Fall Dean’s List exceeds 800 students for the first time in AC history

Academic excellence clearly is on the upswing at Amarillo College, where the Fall Dean’s List contains more than 800 names for the first time in school history.

The College is pleased to announce that a total of 812 full-time students achieved classroom success worthy of placing their names on the 2022 Fall Dean’s List.

To attain inclusion on the prestigious list, students must attend AC full time and earn a grade point average of 3.6 or higher – and never before have so many attained that exemplary benchmark in a single semester.

“Having 812 students earn recognition on the Fall Dean's List is an incredible outcome,” Dr. Frank Sobey, associate vice president of academic affairs, said. “It’s truly a testimony not only to our students' hard work, determination, and capabilities, but also to the faculty and staff who embody our AC values and are 100 percent committed to our engagement, retention, and completion strategies.

“This historically high number is gratifying because it indicates that our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Smart Start to Finish, is having an impact on student performance outcomes through the use of success coaches and a success network working alongside faculty and other support staff to love our students to success.”

AC’s QEP, Smart Start to Finish, is a College-wide retention initiative focused on student engagement and connectedness, within a Guided Pathways framework, from the time potential students start with the College in the pre-enrollment phase until they graduate or transfer from the College. While its foremost focus is on retaining students throughout their AC journey, the QEP satisfyingly has begun paying peripheral benefits in the form of higher academic achievement across the College landscape.

Students who achieved Dean’s-List status for their academic excellence in the Fall of 2022 are listed alphabetically.

