Receipt Procedures

Receipt Procedures at Central Receiving

Receiving takes place between the hours of 8:00 a.m. through 12:00 p.m. Freight is inspected for visible damage, cartons are counted, freight bills are verified and signed with damage and discrepancies noted. Packages are logged in, matched to Purchase Orders or Procurement Card orders. Packages are grouped for delivery into categories such as Perishables, Express shipments, Campus location and whether special services are required (i.e. assembly, installation). Some small parcels are routed to the AC Mailroom (Washington Street Campus) for distribution from that location - this excludes computer related materials, those on Purchase Orders or valuables.


Receipt Procedures by AC Departments

Upon delivery to the ordering department, a departmental representative must verify the package count and sign the delivery log to take custody of the materials. A detailed inspection should occur immediately after the delivery has been made by matching the items with the accompanying Purchase Order/paper work. The procedure should include; double checking the number of items received, model numbers, damage, whether the items are functioning. Department personnel are required to Sign the Purchase Order and send it to the Purchasing department as soon as possible, but not before you check the items in. It is the department's responsibility to verify that the materials are received in good order. If any discrepancies, problems or questions arise, please call the Purchasing Department at 806-371-5015. Amarillo College requires timely payment to our vendors. Your help is appreciated.