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AC’s student body has never had an all-female leadership team – until now

Having some form of elected student leadership has been a time-honored Amarillo College tradition since its very founding in 1929.

Yet throughout its many iterations, from Class Officers at the outset, to Student Council in the mid-1900s, to the Student Government Association (SGA) of today, there has never been an all-female leadership team on record – until now.

AC clubs and organizations will be on display Jan. 18 at Badger Connect

As a newcomer to Amarillo College in 2021, Makayla Caudillo fully intended to bypass the cluster of exhibits that comprised Badger Connect, the showcase of clubs and organizations presented each semester during Welcome Week.

“I was a freshman, shy and nervous, and I was going to walk right past all that stuff on my way to class,” Caudillo said. “But before I could get past it, a guy who was vice president of SGA (Student Government Association) approached me.