Amarillo College Mass media students capture 27 awards at state convention

Amarillo College’s student media brought home 27 awards from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) convention March 23-25 in Fort Worth.

TIPA is the oldest state collegiate journalism association in the nation. The group’s members include more than 60 Texas colleges and universities, two-year and four-year; private and public. Since its formation in 1909, TIPA has grown into one of the largest and most respected collegiate groups in the country.

In all, AC captured three first-place awards, eight second-place awards, nine third-place awards and seven honorable mentions.

Students from AC who received first-place accolades are Joe Early for General Column; Kamden Slough for Newspaper Cover Design; and Jordan Nuner for Op/editorial Spread Design.

“The trip gave me an opportunity to be surrounded by people that understand media and it showed me new ways to express myself,” Hayden Splawn, a graphic design major, said.

The convention consisted of live contests and awards for previously published content from the Fall 2022 and Spring 2022 semesters. Phoebe Terry, a co-editor of The Ranger and The Current, AC’s student-run magazine, won second place in the Magazine Design live contest.

“TIPA was a really fun opportunity to learn about what our student media is doing right and, more importantly, what we can improve on to give our readers a better experience,” Terry said. “I was really excited to find out that my design skills can compete with those of students from Texas A&M and Baylor.”

The convention also offered workshops led by media professionals on topics like creating portraits with a purpose, advanced color theory, racial equity reporting, how to find internships and communication skills.

“It was an excellent way to gain new perspectives on where I want to take my career in media and journalism,” Lance Hooper, a mass media major, said. “Not to mention all the great people you meet from other schools that you might want to transfer to.”

In addition to workshops and contests, the convention held a career and resource fair for students to connect with media professionals and hiring managers currently in the industry.

Full list of AC awards:

Live contests:

Magazine Design - 2nd place, Phoebe Terry

Previously published:

  • General Column - 1st place Jo Early
  • Newspaper Cover Design - 1st place, Kamden Slough
  • Op/editorial/spread Design Newspaper - 1st place, Jordan Nuner
  • Newscast Audio - 2nd place, Aiden Blankenship, Filimon Alemon
  • Newscast Video - 2nd place, Raygan Lopez, Aiden Blankenship
  • Feature Reporting Audio - 2nd place, Raygan Lopez
  • Breaking News - 2nd place, Phoebe Terry
  • Program Production Video - 2nd place, Casey Niccoli
  • Overall Design Newspaper - 2nd place, Ranger staff
  • Overall Excellence General Magazine - 2nd place, The Current staff
  • Newspaper Cover Design - 3rd place, Kamden Slough
  • Website - 3rd place, Jo Early
  • Feature Reporting Video - 3rd place, Raygan lopez
  • General News Audio Story - 3rd place, Raygan Lopez
  • Program Production Video - 3rd place, Kyler Roberson, Ethan Lanham
  • Advertising/PSA/Promo Audio - 3rd place, Kenna Moss
  • Special Edition Design Print - 3rd place, Ranger staff
  • Critical Review - 3rd place, Brennan Holmich
  • General News Video Story - 3rd place, Aiden Blankenship
  • Feature Reporting Video - honorable mention, Daniel Antillon
  • Advertising/PSA/Promo Audio - honorable mention, Filimon Alemon
  • Editorial - honorable mention, Brennan Holmich
  • General News Video Story - honorable mention, Casey Niccoli
  • Editorial Cartoon - honorable mention, Kamden Slough
  • General News Photo - honorable mention, Arine Garin
  • Environmental Portrait - honorable mention, Daniel Antillon

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