2022 Fall Dean’s List

Fadi Adnan, Amarillo

Daryinet Aguilera Acosta, Amarillo

Adrian Aguirre, Amarillo

Mariala Aguirre Zelaya, Amarillo

Trenton Aikman, Dumas

Cristian Albarran, Amarillo

Gerardo Albarran, Amarillo

Itzel Aldaco, Amarillo

Sonia Aldava, Dumas

David Aldaz, Amarillo

Kamaryn Alexander, Amarillo

Leann Allen, Amarillo

Salome Almaguer Rodriguez, Amarillo

Alejandro Alvarez, Amarillo

Donavin Anderson, Amarillo

Peter Anderson, Amarillo

Christopher Anguiano, Amarillo

Connor Appier, Amarillo

Leray Aragon, Amarillo

Francisco Arambula, Amarillo

Erik Arce, Amarillo

Galilea Arellano, Amarillo

Karina Arenivar, Dumas

Gabrielle Arguellez, Amarillo

Brenda Armendariz, Amarillo

Trinity Armstrong, Amarillo

Kelsy Arnold, Amarillo

Caleb Arterburn, Amarillo

Ronald Ashbaugh, Dumas

Andrew Atwood, Amarillo

Creed Auston, Canyon

Luis Avila, Amarillo

Vanesa Avila, Tulia

Leah Aviles, Amarillo

Michelle Aviles, Amarillo

Jovany Avitia, Dumas

Aiden Ayala, Amarillo

Michellie Baca, Canyon

Katelyn Bachman, Amarillo

Tyler Ball, Canyon

Madison Baltes, Amarillo

Baldemar Barba, Amarillo

Candace Barnes, Amarillo

Doug Barnes, Plainview

Bryson Barnett, Amarillo

Abbigayle Bartlett, Amarillo

Camryn Barton, Amarillo

Chloe Bass, Amarillo

Ivey Bassham, Colorado City

Samuel Bauman, Borger

Brooklynn Beck, Vega

Anna Beckett,  Amarillo

Andrea Bedoy, Cactus

Samantha Beltran, Cactus

Anthony Bencomo, Dumas

Khyla Bender, Amarillo

Marcus Benefield, Amarillo

Samuel Bennett, Amarillo

Caitlyn Benson, Weatherford

Tristyn Bentley, Amarillo

Paulina Bernal, Dimmitt

Vanessa Betancourt, Dimmitt

Tyler Billman, Amarillo

Shyann Bixby, Panhandle

Sienna Blackburn, Amarillo

Jasmine Blanco, Amarillo

Jennifer Blea, Amarillo

Jordan Blue, Dumas

Preston Bongers, Logan

Ashley Borden, Amarillo

Gizelle Borunda, Sunray

Mariaesleisy Borunda, Cactus

Paul Boudreaux, Amarillo

Blake Bowen, Amarillo

Kyla Bowles, Amarillo

Jessica Box, Amarillo

Brooklyn Boyett, Amarillo

Paytience Boykin, Amarillo

Devan Brassfield , Amarillo

Tyler Brautigam, Point Blank

Jeremy Bridges, Amarillo

Germaine Brillantes, Amarillo

Erin Brown, Amarillo

Jon Bruno, Middletown

Kaylee Buck, Canyon

Alexandria Buckingham, Amarillo

Brooklyn Bundy, Amarillo

Allison Burdett, Amarillo

William Burdick, Amarillo

Cody Burke, Texhoma

Robert Burklow, Plainview

Kevin Burnett, Amarillo

Randi Burress, Amarillo

Trinity Burrows, Amarillo

Michael Burton, Amarillo

Taron Bussey, Amarillo

Garren Bustamante, Amarillo

Raul Bustamante, Dumas

Lacey Butler, Follett

Leslie Cabrera, Hereford

Sheri Cagle, Amarillo

Corey Cain, Amarillo

Nayeli Calzadillas, Sunray

Serafin Camarillo, Fritch

Noah Campbell, Amarillo

Matthew Cannon, Amarillo

Armando Cardenas, Cactus

Velia Carlos, Amarillo

Matthew Carney, Amarillo

Julius Carpio, Dimmitt

Ailyn Carrillo, Amarillo

Javier Carrillo, Amarillo

Kristian Carrillo, Hereford

