Math Testing Center

Hours of Operation

Durrett Building Room 103

Monday - Thursday
8:00am - 10:00pm
Friday -  8:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday -  9:00am - 8:00pm

Please note:  No tests will be given out less than one hour before the Math Lab closes

SCHEDULE TEST appointment

Rules of the Math Testing Center

  • Books may be placed on the bookshelf before you request a test.
  • To request a test, fill out a “Test Request” form.
  • All tests must be taken in order. Once a test is taken, you may not go back and take or retake a previous test.
  • An Amarillo College picture ID is required in order to take or view any test in the Math Testing Center. 
  • No scratch paper or notcards are allowed for testing. You may use the back of the test to show your extra work.  Once you have begun work on a test that is considered one attempt. You cannot leave the Math Testing Center and return to finish that test at a later time.
  • In the testing room, please do not sit by someone with the same colored test. All purses must be on the floor.
  • The Math Testing Center will not hand out a test less than one hour before closing time.
  • The Math Testing Center personnel will pick up your test five minutes prior to closing time.
  • Students can log in to AC Online to get their test results.
  • Tests may not be taken out of the lab.
  • The Math Testing Center hours are posted on the outside door,in this syllabus, on AC Online, and in the lab itself. 
  • Please come prepared. If you do not have a pencil, you may purchase one from the Math Testing Center for 25 cents.  Please bring exact change. Pens are not allowed on any test.
  • Childcare arrangements must be made prior to testing. Children may not accompany you into testing room or be left unattended anywhere on campus.
  • Cell phones must be turned off as not to disturb other students who are testing. NO CELL PHONES in the Testing Room. If we see your cell phone out AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON, while in the testing room, YOU WILL RECEIVE an "F" for the course!