Digital Badges




Makes sure the team feels heard

Creates healthy dialogue to help the best solution come forward

Demonstrates a sincere appreciation for opposing viewpoints

Asks insightful questions to understand the root cause

Empathizes with others who have opposing viewpoints

Follows instructions with care and attention 

Asks questions that show he/she is actively listening to conversation at hand

Does not Interrupts peers





Student uses sound judgment when deciding the most appropriate solution

Student uses appropriate research and knowledge to make appropriate decisions

Student uses impartial judgment when faced with a problem

Student doesn’t let his emotions cloud his business decisions

Student is level-headed even in trying times

Student consistently think through problems

Student makes appropriate comments after determining the audience





Works effectively with customers an/or other students

Has strong rapport with those he/she interacts with

Enjoys the people related aspects of the business

Is pleasant and projects a friendly tone over the phone, email, or texts

Is empathetic towards customer issues

Is direct, yet helpful in dealing with customer concerns

Is effective, not overbearing

Can handle difficult customer situations/scenarios with grace





Constantly identifies more efficient ways of doing business

Is accepting of constructive criticism

Is a well-versed team player capable of handling a variety of assignments

Is calm under pressure

Is a calming force, especially with [his/her] peer group

Shows initiative, and is flexible when approaching new tasks.

Excels at activities which require a high degree of flexibility





Feedback is always constructive.

Doesn’t often blame others for problems.

Effectively communicates expectations and goals.

Effectively communicates personal concerns.

Needs to speak up more when faced with concerns.

Effectively highlights problems within the group and/or solutions to fix them.

Is unafraid to say, “I don’t know” when confronted with a tricky question or problem.

Manages meetings efficiently.

Returns communications in a timely and appropriate manner.

Able to listen as effectively as talk.





Empowers his/herself as well as others around him/her.

Makes new students or group members feel welcome.

Recognizes potential in others, and seeks to help them reach their potential.

Quick to lend a hand to others in need of help.

Shares expertise with others, to teach as well as achieve goals.

Excellent example of our ideal culture in action.

Thrives when faced with activities which require a high amount of flexibility.

Is open to change.

Enthusiastic about work and working with others.

Handles pressure well.





Has a strong understanding of job responsibilities/expectations

Regularly alerts instructor of key developments in his/her team function

Has deep knowledge that surpasses standard student expectations

Regularly contributes and works with other students

Crafts an extensive network of peers to tackle tough issues

Shares knowledge with peers

Is constantly sharing industry trends and best practices

Is adept in all areas of student/job responsibility

Is a servant-leader, always willing to help his/her team

Gives structure, feedback and direction to his/her team





Is punctual and consistently on-time to meetings

Arrives at meetings on time and is always prepared

Schedules time-off according to policy

Completes deadlines as promised

Has greatly improved performance with assignments and/or learning goals

Exceeds output expectations set for him/her by the department

Makes a large contribution to the overall success of his/her team through excellent productivity

Consistently exceeds others in the classroom regarding work output

Exceed or meets attendance standards for punctuality





Thinks outside the box to find the best solution to a particular problem

Is creative and finds ways to correlate ideas with action

Artfully changes when presented with new information and ideas

Is always willing to directly challenge the status quo in pursuit of a more effective solution

Contributes fresh ideas regularly

Encourages peers to be inventive

Contributes innovative ideas in group projects

Contributes suggestions regularly on how to improve processes

Is not rigid nor unwilling to adjust when presented with new information

Gives recognition to coworkers who contribute innovative solutions





Is effective at goal-setting and challenging oneself

Clearly communicates goals and objections to peers and professors

Is constantly striving to be the best he/she possibly can be

Sets concrete, measurable, and attainable goals

Sets aggressive targets to meet personal objectives

Proactively shares progress on goals

Is consistent in defining goals and objectives

Demonstrated effective communication when deadlines will be missed

Does not leave peers struggling to understand the status of a project





Constantly pursues new learning opportunities

Consistently takes on additional responsibility for the team

Successfully finds more effective ways to perform a specific task

Is constantly looking for new ways to help the team

Is always willing to jump in and learn something new

Requires little direction when given a new responsibility

Is not afraid to take calculated risks

Is not afraid to make periodic mistakes, willing to assume responsibilities outside of his/her job description

Avoids sowing seeds of doubt with the rest of the team

Accepts all opportunities to train and learn new things





Able to bring out the best out of those in the team.

Has established an effective system for communication.

Provides constant (and appropriate) coaching and guidance to peers.

Open to listening to peers, as well as experimenting with new techniques/strategies.

Empowers others to take initiative as well.

Shows sound judgment in critical decision making.

Avoids knee jerk reactions, and collects all relevant facts before making a decision.

Knows when to step back and let the team work.

Sets appropriate expectations for his/her team and peers in the classroom.