Freight Deliveries

Small Freight Package Deliveries

Central Receiving will deliver small non-palletized freight to the Amarillo College West Campus, the Business and Industry Center, the Community Link, and the Washington Street Campus. Central Receiving is available to deliver to the East Campus when necessary. In general, freight is received at Central Receiving (2011 S. Washington St.) and is then delivered by Central Receiving Staff to its assigned destinations. In some cases, as a cost saving measure, small parcels may be routed through the AC Mailroom. These items should be available for pickup by faculty and staff after 11:30 a.m.

Plainly marked packages containing: perishables, express shipments, and high value items are given priority status. Currently we are able to deliver the highest priority items as they are received. Normally, Central Receiving completes its delivers within 6 hours of receipt. However, items that require special handling, assembly, or installation will be delayed while arrangements are made.

Central Receiving personnel cannot transport office furniture or materials between departments. For help with this type of service, please contact the AC Physical Plant at 806-345-5560. If you have any questions, contact Mike Jager at 806-371-5369.


Large Freight Deliveries

Inbound freight items may require special handling if Central Receiving personnel cannot safely transport freight because of its size, weight, lack of suitable equipment (i.e., crane/hoist or shipments that require a forklift on-site); the need for additional personnel; or if for some other reason the shipment requires delivery to a location other than the Central Receiving address. In these cases it is the responsibility of the ordering department to inform Central Receiving or the Physical Plant, in Advance, of the need for special arrangements. In most cases a Use of College Property Form will be necessary to secure the equipment and personnel. The costs related to equipment rentals will be borne by the ordering department. Contact Central Receiving at 806-371-5369 or the AC Physical Plant at 806-345-5560.