Panhandle Oilmen’s Foundation presents AC with a $10,000 gift

For the third year in succession, Amarillo College is the recipient of a generous gift from the Panhandle Oilmen’s Foundation, which in 2021 established a scholarship at AC to support industrial technology majors.

The three co-founders of the non-profit Panhandle Oilmen’s Foundation – Jeff Moore, Kim Britten and Rick Johnson – presented a gift of $10,000 to the AC Foundation on Feb. 3.

Scholarships from the endowed fund are awarded based on financial need, and six industrial technology majors have received assistance from the fund this year.

“We created the Panhandle Oilmen’s Foundation in 2015 to raise money for the needs of people in our area,” Johnson said. “We wanted to give something back to the community, and being able to help Amarillo College students with the expenses incurred in higher education is particularly gratifying for each of us.”

In addition to Amarillo College, the Panhandle Oilmen’s Foundation historically contributes to the High Plains Food Bank, High Plains Children’s Home, Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle, Boy Scouts of America and Panhandle Children’s Foundation, Inc.

“Amarillo is extremely thankful for the generous support of our good friends with the Panhandle Oilmen’s Foundation,” Sherrod said. “This is the third consecutive year they have made a like contribution to the scholarship fund they established at AC, and the impact it has had on our students is already beyond measure.”

IN PHOTO: Amarillo College Vice President of Institutional Advancement Joe Bill Sherrod shakes hands with, and accepts a $10,000 gift for scholarships from, Kim Britten, co-founder of the Panhandle Oilmen’s Foundation. They are flanked by the other co-founders, Rick Johnson, left, and Jeff Moore.