New uses for Psychology are coming to light every day, and members of the faculty at Amarillo College are fully attuned to constant swings in their dynamic discipline. AC students are the foremost beneficiaries of this vigilance. The Psychology curriculum at AC provides basic courses for the first two years of a four year curriculum leading to a bachelor of science degree in Psychology. AC supports its students throughout the transfer process.


What can you do with a Psychology degree?

There are many different areas which you can choose to focus on in Psychology. These include health, clinical, educational, research and teaching, occupational, counseling, and more. Psychology students gain a broad knowledge in all of these areas before specializing in one or two areas of interest. It is these areas of specialization that lead to specific employment opportunities after graduation.


Discover your dream job in Psychology

Take a look at jobs in this field that are high paying and growing in our region right now. View data on wages, employment, and education requirements for these careers.

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