Chloe Carson, Booker

John Casasanta, Amarillo

Makayla Caudillo, Amarillo

Liv Cawthon, Amarillo

Jacqueline Cazares , Amarillo

Evelyn Cera, Amarillo

Faith Chamberlain, Amarillo

Mitchel Chandara, Amarillo

Aliyah Chandler, Amarillo

Damion Chavera, Memphis

Elena Chavez, Amarillo

Lesly Chavez, Dumas

Luis Chavez, Dumas

Zita Chavez, Amarillo

Madai Chavira, Lockney

Rylee Cherne, Amarillo

Anay Chihuahua, Amarillo

Paw Cho, Amarillo

Dawt Ci, Amarillo

Sui Cin  Amarillo

Jackson Clark, Amarillo

Tanner Clark, Canyon

Christi Clay, Amarillo

Sara Clinesmith, Amarillo

Mary Coates, Philadelphia

Marchay Coffey, Amarillo

Maria Collins, Hereford

William Collins, Amarillo

Brittany Conner, Canyon

Isabella Contreras, Amarillo

William Cooke, Amarillo

Daniel Cordero, Dumas

Gabriel Cordero, Amarillo

Justin Cordova, Amarillo

Makenzy Corrales, Hart

Esperanza Cortes, Dumas

Zoey Costilow, Quanah

Angela Cota, Amarillo

Angelica Couch, Amarillo

Cooper Cox, Amarillo

Jennifer Crist,  Amarillo

Sean Crowell, Groom

Trey Crozier, Canyon

Lauren Crumpton, Amarillo

Destiny Cruz, Bovina

Dlaney Cruz, Bovina

Kelly Cruz, Hereford

Melina Cruz, Amarillo

Caitlyn Culwell, Bushland

Nathan Daniels, Amarillo

Abbigail Davis, Amarillo

Bradley Davis, Springfield

Carson Davis, Amarillo

Samantha Davis, Amarillo

Shantasha Davis, Amarillo

Maeci Day, Canyon

Rylee Debord, Sunray

Alexis Delarosa, Dumas

Venice De la Rosa, Amarillo

Leeann Delgrande, Amarillo

Melody Delisle, Amarillo

Ashley Denham, Amarillo

Apolonio Dennett, Hereford

Anthony Dennis, Amarillo

Marycruz De Santiago, Amarillo

Aidan Dia, Amarillo

Julena Diaz, Amarillo

Kimberly Diaz, Amarillo

Kylie Dickson, Amarillo

Samantha Diffendaffer, Dumas

Crystal Dill, Amarillo

Trevor Dobbins, Amarillo

Cara Doggett, Amarillo

Jimmy Dominguez, Sunray

Meiah Dominguez, Lubbock

Naomi Dominguez, Amarillo

Ricardo Dominguez, Cactus

Sloan Dominguez, Amarillo

Jace Dominic, Rio Rancho

Hannah Drake, Canyon

Mekaila Duck, Amarillo

Mason Dudley, Amarillo

Mason Dugat, Borger

Matthew Dunavin, Amarillo

Stephen Dunn, Amarillo

Dat Duong, Amarillo

Juan Duque Plata, Hereford

Bradley Duvall, Amarillo

Madyson Eberly, Amarillo

Troy Edwards, Amarillo

Erica Elizondo-Carrillo, Amarillo

Nicole Ellis, Amarillo

Paul Ellis, Hereford

Gavin Endsley, Amarillo

Alexia Erives, Amarillo

Lauren Erlenbusch Day, Amarillo

Emily Errington, Amarillo

Daphne Ervin, Amarillo

Rogelio Escobar, Cactus

Nicholas Escoto, Amarillo

Vania Esparza, Amarillo

Marisol Espinosa, Hale Center

Brittany Esquivel, Amarillo

Jonah Estep, Dumas

Juan Estrada, Amarillo

Rhiannon Farley, Pampa

Colin Farrell, Amarillo

Alan Fernandez, Amarillo

Alondra Fernandez, Amarillo

Jennifer Fernandez, Amarillo

Arianna Fernandez Mago, Lubbock

Angela Figueroa, Laredo

Bethany Flores, Dumas

Christina Flores, Tulia

Kaitlyn Flores, Amarillo

Coleman Fogg, Amarillo

Kathryn Foil, Amarillo

