Selection of Vendors

Vendors are selected for their capability to serve the needs of the college in the most economical and efficient manner possible.  Past performance and cooperation are important factors.  Requisitioning departments are encouraged to suggest sources of supply; however, final selection of vendor shall be left to the Purchasing Department.  No commitments, expressed or implied, should be made by the departments.

To get a vendor in the Amarillo College system, a form has been established and is residing on connect page under Forms. The name of the form is “Vendor Authorization Form” and is located under the purchasing tab. There is also the Vendor Conflict of Interest Questionnaire(CIQ) form that needs to be filled out and can be found below the Vendor Authorization Form. The CIQ needs to be signed by the vendor. There is also the HB 89 form that is required under certain circumstances.  The Vendor Authorization Form is preferably typed out and all of these forms need to accompany the vendors W-9 along with the HB 89, when applicable.  This paperwork can be sent to