities   3,450,947   3,677,554
Debt Investments >1 year:        
Interest Only Strips        
Principal Only Strips        
Inverse Floaters   0   0
Total Debt >1 year   0   0
Short Term Investments:        
U.S. Government        
U.S. Government Agency   17,212,813   17,446,492
A1/P1 Commercial Paper        
Repurchase Agreements        
TexPool   9,293,144   9,293,144
Other Money Market Funds & Pools   102,843   102,843
Bank Deposits        
Cash Held at State Treasury        
Other (list)        
Total Short Term Investments   26,608,800   26,842,479
TOTAL INVESTMENTS:   30,059,747   30,520,033

July 6, 2007

Amarillo College employs First Southwest Asset Management Company for investment advice with respect to our non-endowed local funds. Their address is 300 West 6th Street, Suite 1940, Austin, Texas 78701. They do not have the authority to make investment decisions or initiate transactions.

Amarillo College does not use soft dollar arrangements.  The Amarillo College Investment Policy was last reviewed and approved by the Amarillo College Board of Regents at their March 27, 2007 meeting.

Amarillo College is associated with the Amarillo College Foundation. The market value of the investments of the Foundation at 8/31/06 was $29,124,360. The investments are managed by the Investment Committee of the Foundation, P.O. Box 447, Amarillo, Texas 79178.