Robert Fontes, Amarillo

Kailien Ford, Amarillo

Kinlea Ford, Panhandle

Ivan Franco, Hereford

Will Franklin, Amarillo

Jose Fuentes, Amarillo

Valarie Fuentes, Amarillo

Dylan Furman, Amarillo

Austin Gabel, Amarillo

Isaac Gallardo, Amarillo

Diego Gallegos Olivas, Dumas

Xander Galusha, Amarillo

Aryana Garcia, Dumas

Avimael Garcia, Amarillo

Jacob Garcia, Amarillo

Julianna Garcia, Dumas

Nereus Garcia, Channing

Ruben Garcia, Amarillo

Staci Garcia, Pampa

Yarazet Garcia, Amarillo

Camden Garcia-Hamne , Borger

Raul Garibay, Cactus

Destiny Garza, Amarillo

Joshua Garza, Hereford

Caleb Gill, Canyon

Casey Gill, Canyon

Macy Gilley, Adrian

Leonie Gillham, Wayside

Melissa Gilliam, Amarillo

Macie Gillispie, Amarillo

Isael Giron, Amarillo

Monica Glenn, Amarillo

Alondra Gomez, Amarillo

Andrew Gomez, Amarillo

Jose Gomez, Amarillo

Luis Gomez, Hereford

Andrew Gonzales, Amarillo

Kayla Gonzales, Amarillo

Diego Gonzalez, Amarillo

Fabian Gonzalez, Dumas

Gabriela Gonzalez, Dumas

Giovanna Gonzalez, Amarillo

Gladys Gonzalez, Sunray

Jacob Gonzalez, Hereford

Liliana Gonzalez, Sunray

Maria Gonzalez, Amarillo

Reece Goodfellow, Amarillo

Ryan Goodrich, Amarillo

Laura Gough  Amarillo

Renee Graham, Amarillo

Mia Gray, Dumas

Natasha Gray, Claude

Heather Green, Amarillo

Hannah Griffin, Amarillo

Milla Grimes, Amarillo

Ethan Guerra, Amarillo

Emily Guerrero, Amarillo

Hugo Guerrero, Canadian

Daniel Guillen, Amarillo

Catherine Gutierrez, Amarillo

Leticia Gutierrez, Amarillo

Sebastian Gutierrez, Amarillo

Sonya Gutierrez, Amarillo

Valeria Gutierrez, Amarillo

Judith Guzman, Amarillo

Teresa Guzman, Amarillo

Thomas Haas, Amarillo

Thomas Haimes, Amarillo

Kaden Ham, Amarillo

Alton Hancock, Amarillo

Thomas Hands, Amarillo

Bailey Haney, Amarillo

Katelyn Haney, Panhandle

Kaidence Hanks, Amarillo

J'leigh Harm,  Amarillo

Logan Harper, Amarillo

Ostyn Harris, Dimmitt

Slade Harris, Amarillo

Gregory Harrison, Amarillo

Corbin Hart, Amarillo

Taylor Hart, Amarillo

Brandon Harvard, Amarillo

Madilyn Hayes, Amarillo

Stephanie Hayes, Amarillo

Rose Heath, Georgetown

Tucker Heaton, Amarillo

Trinity Heidlage, Dumas

Travis Hensley, Lubbock

Amanda Hernandez, Amarillo

Christofer Hernandez, Amarillo

Christopher Hernandez, Dumas

Jeremy Hernandez, Amarillo

Joel Hernandez, Amarillo

Julie Hernandez, Amarillo

Michael Hernandez, Canyon

Verenice Hernandez, Hereford

Hade Herrera, Amarillo

Tierra Hess, Canyon

Jalen Hester, Amarillo

Cole Higgins, Amarillo

China Hill, Hereford

Armando Hinojosa, Hereford

Alexis Holguin, Amarillo

Jonas Holley, Amarillo

Haven Holman, Amarillo

Michael Holt, Amarillo

Koby Hooks, Amarillo

Brenlee Hopkins, Amarillo

Presley Hostetter, Amarillo

Rosalba Hughes, Amarillo

Tiffany Hunter, Canyon

Reagan Hurly, Amarillo

Hector Ibarra, Amarillo

Taylor Irving, Amarillo

Kaitlin Ivie, Canyon

Melika Jaberian Doraji, Amarillo

Savannah Jack, Tulia

James Jaffke, Canyon

