BGC Administrative Organization Plan Faculty Senates & Councils



The president shall be responsible for the creation of an organizational structure reflecting areas of responsibility and publish an organizational chart.


The administration shall create councils and committees to provide opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in the operational decisions of the college.  Institutional standing committees will assist with the creation and monitoring of procedures which implement various policies and with the management of various programs.  Ad hoc committees may be created to assist with various programs and operations.  The responsibilities and composition of each committee will be communicated to the institution.


The faculty is authorized to form a Faculty Senate consistent with the following description.  Senate by-laws and operational procedures must be consistent with this statement and be published in the Faculty Handbook.

The Amarillo College Faculty Senate represents all appointed faculty.  The membership of the Faculty Senate consists of one elected senator from tenured faculty of each division and three elected at large from all full-time faculty.  The purpose of this organization is to cultivate cooperation and understanding among the faculty, to make recommendations to the President of Amarillo College on policies that affect instruction and general faculty welfare, to make recommendations on general policy, and to offer a line of communication with other constituencies of Amarillo College.

The Faculty Senate elects its own officers.  The Senate also acts as a committee of the whole as a professional standards and relations committee and as a salary committee.  The Professional Standards and Relations Committee will hear all matters involving Amarillo College policies or practices that affect the welfare of the faculty.  It will conduct hearings of cases involving tenure as required by the statement on “Dismissal Procedure” under “Tenure.”  The Professional Standards and Relations Committee will study all problems pertaining to faculty welfare and will report recommendations to the president of the Faculty Senate.  Through the Senate’s periodic meetings with the President of Amarillo College, it will seek answers to questions of faculty interest that cannot be answered elsewhere.  The Salary Committee will continually review faculty salaries and other compensation and will make recommendations to the president of the Faculty Senate. 

The Faculty Senate may appoint ad hoc committees as needed.  These committees may consist of faculty not on the Faculty Senate.

The Faculty Senate meets as often as it deems necessary, but at least once each semester for general faculty business.  At least once each semester, it will meet with the President of Amarillo College.  All Senate meetings, except those where the Senate is acting as the Professional Standards and Relations Committee, shall be open to all faculty and student association representatives.  Notices of Senate meetings must be posted.


Approved: 01-24-17