Purpose & Mission


Amarillo College is a two-year community college, delivering high-quality and affordable academic classes at six campuses, as well as an outreach center and a technical training center. At Amarillo College, students secure a solid foundation, whether they are looking to immediately enter the workforce or to continue their education at a transfer university.

Additionally, some 26,000 area residents regularly take advantage of AC’s plentiful assortment of professional development and personal enrichment courses under the umbrella of Continuing Education. Amarillo College’s stated purpose is “Enriching the lives of our students and our community.”

The Legal Studies program at Amarillo College is an ABA-approved program offering a 20-course associate degree and an 8-course professional certificate. Students in the program are primarily interested in the legal assistant (paralegal) and criminal justice fields, although a wide variety of career paths are pursued. The Legal Studies program is committed to developing student skill sets through practical course assignments, with an eye toward offering direct, hands-on experience wherever possible.

Our mission is to remove barriers involving legal matters.

Values: The project will also advance the five(5) core values of Amarillo College.

1. Caring through Wow: Each student will say “WOW, you were so helpful, supportive and open”

2. Caring through Fun: For student volunteers, we will find a way to make our work fun and effective.

3. Caring through Innovation: This project will be a “roadblock remover” for students whose legal issues interfere with the learning process.

4. Caring through Family: This project is a way to show our students that we care about them. We will share information with program participants. This project will be based in truth and openness.

5. Caring through Yes: This project will allow us to say “yes” to our students who are facing legal dilemmas.