Carlos Jaime, Hereford

Alexis Janko, Amarillo

Megan Jaramillo, Amarillo

Mark Jeffries, Amarillo

Gildardo Jimenez, Amarillo

Loretta Jiminez, Amarillo

Denascia Johnson, Amarillo

Elijah Johnson, Amarillo

Jared Johnson, Amarillo

Michael Johnson, Amarillo

Reagan Johnson, Amarillo

Travis Johnson, Amarillo

Scott Joiner, Amarillo

Kaiden Jones, Logan

Amir Kariem, Amarillo

Anthony Kayser, Canyon

Aaron Keller, Pampa

Brian Kelley, Amarillo

Kellie Kelley, Amarillo

Madelynn Ketels, Amarillo

Kendall Killingsworth, Amarillo

Teresa Kingsley, Amarillo

Danielle Kirkpatrick, Amarillo

Lanta Klamm, Amarillo

Katelin Klepac, Amarillo

Rebekah Klopfenstine, Amarillo

Emily Koelzer, Amarillo

Alexis Kreb, Amarillo

Tiffany Kuehler, Denton

Lyaing La, Amarillo

Mason Ladd, Amarillo

Crystal Lamug, Amarillo

Camden Langham, Amarillo

Dalton Langham, Amarillo

Carys Larsen, Amarillo

John Larue, Hereford

Justin Laureano, Dumas

Brandi Lawrence, Amarillo

Nini Le, Amarillo

Mariela Lechuga, Sunray

Virginia Leighton, Childress

Travis Lewallen, Canyon

Chelsea Lewis, Canyon

Jetta Lewis, Amarillo

Alicia Lieck, Amarillo

Kelsi Limbocker, Dumas

Justin Lindsey, Vega

Brittany Link, Amarillo

Monika Link, Amarillo

Yazmin Lira, Hereford

Amber Liter, Amarillo

Henry Lizcano, Amarillo

Shayla Logan, Amarillo

Alyssa Lomeli, Amarillo

Kylee Longbine, Amarillo

Julio Lopes Dos Santos Junior, Amarillo

Natalia Lopez, Hereford

Merrisa Lopez Mendiola, Amarillo

Blanca Loucks, Amarillo

Anna Love, Amarillo

Hannah Lovell, Amarillo

Melanie Lozano, Amarillo

Deon Lyseight, Amarillo

Anika lang Ma, Amarillo

Isaiah Magdaleno, Amarillo

Ryan Maguire, Amarillo

Kaizer Mahaffee, Amarillo

Lexi Mahaffey, Dumas

Marcus Maire, Conroe

Alyssa Malik, Amarillo

Janie Malone, Amarillo

Yarai Mancillas, Amarillo

Cung Mang, Amarillo

Lisa Manriquez, Amarillo

Jesus Marquez, Amarillo

Kaitlynn Marrs, Borger

Campbell Marshall, Matador

Christopher Martin, Amarillo

Anna Martinez, Amarillo

Christie Martinez, Amarillo

Cristian Martine , Amarillo

Emmanuel Martinez, Hereford

Kilee Martinez, Canyon

Korbin Martinez, Amarillo

Luisa Martinez, Amarillo

Oscar Martinez, Amarillo

Kimberly Martinez Galan, Dumas

Brodrick Massengill, Amarillo

Grace Mayorga, Stratford

Orlando Mayorga, Amarillo

Jaron McAden, Tuscola

Amy McBeth, Amarillo

Bennett McBride, Amarillo

Hope Mccollum, Pampa

Macy McComas, Amarillo

Dally McConnell, Amarillo

Joshua McCormack, Vega

Wanthala McCown, Amarillo

Stetson McCoy, Amarillo

Christopher McDaniel, Amarillo

Joy McDonald, Amarillo

Audrey McEvers, Amarillo

Joel McGallian, Amarillo

Xynthia McGee, Amarillo

Abigail McGuire, Amarillo

Amanda McKaskle, Amarillo

Jared Medina, Amarillo

Kevin Medina, Amarillo

Nyay Meh, Amarillo

Carlos Melendez, Dumas

Ronald Melo, Amarillo

Luis Mendoza, Amarillo

Yahir Mendoza, Dumas

Dannia Mendoza Lopez, Amarillo

Andrew Menefee, Panhandle

Tomas Meraz, Amarillo

Jordin Messer, Amarillo

Robel Michael, Amarillo

Tyler Middleton, Magnoliaank

Frances Midgett, Amarillo

Mercedes Miller, Amarillo

Tessa Miller, Amarillo

Karissa Mills, Canyon

Kloie Mills, Amarillo

Arianna Mincey, Amarillo

Janell Minchew,  Amarillo

Evelyn Minjares, Amarillo

Carra Minster , Amarillo

Silas Miranda, Amarillo

Amanda Mixon, Amarillo

Cody Mixon, Amarillo

Rosalba Moctezuma-Guerrero, Amarillo

Anessa Molina, Dumas

Orlando Molina, Amarillo

Corina Montoya, Amarillo

Lisa Montoya, Amarillo

Sergio Montoya, Amarillo

Fabiola Montoya Diaz, Amarillo

Rylee Moore, Amarillo

Savannah Moore, Amarillo

Laura Morado, Amarillo

Jeslynn Morales, Amarillo

Harley Morgan, Amarillo

Kate Morris, Amarillo

Chrystalynn Mowery, Amarillo

Laurel Mulkey, Amarillo

Isha Musa, Amarillo

Doe Na, Dumas

Ree Na, Amarillo

Jailyn Najera, Amarillo

Jaime Najera, Amarillo

Martha Najera, Amarillo

Dominic Narvaez,  Amarillo

Hanna Navarrete, Amarillo

Kevin Navarrete, Amarillo

Linda Navarrete, Amarillo

Cortney Navarro, Amarillo

D'Monya Neal, Amarillo

Kenzi Neeley, Bushland

Justin Nelson Cannon, Amarillo

Kelbi New, Muleshoe

Garret Newkirk, Amarillo

Naw Ei Ei Nge, Amarillo

Do to Uyen Nguyen, Canyon

Patrick Nguyen, Amarillo

Casey Niccoli, Twentynine Palms

Alexia Nichols, Panhandle

Carrie Nichols-Kayser, Canyon

Jayce Noland, Dumas

Corey Norman, Amarillo

Flavio Nunez, Hereford

Ruben Nunez, Hereford

Elisabeth Nyamajana, Amarillo

Julie Obrien, Amarillo

Alexandria Ocampo, Amarillo

Brock O'Daniel, Amarillo

Brayden Oglesby, Amarillo

Beau Okechukwu, Amarillo

Noemy Olmos, Dimmitt

Kacy Opitz, Amarillo

Brianna Ortega, Amarillo

David Ortega, Sunray

Elvia Ortiz, Amarillo

Alisha Ortiz-Lozano, Amarillo

Priscella Osby, Amarillo

Ashley Owen, Amarillo

Javier Oyervides, Dickinson

Mariem Padgett, Amarillo

Abraham Padilla, Amarillo

Jakob Padilla, Amarillo

Austin Page, Southlake

Cadence Page, Dumas

Kelsi Paine, Amarillo

Jett Paris, Amarillo

Gabrielle Parker, Amarillo

Steven Parker, Amarillo

Lesly Parra, Hereford

Ashley Pastrana, Tulia

Eh Paw, Dumas

Kee Paw, Amarillo

Nay Paw, Dumas

Braxton Peace, Amarillo

Eliza Pearson, Amarillo

Lawson Peel, Lubbock

Angel Pelayo, Amarillo

Paige Perdue, Amarillo

Adriana Perez, Sunray

Ariana Perez, Amarillo

Caleb Perez, Amarillo

Diana Perez, Leandor

Valeria Perez, Amarillo

Ryleigh Perryman, Amarillo

Jeffrey Persefield, Amarillo

Le Phan, Amarillo

Alexander Phanhmaha, Amarillo

Duncan Phillips, Amarillo

Aleza Phothisene, Amarillo

Esmeralda Pimentel, Amarillo

Joshua Pipkin, Sunray

Nicole Pitzer, Amarillo

Ricardo Jr Plascencia, Amarillo

Bryton Poage, Amarillo

Karmella Polk, Amarillo

Tiffany Ponce, Amarillo

Brianna Portillo, Dumas

Veronica Portillo, Amarillo

Cameron Post, Amarillo

Justine Priz, Amarillo

Destini Proby, Amarillo

Jaqualine Pruitt  Amarillo

Jennifer Puentes-Briones, Amarillo

Estefany Quinonez, Dumas

Aaron Quiroga, Amarillo

Alexander Ramirez, Hereford

Dahiana Ramirez, Spearman

Frida Ramirez, Amarillo

Gerardo Ramirez, Amarillo

Homero Ramirez, Amarillo

Mia Ramirez, Amarillo

Daniella Ramos, Amarillo

Marcos Ramos Del Real, Amarillo

Emma Rangel, Sunray

Ruth Rangel , Amarillo

Daniela Rascon, Amarillo

Sean Ray, Amarillo

Quentin Read, Dumas

Grace Reeves, Amarillo

Makayla Reeves, Amarillo

Macee Reid, Amarillo

Lindsay Reisman, Amarillo

Chasity Renfroe, Arlington

Andrew Renfrow, Arlington

Xyander Renteria, Amarillo

Sunny Renteria Hoyos, Dumas

Jasmine Reyes, Amarillo

Joselin Reyna, Amarillo

Jonathan Reynoso, Amarillo

Brett Rice, Amarillo

Ted Richard, Amarillo

Ethan Richardson, Amarillo

Grant Richardson, Amarillo

Gracie Ridgway, Amarillo

Jazmin Riojas, Amarillo

Alejandro Rivera, Dumas

Fabian Rivera, Dumas

Kyle Roberson, Amarillo

Travis Roberts, Amarillo

Billy Robertson,  Amarillo

Valentina Robles Cavazos, Amarillo

Shane Rocha, Hereford

Jefferson Rodgers, Canyon

Daniela Rodriguez, Amarillo

Eliseo Rodriguez, Amarillo

Eric Rodriguez, Dumas

Pricila Rodriguez, Sunray

Brisa Rodriguez Zavala, Amarillo

Brylee Rooks, Amarillo

Marcela Rosas, Hereford

Jessie Rubio, Amarillo

Romie Rubio, Amarillo

Janna Rudd, Hereford

Austin Rudder, Amarillo

Jordyn Rudder, Amarillo

Timothy Rudder, Amarillo

Priscilla Ruiz, Dumas

Samuel Ruiz, Amarillo

Jacques Rukundo, Amarillo

Isabella Russell, Canyon

Karla Salazar, Amarillo

Karstyn Salazar, Hobbs

Aland Salihy, Amarillo

Hanna Samford, Amarillo

Adan Sanchez, Dimmitt

Anna Sanchez, Amarillo

Diedre Sanchez, Canadian

Elysia Sanchez, Amarillo

Karlo Sanchez, Cactus

Tony Sanchez, Amarillo

Judith Sanchez Solano, Amarillo

Bobby Sandel, Amarillo

Harrison Sanders, Amarillo

Jeremy Sanders , Amarillo

Francisco Sandoval, Hereford

Jesus Sanmiguel, Hereford

Cynthia Santiago, Friona

Karely Santos, Amarillo

Evelyn Sar, Amarillo

Makayla Sasser, Amarillo

Danielle Sauceda, Dumas

Gustavo Sauzameda, Amarillo

Kathrynn Schroeter, Amarillo

Emily Schwertner, Dumas

Zachary Scobey, Amarillo

Jeremiah Scott, Amarillo

Bradley Sellinger, Amarillo

Jaclyn Sellinger, Amarillo

Savannah Sena, Amarillo

Jacob Sessions, Amarillo

Bethany Shaffer, Amarillo

Zoey Shepherd, Amarillo

Mason Shockey, Dumas

Jacob Shynett, Amarillo

Avery Sides, Panhandle

Raul Silva, Friona

Blake Sim, Amarillo

Isaiah Simmons, Amarillo

Sarina Sindha, Amarillo

Kristen Sisneros, Amarillo

Clayton Skarke, Amarillo

Morning Slaughter,  Amarillo

Elexis Sledge, Amarillo

Charis Smith, Amarillo

Dylan Smith, Amarillo

Greenley Smith, Amarillo

James Smith, Amarillo

Kylee Smith, Amarillo

Sydnei Smith, Amarillo

Kyle Smithey, Amarillo

Kaden Snyder, Quanah

Eh Soe, Dumas

Christopher Soliz, Amarillo

Denise Somerville, Amarillo

Mark Soto, Amarillo

Aydin Soukup, Amarillo

Timothy Spencer, Claude

Joshua Splawn, Amarillo

Liberty Srithavoravong, Amarillo

Sierra Stallings, Amarillo

Ashton Stambaugh, Amarillo

Katelyn Starks, Amarillo

Pierson Steele, Amarillo

Megan Stevens, Pampa

Erin Stidham, Kress

Bailey Stubbs, Amarillo

Yasmeen Styles, Amarillo

Mee Su, Amarillo

Indy Sullivan, Pampa

Zachary Swinford, Amarillo

Marisa Tabares, Hereford

Niobe Talavera, Amarillo

Elijah Tapia, Amarillo

William Tarr, Amarillo

Roland Taylor III, Amarillo

Wasi Tee, Amarillo

Chase Teeter, Dumas

Xiadani Terrazas, Canyon

Andrew Terry, Amarillo

Michael Terry, Amarillo

Ceu Thang, Amarillo

Ashley Thomas, Canyon

Randy Thomas, Amarillo

Courtney Thompson, Amarillo

Aleshia Tiffin, Canyon

Anthony Tijerina , Amarillo

Peyton Tijerina, Amarillo

Jaiden Tinajero, Amarillo

Hadassah Torres, Amarillo

Mackenzie Torres, Amarillo

Jayden Tortella, Amarillo

Evelyn Townsend, Amarillo

Chi Tran, Amarillo

Harley Traugott, Amarillo

Andrew Trejo, Amarillo

Joanna Trevizo, Dumas

Josue Trinidad, Amarillo

Bambi Trisler, Amarillo

Reily Trosper, Amarillo

Bailey Troublefield, Amarillo

Emma Troxell, Amarillo

Claudia Tucker, Friona

Billie Turner, Amarillo

Daniel Turner, Amarillo

Kassandra Urena, Amarillo

Stachys Maria Uy, Amarillo

Derek Valdez, Amarillo

Erica Valdez, Amarillo

Christina Valerio, Amarillo

Paola Valle Almanza, Dumas

Guillermo Vallejo, Amarillo

Maria Valverde, Amarillo

Kyra Van marter, Amarillo

Javier Varela, Amarillo

Waldemar Varela, Amarillo

Chelsi Vasquez, Amarillo

Victoria Vaughn , Amarillo

Gregory Vaught, Amarillo

Ashley Vazquez, Hereford

Ireydi Vela, Bovina

Jazmin Velazquez, Amarillo

Pike Verret, Needville

Kate Vest, Amarillo

Mariam Villalon, Amarillo

Michael Villarreal, Amarillo

Shiloh Villegas, Amarillo

Sadie Vincent, Amarillo

Lauren Vitale, Amarillo

Malysa Vongrasmy, Amarillo

Kenadee Walker, Amarillo

Meredith Walker, Amarillo

Alysanne Wallace, Amarillo

Shawn Wallace, Amarillo

Madison Walls, Amarillo

Brandon Ward, Hereford

Lexi Ward, Amarillo

Makayla Ward, Amarillo

Donna Warner, Amarillo

Alie Warren, Borger

Berkley Warren, Amarillo

Emily Watson, Amarillo

Gabriel Watson, Hewitt

Heaven Watson, Amarillo

Denisa Weathers, Amarillo

Amber Webster, Amarillo

Marlee Welchlen, Amarillo

Kambree Wesson, Amarillo

Mason Wester, Amarillo

McKenna Wheatley, Amarillo

Katherine White, Amarillo

Alicia Whitehead, Amarillo

Avery Wilkins, Amarillo

Alesha Williams, Amarillo

Patrick Willis, Amarillo

Crystal Wilson, Amarillo

Emma Wilson, Amarillo

Jessica Wilson, Amarillo

Kuwang Wilson, Amarillo

Let Let Win, Amarillo

Aidan Wizner, Canyon

Lucas Woldegiorgis, Amarillo

Matthew Wolski, Amarillo

Addison Wood, Amarillo

Audrey Wrather, Amarillo

Samuel Wright, Stephenville

Jaxon Yates, Rhome

Shwe Yi, Amarillo

Nathanael Zalman, Amarillo

Paloma Zamarripa, Dumas

Maria Zamora, Amarillo

Rosa Zamora, Amarillo

Usbaldo Zarate, Dumas

Tanni Zeller, Valle de Oro

Katlyn Zetooney, Amarillo

Do Zo, Amarillo

Bryanna Zufelt, Amarillo